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The Teachings of Imam Mehdi a Gift for Humanity

The spiritual knowledge is being propagated from the platform of Mehdi Foundation International for every individual, regardless of religion, colour, cast or creed and this is a gift from His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.

According to Prophet Mohammad, books are not the ultimate source of knowledge but rather the chest of Prophet Mohammad is the divine institute of Esoteric (inner) Knowledge; we proudly announce that this knowledge that we (Mehdi Foundation International) are dispensing is being received from the chest of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Mehdi Foundation International dispenses the Spiritual Grace of Ilm-e-Laduni (knowledge pertaining to the Essence of God), Ilm-e-Faqr (Spiritual Poverty), Ilm-e-Batin (Esoteric Knowledge) and Moujizat-e-Ishq (Wonders of Rapturous Love).

According to the nature of HDE Gohar Shahi and in the light of HDE’s teachings, our aim is not to dishearten or criticise any sect nor is our aim politics, rather, our aim is to convey the message of Divine Love to every aspiring heart.

There was a time when five out of 10 people were Zakir-e-Qalbi (enlightened hearts) but that is no longer the case.  

Who does this era belong to for whom Alama Iqbal said, ‘The time of unveiling has come, all will be able to see the manifestation of the Lord. The secret will be unfolded that the silence concealed’?  

For this era Prophet Mohammad said to his companions, pointing towards the Moon, 
‘A time will come when you will see your Lord just as clearly as you are seeing the Moon and you would have no difficulty in recognising that this is indeed your Lord.’

In the previous eras this special knowledge was confined to the Spiritual Orders. Today these Spiritual Orders, such as Chishti, Soharwardi, Naqshbandi, and Qadri have lost their spiritual grace. Presently there is no Spiritual Order on this earth that can offer enough spiritual grace to elevate a Muslim into a Momin.

Why do Saints emerge from the Indian sub-continent region only?
On many online forums, people have begun to ask the question, 'Is HDE Gohar Shahi not Imam Mehdi?'. Many people have this thought that if they were able to communicate with God or Prophet Mohammad, they would ask them questions. Whether you have questions for God or Prophet Mohammad, we will ask them for you and if we are unable to answer your questions we will shut down Mehdi Foundation International!

Somebody on the forum asked, 'Why do Saints only emerge from the Indian sub-continent? Is Islam only in this region?' To answer this, let me give you example: in the area of Croydon there are many different car showrooms, however, there isn’t a Ferrari showroom and if you go to Central London, you will not find a Toyota or Volkswagen showroom. Why? Because, if someone opens a Ferrari showroom in a middleclass area, his cars will not sell, because expensive cars are sold in areas where people have the ability to buy them.

Similarly there was an era when Saints frequently emerged from the Arab region. Hassan Basri was a Sultan ul Fuqra, he was from Medina and he was from the era of Prophet Mohammad. Rabia Basri and Mansoor Hallaj were from the city of Basra, Iraq. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani was from Iran, then he migrated to Baghdad, Iraq where he made his spiritual retreat (Khanqah). Ibn-e-Arabi was from Spain. Imam Busiri was from Egypt. Then suddenly Saints of God began to emerge from the Indian sub-continent, which includes the areas known as Bangladesh and Pakistan. Why did this happen? 

It is not surprising, because when the tenet of the Arabian region became corrupted and Sufism became null and void, God directed Habl Allah (Divine Rope) towards the region where Sufism was being practised. Because God provides guidance to those whom he wants to guide, therefore God sends the ones to give guidance in the same region where there are people whom he wants to guide.

The belief system of the Arab region had become corrupted and Wahhabism had gained popularity. Previously, Wahhabism was not as common as it is today. And until 1921, when the soil of Hijaz (Arabian region) was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the celebrations of Prophet Mohammad’s birth took place in the Kaaba. Then an Army General from Britain went to the region and was known as Lawrence of Arabia. Members of the Saud family formed an alliance with pirates and Lawrence of Arabia and defeated the Ottoman Empire, and the soil of Hijaz became Saudi Arabia. The Saud Family declared Sufism to be omitted from the Quran/Islam and destroyed the faiths (Emaan) of many people. Not only this, but they tried to impose their tenet upon all those who came to perform Hajj (Pilgrimage). Many Islamic countries were banned from performing Hajj; sometimes Indonesia was not permitted and sometimes Iran and Egypt.

