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The 'Ilah' (Creator) of this Universe and the 'Ilah' of the Unseen World

I speak here with reference to a verse from the Quran, where God said, “And those who call upon another ‘Ilah’ deity or Creator, do not call upon another with God,” and then he says, ‘There is no Creator for except himself, and for except his face all will perish [28:88].’ But we believe Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is Creator! But when we study Quran we have gone through a number of verses with different texts and with different contexts. To some people it might not appeal a great deal, however those with a little bit of discerning in their head, those with a little bit of spiritual intuition, and highly activated intellect they will understand the hidden meaning which has been placed in many of the verses. When the Quran is talking about the possibility of another Creator, Quran does not reject the possibility of another Creator; however there are some terms and conditions set by the Quran. On one occasion God said, ‘If you are calling upon another Creator, then you must have an evidence of him being a Creator, otherwise you are in hot waters!’

Now people just read the Holy Quran with a bird’s eye view. They do not concentrate upon words, they do not examine the nature of the text or the message of the text, they just go on and on, without even plunging into the deeper meaning of the word. However, we have tried to dig into the hidden meaning of the Quran and because we strongly believe that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is Creator. Not ‘a Creator’ but ‘is Creator’. You will see when I started speaking on this subject a decade ago, almost 11 years ago; the subject was really scary both ways. But as the time went by and we carried out our research and where we go we have a bundle of different types of verses from Quran which can clearly indicate the fact that the possibility of another Creator is not just right but very strong. However in order to let down the false claimants, God says: If you are calling upon another deity and another Lord, in order to satisfy me you have to bring evidence. If you can bring evidence to your claim that you are worshipping another Lord, and you are worshipping another God with evidence then I am okay, you are fine.

But the problem is there have been cases where people out of their own perception, concoction and fabrication have declared human beings like you and me to be their Lord. This is where they go wrong and there has not been a case in this world where the world might have witnessed a spiritual dignitary or a spiritual personality who might have claimed that he apparently appears to be a man however inside this cage of the skeleton and flesh there lives a soul and that soul is not a human soul but a soul that has come from the Unseen World, where all the other members of the Community of God dwell. However, when His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in the USA indicated to some of His very close disciples, that there were three individuals who came into this world in the guise of prophets and these three individuals are not human beings. These three individuals are from the Community of God and they dwell in the Unseen World where the Kingdom of God is and these three individuals are from the Children of Israel (Bani Israel), Enoch, Elias, and Jesus. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi explained they are from the Community of God and they are equivalent of God. 

However His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi further explained that being Creator is different to being God. There are 35 million Gods.

For example all individuals sitting in this room are men. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all these men are fathers also! Why? Because you haven’t produced a child! Another individual is a man but he is not a father. What is the difference? He is a father because he has produced children, and the other one isn’t a father because he hasn’t produced any children. In a similar way there are 35 million God-like individuals who dwell in the Unseen World, but they cannot be labelled as Creator because they did not create anything. They can be called God but they cannot be called a Creator. The word ‘Ilah’ denotes alludes and indicates to a figure, who has this authority and power and expertise to bring forth a creation with whatever strength and power being given to them from whatever supreme power.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has verified the fact that these three individuals are from the Community of God, they have the status of God; however whether or not they are Creators is yet to be disclosed. But this God who has created this universe, because he has created, it is apparent and very prominent that he is a Creator.

I have spent a considerable amount of time in very close association with HDE Gohar Shahi; I spent a lot of quality time and I have been to official gatherings where HDE spoke to millions of people at a time, and at the same time I have been to HDE Gohar Shahi’s personal sittings where HDE would speak leisurely on different subjects without worrying or fretting the consequences of this special knowledge being leaked out to non-deserving idiots. I have never heard a single word from HDE Gohar Shahi’s mouth that could establish a fact that HDE was speaking highly of Himself from His mouth. HDE would talk about God, about Prophet Mohammad, Jesus. HDE would talk about everybody else but HDE would never talk about himself and this has been His Divine Eminence’s behaviour throughout the time. This has been consistently HDE’s behaviour, of concealing himself and displaying the attributes of others. But what happened towards the episode after which HDE adopted Occultation? Suddenly in America HDE spoke about the Unseen World.

