Thursday, 31 January 2013

Is God the Creator of Souls?

The following is an excerpt of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech.

The power of Command BE was granted to God. God used the power of Command BE to bring souls into existence. God uttered the word ‘Kun’ and souls appeared. Does it make God the Creator of Souls?
Let’s talk about the mysterious ways of the art of creation. How the world was brought into existence and how God declared himself to be the creator. It is a very sensitive matter. However this thought, this point, and this doctrine that I mention will keep you vigilant. You cannot get rid of this thought until you submit to it. I give you two sentences; tell me the difference:

1-      You say, ‘YGohar Almadad,’ and His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi comes to help you.
2-      ‘Kun faya kun. Be, so it was.’

You asked for help, help was given; God uttered 'Kun faya kun,' and whatever was in his imagination, the things he wanted, appeared before him. How can you say when God said, 'Kun,' and things appeared, that God is the creator? Can anybody, can any Prophet or Grand Messenger establish it to me that God is the creator? I said, 'YGohar Almadad,' and help appeared. Did I create that help? God said, 'Be, so it was.' When did he create? The words have this power.

Bible says, 'The Word was with God,' (John 1:1). It did not mean God created the Word.

If I give you my credit card, but not the password, it's useless. If I trust you, I'll give you the code; then you will be able to use it. The Grand God gave the Code of Kun to 3-5 individuals. It's all about the code. He is God; he said 'Kun' and things appeared. Fair enough. But some Saints said, 'Kun be izni.' Did they become God? This is code-sharing! Basically, the power of Command BE does not belong to God.

For example, if a Japanese car company opens a plant in Pakistan or India, the technology is Japanese but it is assembled in Pakistan and India. Similarly, the power of Command BE is from Riaz al Jannah and was exercised in Alam-e-Ahdiyat by God.

If you cannot produce children conventionally, you and your wife may try via test tube (i.e. petri dish), whereby semen is donated and inserted in the womb. Your wife would then deliver that baby and become the mother. She is not the creator; the blood does not belong to her. That test tube baby will entitle you in the eyes of the world to be called the father, though you would not be the biological father. In a similar way, God became a test tube creator. The real creator is 'La Ilaha Illa Riaz'! You can believe it, or not- but the day will come when this thought will not let you sleep until you are convinced and you embrace this truth!

I (HH Younus AlGohar) said to His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, ‘It is a shame I was created by God, not You.’ His Divine Eminence said, ‘No, no you did not understand it.’ I said, ‘I know my reality. I cannot be fortunate enough to have been created by you.’ His Divine Eminence replied, ‘Yes, you were born here but you and everyone else is my creation! Otherwise do you think God would allow this Kalima (Declaration of Faith) “La Ilaha Illa Riaz” to be exercised in the hearts? Do you think God would allow his creation to be transported to Riaz al Jannah?’

The first iPhone was assembled in California, USA. But when Steve Jobs saw that labour was cheap in China, he had them made there.  Similarly the power of Command BE was granted to God by the Grand God, as a result of which you and I came into existence. If the Grand God exercised the same power by Himself, the creation is the same; the power is the same. God doesn't have such powers on his own. This power of Command BE was invested in him by the Grand God. It belongs to the Grand God.

If you buy a table from Ikea, it'll come in a box. You will have to assemble it. When you do, does that make you the creator of that table? The power of Command BE comes from the Grand God. The only creator which is established is the creator who created the source which was used to manifest this creation! What happened on Youm-e-Azal (Primordial Day) was a manifestation of creation. God mirrored the power of the Lord, Grand God Ra Riaz. The original creator is Ra Riaz!

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Samreen Gohar said...

it is so wonderful to know that the real creator is Lord RaRiaz and God has been granted the command BE by the Grand God Ra Riaz. awesome knowledge revealed by His Holiness Younus AlGohar.