The Saud Family has a lot of oil money because of which they have created their network throughout the world. A common man cannot understand their cunningness. They built mosques and nobody had any objections. They printed and distributed Qurans for free and people took them. Nobody tried to find out whose tenet was being promoted through their translation of the Quran. On one hand they distributed their translation of the Quran according to their tenet for free and on the other hand, they bought a religious scholar named Mohammad Ilyas Kandelvi, who laid the foundation of the Tableeghi Jamat (Wahhabism) in India. This Wahhabism spread from India to Pakistan and with the support of Saudi Arabia they opened their centres and established themselves. Saudi Arabia is responsible for creating Wahhabism and Tahafuz-e-Khatam-e-Naboowat, whose job is to make sure nobody is promoting Sufism in the society. They threaten and quieten anyone who promotes Sufism, or if people believe him to be a Saint and if he continues, they file cases of blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad, blasphemy against Quran, and blasphemy against Islam, against that person and put him in jail. They even go as far as getting him killed so that the Sufi Circles are quietened.

The foundation of Sufism was based upon the tenet of the Companions of the Prophet and now this tenet and the Sufi Orders are terminated because of Saudi Arabia.

Until 1921, the birthday of Prophet Mohammad was celebrated with zeal and fervour in the Kaaba, but after 1921 the entire system was changed. All the surrounding Arab countries, especially the Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain were greatly influenced by the tenet of Saudi Arabia. There are still areas in the Arab region such as Syria where people practise Sufism. Ahmed Rafayi was from Syria and the Rafayi Order emerged from there. If we take a look at Egypt, the religious and political circles have conflicts among each other. The government tried to keep the religious people from coming into power and the religious circles of Egypt became influenced by Saudi Arabia. Therefore Saints no longer emerge from this region also.

If all men in a city or country were impotent, no children would be born. In a similar way, if the knowledge by which a common man becomes a Saint disappears and the belief in Sufism no longer exists, then where would Sainthood and Spiritual Poverty arise from?

It is very easy to criticise and say that the emergence of Saints in the Indian sub-continent is a mischief spread by the people of that region. These people also say, 'If Sainthood was truthful, then why do Saints not emerge from every Islamic country?' This is sheer ignorance because if there is no school, institute or means of education in a region and somebody objects, 'Why is nobody educated here?' this objection is baseless. Saints emerged from the Indian sub-continent because there are people there who believe in and practise the teachings of Sufism. When the knowledge of Sufism, the knowledge that purifies the Nafs and enlightens the inner faculties, was terminated in the Arab region, why would Saints emerge from that region? Importance does not lie in the region, whether it is Europe, Africa, Medina or Kotri, importance lays in the knowledge through which a common man becomes a Believer (Momin) and from a Believer a Saint and from a Saint a Lover of God (Aashiq).

There is enough awareness in a human not to permit his children to play in an environment where the children are illiterate. He would not send his children to a school where there is barely any education being offered or where bullying is common and where the children are engaged in immoral activities. God has some laws also. Why would God send the souls of predestined Momins or predestined Saints to a region where Sufism is not being practised? He would send such souls to a region where they would not face any difficulties in becoming a Momin or a Saint. When Sufism was no longer practised in these regions and was declared as an innovation in the religion and Shirk, God changed his method also. He began to send the Momin souls to those regions where Sufism was practised.

After the era of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, when the knowledge of Sufism was no longer available, God directed the souls of the predestined Momins and predestined Saints towards the region of the Indian sub-continent. Why do you bear hatred for this region? Do you not know what Prophet Mohammad has said about this region?