HDE knows what is in my heart, and HDE knows what is in your heart, and HDE knows what is written in my fate and destiny and what is written in your fate and destiny. HDE knows everything. HDE knows my abilities and capabilities of being economical with the truth that the Lord would potentially share with me and even then if HDE spoke of the secrets of the Unseen World and somebody tells me HDE was talking about secrets and you aren’t supposed to tell them why are you telling people about it? My friend HDE never meant it to be concealed. If His Divine Eminence meant it to be concealed then He wouldn’t speak on this subject because HDE knows how capable we are. HDE knows we cannot hold our pee let alone holding these secrets. Frankly speaking, I know things that I speak about to common religious people especially Muslims, these secrets shake their legs and shake their hearts, but then again I am here if you don’t understand it, post a question! I will in reply tell you why do I believe such things and whether or not I do have an evidence!

HDE mentioned in HDE’s book, the Religions of God, ‘this knowledge of the Religion of God; this is not a new religion. This religion is as old as God himself. This religion existed when God existed.’

But the point is this religion was never introduced to the world. The Religion of God was with God and whoever acquired access to God was then introduced to this Religion of God by God to him, therefore only a small number of individuals came to know of this divine religion. Then in the end HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘And now with the help of spirituality this religion has been sent to be introduced among common people.’ Spirituality (already) existed! It is not because of Spirituality. It is His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi who has introduced this. But HDE did not name Himself; instead HDE said spirituality brought forth this Religion of God.

I was explaining how HDE has maintained successfully to conceal himself. But then what happened in the USA just a few weeks before the Occultation, HDE spoke of the Unseen World. HDE said Jesus is not a man, Elias is not a man, Enoch is not a man and none of these three individuals died. Then HDE said, ‘Gohar Shahi also came from the Unseen World.’ These are HDE’s words and the words HDE used were 3rd person. HDE Gohar Shahi didn’t say: I came from the Unseen World. HDE said: and Gohar Shahi also came from the Unseen World. HDE further said, ‘There is nothing in quality and quantity that I have lesser than what God does!’ And then on one occasion His Divine Eminence said, ‘a time will come when the enshrined Greeks would see my image on the Sun and they would say our Lord’s image has become prominent and this is our Lord, and they would prostrate. This will be their Emaan (faith) on the first day.’ And HDE said to his disciples in Pakistan, ‘You would never reach to such a degree of Emaan that they would have.’ Now if His Divine Eminence says those who believe in His Divine Eminence and their Emaan is that His Divine Eminence is their Lord and Creator and because of this belief their Emaan is best and nobody can reach that status of Emaan. How can this belief system be wrong? The Emaan that His Divine Eminence is the Creator is the best Emaan, and this Emaan is the best Emaan because His Divine Eminence is the Creator. Now through His Divine Eminence we came to know who HDE could be, not what HDE is because nobody knows. Based on what HDE said this tip from His Divine Eminence leads to believing in this. However, any calculation that doesn’t come with any kind of evidence is not going to be served and not going to be given any weight in the Court of God. If you believe Gohar Shahi is the Lord then you have to have very solid evidence.

Some people believed that Jesus is God; most of them believed that Jesus is Son of God. For example, I met a guy and he said, so you are spiritual? And I said yes. He said, I am also spiritual, what kind of spirituality do you practice? And I explained. He said, are you able to hear and see? I said, yes I am able to hear and see. Now I asked him, tell me about your spirituality. He said my spirituality is Christian spirituality. I said, okay tell me. He said do you know Jesus has Holy Spirit? I said yes. He said we believe anybody among Christians can access the Holy Spirit and if the Holy Spirit comes in him; that Holy Spirit will make that individual an equal of Jesus Christ. I said, well are there many Holy Spirits? He said, no there is only one Holy Spirit. I said when there is only one Holy Spirit that Holy Spirit belongs to Jesus Christ. I can believe that Holy Spirit can come to anybody and bless him and give him some power and strength, but it is really not digesting in my heart to believe that anybody can become an equal of Jesus Christ. He said no there is nothing wrong with this; the Holy Spirit will come and stay in his/her body and he will become equal of Jesus Christ. I said how long will the Holy Spirit stay in the body? He said forever. I said does it mean Jesus is not deprived of the Holy Spirit if you have it with you then? He said what are you talking about? I said I am just asking you a question! If it is living in you forever now, eternally, then why did the Holy Spirit not live eternally in Jesus Christ because the Holy Spirit belongs to Jesus Christ? For example, your wife can produce children but does it mean to whomsoever she goes she will produce a child? She can, but she won’t. She can sleep with a thousand men, but she won’t. The Holy Spirit will make equal of Jesus into anybody the Holy Spirit enters, but why would the Holy Spirit enter anybody else to be there forever? He said, oh shit!