Prophet Mohammad said, “Hind (Indian sub-continent) is from me” and he also said that “I smell my fragrance from Hind.” 

Did you know that the corner in which the Hajre Aswad is situated in the Kaaba is facing towards India/Pakistan, and Prophet Mohammad used to stand in that corner in front of the Hajre Aswad and cry in the remembrance of Imam Mehdi?

Analysing different nations in the light of Esoteric Knowledge
To understand the nature of a certain nation or to see how blessed a certain nation has been, look at the number of Saints that have emerged from that nation. For your information, before the arrival of Prophet Mohammad when Islam did not exist, even then Sufism was practised in the region of Iran. But after Abdul Qadir Jillani, no known Saint emerged from Iran. Now many hundred years have passed by and no Saint has been sent there because the tenet of the people in Iran is corrupted, and nobody practises the teachings of Sufism. There are also no Sufi Circles in Afghanistan, and because Sufism is not practised, therefore no Saints emerged from there. There was a time when Saints emerged from Samarqand and Bukhara. Imam Mohammad Ismail Bukhari had ties to Bukhara; because of this connection his compilation of Ahadith is called ‘Bukhari Shareef’. Today the region of the city of Bukhara is within Uzbekistan, but now Saints no longer come there. Saints have emerged from those areas where people who practised Sufism were present. As long as Sufism was practised in the Arab region Saints continued to emerge from there.

Imam Mehdi will bring the Esoteric (Batini) Knowledge and therefore Imam Mehdi’s advent will take place on that soil where Sufism is practised on a large scale.

For Imam Mehdi, the Quran has said:

وَكُلَّ شَيْءٍ أَحْصَيْنَاهُ فِي إِمَامٍ مُبِينٍ

Dr. Tahir ul Qadri
Sainthood is not an inheritance. It is not necessary that a child of a Saint is a Saint also. When prophet-hood is not inherited, then how could sainthood be when sainthood is the alternative of prophet-hood? In the Indian sub-continent, the emergence of Saints and the practise of Sufism continued, but at the same time a new trend began. After the passing of a Saint, his offspring who had no awareness of Sufism, took up the guise of a Saint only because their father was a Saint.

The common folk did not have a criterion to recognise a true Saint. They only recognised the name 'Sufism', but nobody was aware of the teachings of Sufism.

In 1979, His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi laid the foundation of a Spiritual Organisation and in 1980 Tahir ul Qadri laid the foundation for his organisation by the name of Minhaj ul Quran. Tahir ul Qadri was initially determined to run the movement of ‘Mustafavi Inquilab’ (Revolution of Prophet Mohammad) to establish the system of Prophet Mohammad. Later he began to deliver lectures on spirituality and the teachings of Saints. In the beginning people enjoyed listening to him, however, none were able to reach the essence of Spirituality. On the other hand the message of HDE Gohar Shahi slowly began to reach the masses. Many of those people who had simply heard about spirituality from the lectures of Tahir ul Qadri but were unable to obtain anything from him, were able to practically obtain Spiritual Grace from HDE Gohar Shahi. They obtained Zikar-e-Qalb (Initiation of the Heart with God’s Name) and experienced spiritual ecstasy and pleasure.

Tahir ul Qadri said, ‘We have the knowledge of spirituality but whosoever desires to obtain its grace should do so from HDE Gohar Shahi.’ The motive behind this statement was a political one, as one of his close followers had obtained the Initiation of the Heart from HDE Gohar Shahi and changed his loyalties.

Tahir ul Qadri released this statement out of fear of losing followers. After some time, Tahir ul Qadri entered politics, but being unsuccessful he returned to the religion. By this time Ghaibah (Occultation of HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi) had occurred. Tahir ul Qadri listened to Mehdi Foundation International’s message very keenly. To gain fame, popularity and to be influential in the West (America, Britain, Europe and Australia) he began to copy Mehdi Foundation’s slogan, message and teachings. MFI’s claim is not verbal, rather, MFI practically propagates that HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s image is visible on the Moon and the Divine Signs manifested by God.

HDE Gohar Shahi made the symbol of His spiritual organisation a heart with ‘Allah’ written on it and Tahir ul Qadri made his symbol a heart and wrote ‘Mohammad’ on it. The purpose of Minhaj ul Quran was initially the second revival and glory of Islam, but upon seeing Mehdi Foundation’s objective they changed their ideology and now Tahir ul Qadri tries to mingle with all religions. The question arises, how would reciting hymns of Prophet Mohammad in the churches and temples benefit Islam? If you believe the teachings of all religions to be truthful and you believe Hinduism is a truthful religion, then why don’t you recite their mantras in the temples as well? Tahir ul Qadri only aims to show the western world that Minhaj ul Quran is working for global peace and that it is an inter-faith religious organisation, however, they are incapable of uniting all religions on one platform.

There was a time when followers of the Abrahamic religions lived in close association and were permitted to wed each other, but after some time this ended because their acceptance of each other was verbal. Unity is destroyed when the hearts are no longer united and followers of different religions enter into a brotherhood only when all of their hearts possess the same Divine Light (Noor). If some possess Divine Light and some do not, then unity can never be established.

Tahir ul Qadri made many false claims, continuously engaging in self-promotion. He began to call himself a Sufi Scholar and later took up the title of ‘Sheikh ul Islam’. He was unable to fully enjoy this title when he promoted himself to the title of ‘Reviver of the Era’ (Mujaddid-e-Rawan Sadi). He was not even able to revive Islam when he was promoted to another rank known as ‘Ghous-e-Waqt’ or ‘Ghous us Zaman’ (a type of Saint of God) of which he certainly does not know the meaning. Ghous means 'Helper', however in spirituality ‘Ghous’ is the state for the elite Saints of God. Prophet Mohammad has a cabinet of 360 Saints in every era and the most elite, the leader of the cabinet is known as the ‘Ghous’. In the entire world only one person had the authority to take the pledge of allegiance (Bayt) and that was the Ghous of the time. There are 3 Saints underneath the Ghous who are known as Kutub, then 40 Abdaal, then 150 Abrar, then 100 Akhyar, Zunjiba, Nuqba and all of these together make up the cabinet of the Prophet.

The question for Tahir ul Qadri is: now that you have become Ghous and without any knowledge and without performing any pledges of allegiance, you have declared all your followers to be disciples of Abdul Qadir Jillani. When everybody has already become the disciples of Abdul Qadir Jillani, upon who will you perform Bayt as the ‘Ghous-e-Waqt’? Who would they follow, Abdul Qadir Jillani or Tahir ul Qadri?

This proves when somebody acquires too much of the bookish knowledge they become senseless. If you care for your afterlife and the afterlife of today’s Muslim, you have to stop this absurdity. You tried to fool people by relating your false dreams to Prophet Mohammad and attributing false statements to the Prophet to convince people that you are connected to him. Tahir ul Qadri claims he had a dream in which Prophet Mohammad asked him to send a plane ticket for Pakistan and he claims the Prophet said to him that the he is upset with the people of Pakistan, however, he is pleased with Tahir ul Qadri and while crying the Prophet said, 'If you arrange an accommodation for me, only then I will come, otherwise I will return disappointed.' At the time when Prophet Mohammad was in Medina with his physical body, he used to tie three stones to his stomach and never worried about food. And when he travelled from Mecca to Medina, he never took such promises from anyone to arrange for his accommodation. But upon the Prophet’s arrival in Medina, people stood outside their homes in hopes they might have the privilege to serve Prophet Mohammad and it became a dilemma for the Prophet to choose where he should stay. The Prophet said, ‘God has commanded that wherever my camel should sit down is where I shall stay.’ Prophet Mohammad’s camel sat down outside the home of Abu Ayoub Ansari. What Tahir ul Qadri is saying suggests that the Prophet now cares about his accommodation whereas when he was physically present in Medina, it was the least of his concern. Now that he is present spiritually, do you really think his spiritual body is in need of a place to stay?