People have problems. If you believe in something with a blindfold on your eyes, you are pushing yourself into misguidance. Do not believe in any knowledge with a blindfold on your intellect, examine the truth; study the truth. Satisfy your intellect, satisfy your heart and weigh the truth on the scale of the truth. Before I embraced the fact that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the Creator I went through a lot of internal, intellectual, spiritual, theosophical examination and having researched on every tiny little bit, my faith and my trust in His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi was complete. I truly believe that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is Creator and I truly believe that Jesus Christ is Creator; however you have not seen his creation. When you see his creation you will find out and in the light of what Quran is saying, it is very clever placement of words. You have to be very careful and read every word carefully and then understand it well. The problem is most of the time because people just read it without understanding the meaning, therefore they don’t want to understand it, they don’t study it they don’t examine it. But, here when we recite a verse from the Quran or the Bible, we examine it, and we relate to our own teachings and then we tally if your belief system is somewhere in the middle or in the end fitting with the criterion set by the Quran or the Bible. It may sound that we are going wrong when we preach that His Divine Eminence is Creator, because Quran has nullified the possibility of another Creator. However, if you read the Quran with a view to examine it and to study it and understand it well you will see Quran is not rejecting the possibility of another Creator.

Now, one thing is very sensitive according to Muslims and that is the word ‘Shirk’. Shirk means to take a partner with God. If we believe in ‘La Ilaha Ilah Riaz’ are we committing any shirk? No? Why? Because we are not saying Gohar Shahi is partner with God, we are not saying that HDE Gohar Shahi has a share in creation of this Universe. We believe that God/Allah is the sole-creator of this Universe and there is no partner in whatever creation he has created. We are not allotting a partner with God.

If there is another Ilah, like HDE Gohar Shahi, besides Allah, we shouldn’t be saying La Ilaha Ilah Riaz. We should simply say Riaz is our Creator. Why? Because when we say La Ilaha, it means there is no other Creator, but we acknowledge the fact that Allah is Creator of this Universe, so with this belief why should we say La Ilaha Ilah Riaz? Because when we say La Ilaha Ilah Riaz, it simply means we are not acknowledging but we are rejecting that God is a Creator. But, we still say La Ilaha Ilah Riaz for one reason, because Allah is the Creator here. And La Ilaha Ilah Riaz (There is no Creator for except Riaz) is not for here, this Kalima (declaration of faith) is for the Unseen World where there is no Creator of that nature. Now the question is does Quran completely strictly and sternly reject the possibility of another Creator?

I used to have this apprehension that Quran rejects the possibility of another Creator but when I went through every single verse of the Quran I found out that the Quran is not saying there cannot be another Creator. Quran is simply saying if you call upon another Creator beside Allah then you must bring forth evidence which can verify your claim. Allah goes on to say in the Quran, ‘And these individuals who are calling upon others as their Creator do they not know that these individuals who they are calling them to be their creators cannot benefit them at all, cannot provide them with anything and they have no power?’ And God goes on to say, ‘If they are true in their claim about these individuals to be real Creators then what if God wants to destroy them, can they save themselves let alone saving them?’ That is true. And God says, ‘If they think that the individuals they are calling upon to be their Creators, call upon them for help can they help them against God?’ No.

These are some points which establish the truth that there has never been a Creator for except God, however the Creator of the Unseen World has sort of plunged into this world and this Creator is from the Unseen World, not from here. We are not saying you were created by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. You were not created by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, you were created by Allah, who sent 124, 000 different prophets and messengers. You are the creation of God. What about the creation of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi? The creation of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is in the Unseen World. However, HDE Gohar Shahi said there are roughly 11 or 12 souls from HDE and these 11 or 12 souls are from the creation of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. HDE Gohar Shahi has made an offer to the entire humanity and this offer is about spiritual transfusion.

What happens? Like Jesus said whoever will believe in Jesus then Jesus will take that person into the Kingdom of God and that person will be kept in a place of which no eyes have dreamt of, no hearts have desired of, no ears have ever heard of. I personally understand and believe it must not refer to the paradise because before Jesus many prophets and many messengers came and some of the followers of those messengers and prophets believed in God and obviously they would have been placed in the paradise and they would have seen it. And Jesus is coming the 2nd last prophet, as a messenger and if Jesus is saying he will take you to a place where no eyes have ever dreamt of, no ears have ever heard of and no hearts have ever desired of, then that place is obviously a part of the Unseen World, the Kingdom of God.

HDE Gohar Shahi has made this statement: 

'Either I take one human being from this world into my kingdom or I may take millions of them. It is entirely up to my discretion; entirely up to my will and accord.'

Who will decide? Only HDE Gohar Shahi, nobody else can. How many people His Divine Eminence is taking with Him depends on His Divine Eminence’s mood. According to a tradition of the Prophet Mohammad even if you have a little bit of a spark of arrogance and deceit in your heart you are not worthy of paradise. But we see we are all dirty inside out. We are not worthy of paradise but there is no rule set, the rule of worthiness, of entering into the Unseen World. You find this rule of worthiness upon which you can enter the paradise; your heart has to be utterly, transparently cleaned and purified, all sorts of negative ailments and evil traits must be completely wiped out from your heart and your heart must be completely transparent before you become worthy of entering into paradise. But nobody, before or after, has come to tell us: if you are worthy of entering into the Unseen World I will take you. So, we do not know what is the criterion, we do not know the worthiness of entering into the Unseen World, but we understand the criterion upon which people will be admitted into paradise and that criterion is the utter, sheer cleanliness of the heart. The heart has to be really transparent, void of all kinds of darkness and black spots or the esoteric sins. Completely purified only then you will enter paradise.

When this is the criterion set for the entry of paradise what should be the criterion for entering into the Unseen World? We don’t know how to be worthy of entering into Kingdom of Riaz. But I tell you. If you want to be worthy of entering into the Unseen World the criterion is that in your soul you have no share, all your soul should be transfused into reflection of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. If your soul has been transfused in the reflection of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi then you are worthy of entering into the Kingdom of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. How do we achieve it and how do we obtain this spiritual status? There is no Salat, there is no Soum. There is no recitation of any holy book that will enable you to be worthy to enter Riaz al Jannah. The only worthiness which you will obtain cannot be obtained by your efforts. It is not obtained, it is granted. Granted to whom? To whomsoever Gohar Shahi wishes!

So how would we know who does HDE wish to take? If we are in audience of the Lord and the Lord is able to see and we are able to see the Lord only then the decision will be made. We have to come under the Merciful Sight of our Lord (Nazar). If there is no spiritual connection between the hearts, if you do not know who you are and you do not know who is your master and you are not connected with the Lord you can spend your life in wishful thinking. Some people live on wishful thinking. I am holy; I was born in a holy home, holy family; Noble birth. No, there is no noble birth. There is no holy family. It all depends on Gohar Shahi! In a similar fashion it all depends on Jesus. There is nobody to question their authorities. If Jesus is taking somebody to his kingdom there is no question of his authority he is not taking him to anyone else’s place. In a similar way all we need to do to go to Riaz al Jannah is to please Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. And HDE himself said the best way of pleasing him is to propagate that he is Imam Mehdi.

A lot of people think the Quran says something else and we are saying something different. No, Quran is in complete accordance with what HDE Gohar Shahi has said. And the Bible is in complete accordance with what HDE Gohar Shahi has said, in a similar way the Torah and Talmud are in complete harmonious accordance with what HDE Gohar Shahi has said. The problem is that people do not go into the depth of the meaning; they do not examine the words of God. If you examine the word of God you have to dig out the meaning which is the sea bed down at the bottom, you have to go there and dig out the meaning, and you have to be in audience with a man who is in contact with reality, who is in contact with the Mother book. We see Quran, Bible, Torah and Talmud and Psalms of David, all these books are holy but all these books have a Mother. Like all of us have a mother you cannot come into this world without your mother can you? In a similar way these books have a Mother and the Mother of these books is Loh-e-Mahfouz. Why do we call it Loh-e-Mahfouz? We know God said in Quran, ‘We have revealed this book upon you and we will guard this book.’ But if something goes wrong in the copy of that book then you always have the original text written in the Mother book which is Loh-e-Mahfouz (The Guarded Tablet). It is always guarded by Gabriel. If anything comes to you from The Guarded Tablet, it is verified, it is sealed and it is signed and you take it without any hesitation, without any reluctance. Most of the knowledge that I dispense comes from The Guarded Tablet.

If we today proclaim the truth that HDE Gohar Shahi is Creator and we propagate La Ilaha Ilah Riaz, please before you suss out any negativity from this claim, before you conclude upon your own understanding that this is all wrong, ask questions! And this is not what I am saying for myself, this is what the Quran said. ‘If somebody is calling upon another Lord, ask them to produce evidence if they fail to produce evidence, they are Kafireen.’ But what if they produce evidence? They are Momineen. Do not even for a single second think that Quran is not in accordance with the Teachings of Gohar Shahi.

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