Presently Mehdi Foundation International’s propagation of His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is not based on verbal claims. It is based on the facts. We are not asking you to simply accept what we are saying; rather, we want you to research the Divine Signs manifested by God and obtain Spiritual Grace. When you can reap Spiritual Grace from the buried belongings of the Saints of God, would you not receive any Spiritual Grace from something related to Imam Mehdi?
Even the Quran indicates this.

سَنُرِيهِمْ آيَاتِنَا فِي الْآفَاقِ وَفِي أَنْفُسِهِمْ حَتَّىٰ يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ

'In the near future we shall manifest our signs in the horizons and in your Selves (Nafoos) until you are convinced this is the truth.'

Here ‘our signs’ refers to the one appointed by God to represent God on earth; and whosoever shall obtain Spiritual Grace from him shall reach God.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani
Many people claimed Mehdi-hood, but how many of them revived the hearts of people? How many of them took people to the court of Prophet Mohammad and how many people became Momin (Enlightened Ones)? Whenever somebody made this false claim, it resulted in bloodshed and the formation of a new sect. For example, the false claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani brought forth the Qadiyani sect. Not one of the previous claimants of Mehdi-hood mentioned the Divine Signs nor did Jesus Christ return in their era. The most significant signs of the era of Imam Mehdi would be the return of Jesus Christ. And Muslims should ponder: if Jesus Christ has returned, then this must indeed be the era of Imam Mehdi. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani was a clever one. He could not force Jesus Christ to come down from the higher realms, nor could he access the higher realms, and on the other hand he had claimed to be the Imam Mehdi. Therefore he spread the negative propaganda that the grave of Jesus Christ is in Kashmir and that Jesus has returned in his form. He said, ‘I am Jesus and I am Mehdi.’

The Spiritual Laws Pertaining to the Celestial Soul
According to the Spiritual Laws, a celestial soul is confined to one body only and cannot enter another body. After spending 40-50 years in one body, if the celestial soul were to return in another body, how would accountability be held on the Day of Judgement? For example, the body in which the soul was placed for the first time adopted a lifestyle that leads to hellfire, and the body in which the soul was placed for the second time adopted a lifestyle that leads to heaven. But both the bodies remained in this world and only one soul ascended to the higher realms, now would the soul be sent to the heaven or hellfire?

Therefore, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declared, ‘The celestial soul is confined to one body only.’ Then, why would Jesus Christ return in another physical body?

Just as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani had a misunderstanding, one of our Zakir friend had a misunderstanding also. He claimed that the soul of HDE Gohar Shahi had entered in him. We explained to him that this is not possible as written in the Deen-e-Ilahi (The Religion of God) but he failed to understand.

Why can't the soul of Jesus Christ enter another body?
When God sent Jesus Christ into this world, he gave Jesus a purified body in accordance with his soul. All the other prophets, Joseph, Jacob, Abraham, etc. were born on this earth. Jesus was born on this earth also, but according to the Quran, his body was made with Amar-e-Kun (Power of the Command Be). God said, 'Be' while facing towards the womb of Mother Mary and she became pregnant. The Jamadi Rouh (Mineral Soul) arrived.

God did not create the body of Jesus Christ with human sperm, because the soul of Jesus is ‘Rouh Allah’ (soul of God). A body made from human sperm was incapable of being the abode of Jesus’s soul, because of it did not have the capacity to forbear the majesty of his soul. Due to the majestic nature of the soul, God did not choose a body made from human sperm as the soul would have scattered the body to pieces. Now how could this soul known as the ‘Soul of God’ enter the body of this sinner, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani? This is sheer misguidance!

The Reality of the Body of Prophet Mohammad
The Muslims have this conjecture that Prophet Mohammad is the son of Abdullah, but in reality the body of Prophet Mohammad was not made with human sperm. Abdullah had died two years before the birth of Prophet Mohammad. Gabriel had mixed a milk-like substance with the seed of Shajarah tul Noor (a tree in the higher realm) and gave it to Bibi Amna, the mother of the Prophet, to drink. Adam’s body was made with the clay of heaven, and the body of Prophet Mohammad was made from the seed of the Shajarah tul Noor. His body has no relation with any type of clay. When the Arzi Arwah (terrestrial souls) of Prophet Mohammad left his body to form the body of Imam Mehdi, the Sifaati Noor (Divine Light of Attributes) became dispersed, as there was no clay. And now, the tomb of the Prophet in Medina is empty.

The Reality of the Body of Jesus Christ
The human souls are made with the power of ‘Command Be’ whereas the body of Jesus was made with the power of ‘Command Be’. Therefore, it does not have any relation with any type of clay. The celestial soul of a prophet cannot be transferred to another body. Similarly, the soul of a saint cannot be transferred to another body, nor can the celestial soul of any human be transferred to another body. Remember: according to the spiritual laws, the celestial soul is confined to one body only!

God has the power and authority to do as he wishes. However, he has made some rules which he does not go against; because otherwise, his entire system would be in turmoil. Therefore God would not do anything to contradict himself. Even though God may do as he pleases, he will not do anything by which his actions contradict his words.

The celestial soul may not be transferred from one body to another; however the subtleties (Lataif) and their sub-spirits (Jussas) may be transferred from one body to another. Upon acquiring special Lataif or Jussas, a common man may obtain the status of a Fana Fee Sheikh (Pentecostal), Fana Fee Rasool or Fana Fee Allah. For the purpose of dispensing spiritual knowledge and grace, these special Lataif/Jussas are sent temporarily into the body and then return. Occasionally, God becomes pleased with a person and permanently grants the Jussa to him. To such a person God says, ‘I am yours and you are mine.’

All those who claimed to be Imam Mehdi did not have any knowledge, meaning they did not have the spiritual knowledge to revive the dormant hearts with the Divine Light (Noor) of God’s name. This particular knowledge turns a Muslim, Jew, Christian or Hindu into a Believer (Momin). Previously, no one possessed this spiritual knowledge nor were divine signs manifested for anyone. Jesus Christ did not appear in the era of any other personality nor did anybody possess the Seal of Mehdi-hood. Nobody had the name ‘Allah’ or ‘Mohammad’ inscribed on their fingers nor was ‘Allah’ inscribed on anybody’s knee.

His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi is the only Personality on whose palms Surah al Yaseen and Ayat al Kursi are inscribed, on whose forehead the name of God is inscribed, upon whose back the Seal of Mehdi-hood along with the Kalima is inscribed, and whose image is shining on the Moon and enlightening the hearts of humanity. This is not something we have invented. Imam Jaffar Saddiq said, ‘The face of Imam Mehdi shall shine on the Moon.’
The question is why don’t the followers of Imam Jaffar Saddiq accept what he says? Rejecting these signs is the Muslims’ rebellion, Kufr and hypocrisy. It has been decided that everyone young and old is destined to submit to the feet of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

For those who aspire for Emaan (faith), we have the knowledge and method through which a dormant heart is awakened in accordance with the Sunnah (tradition) of Prophet Mohammad.

Prophet Mohammad said, 
‘My eyes sleep, my heart does not sleep.’

When your heart has been enlightened it shall continue to remember God while you sleep. For this knowledge of the heart Maulana Room said, ‘When the name of God has entered your heart, for every heartbeat you shall obtain rewards equivalent to Hajj-e-Akbar.’


وَمَنْ يُؤْمِنْ بِاللَّهِ يَهْدِ قَلْبَهُ
‘God shall provide guidance to the hearts who have faith in him.’

Every cleric refers to this verse of the Quran for guidance, but the question is how would this guidance be obtained? People no longer require the scholars and their bookish knowledge; rather, they need one who can provide practical spiritual knowledge (Irfan). People do not simply need to know the bookish knowledge, rather they need to enlighten their hearts with the Spiritual Grace of guidance. This Spiritual Grace and guidance may be obtained from His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi alone. 


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