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The Enigma of Creation and the Reality of Nothingness

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above). 

Some Muslims believe that God still creates souls by using Amr-e-Kun (the Command, 'Be'). Do you think that when a baby is born, the soul which is inserted into the body is a freshly created soul? Because as far as my understanding is concerned, God had created all the souls at once and thereafter no souls were created. Some people assume God does create whenever he wants to. My argument is: if God creates a soul now and then sends him/her into this world, then what is his religion and where is his fate? He was not shown the luxuries of paradise, the luxuries of the world. Prophet-hood has come to an end; there is no prophet.

What is eternity? Is it good for us or bad for us?
Eternity usually means there is no time limit; infinite. HDE Gohar Shahi wrote, 'Man, Since Creation to Infinite' (a chapter in The Religion of God). According to science, an atom does not disintegrate, it changes its form. Do we call it eternity? Those who die here and they will be either admitted into paradise or shuffled into hellfire and they will live there forever - just for argument's sake, we can call eternity. Now, in the Unseen World, inhabitants of that area have been there for an unknown period of time. So, if you have a comparative view of both types of life, here and there, can you say this one is eternity and that one is also eternity? It [this life] did not exist and then it was brought into existence. For example, this scarf did not exist and then some power was used and this was brought into existence; now it can stay like this forever without the limitation of time. This is not eternity. Eternity is that it always existed there and it will always be existed. You did not exist and then your existence was brought into reality. You will stay forever without the limitation of time, but this is not eternity.

In order to be eternal, something has to be existing for an unknown period of time and that thing has to go on to be existent for an unknown period of time. That is eternity.

Something did not exist. Then, it was brought into existence. Is it possible? What if the power of the Command 'Be' was just like a power which helped you see things which were unseen to you, and with that power those things became seen - but they always existed? This is just a theory. My mind wonders how something did not exist and suddenly one word was said and it appeared to be existent. Maybe the case is that it always existed but was unknown, unseen, and unidentified. And with the power of that word, a veil was lifted from its existence; and its existence came to be noticed and came to be known. Because they say, 'There is a line, Khatt-e-Addam (the Line of Non-Existence).' What is it? What is that line? That there is a storage in which there is something. Now, that storage is behind the Line of Non-Existence and then you are given a code; if you want that amount of things to be noticed or to be known as existing, you use that power and those things can appear to be existent.

I'll give you an example: when you die, your body starts to decay because the source of life is taken out from your body, and the source of life is your soul.

So something which existed becomes non-existent because the source is taken away. What if there was a similar type of source that holds your soul as well? What if there was a soul behind the soul?

And if that soul behind the soul is retained by the foremost retailer? What is known to be in your possession and what is known to be under the belt of your creation will become nonexistent. But, the source behind that thing that used to be existent at one time goes back to square one. And it retains its original existence. For example, there is a baby. What is the date of birth? It means the date of existence. Before that day, where were you? Before the day you were born, you did not exist in this world. But then you were born and you started existing. But before your birth when you did not exist in this world, the source thanks to which you have started existing in this world, had its existence somewhere else. So, that source, your soul, has its own existence and with the help of that soul you sort of created another existence in this world.

Now, [in The Religion of God by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, it is written that], 'When God said, "Be" and a multitude of souls appeared...' Lord Ra Riaz did not say 'created'. 'When God willed to create souls he said the Command, "Be" and a multitude of souls appeared.' So maybe that source, Amr-e-Kun (The Command, 'Be'), worked like a body. Your body is born and brought forth its existence, and the source is your soul. Maybe, just for the argument's sake, when Amr-e-Kun was said and the souls appeared, those souls might have had their original existence somewhere else.

When somebody dies, Muslims say, 'Everything belongs to God and everything will one day go back to him.' In that case, whatever was granted by the Lord of the Lords, that thing by the same token will return to him. In the heaven and in the hell, the souls will continue to exhibit their existence, but it does not mean their source has lost its original existence. Right now, you have two existences: existence of your soul and existence of your body. When you die, the existence of your body will come to an end but the existence of your soul will continue to be so. Before your soul was brought into existence, what were you? Your Lataif (Subtleties) existed; not all Lataif has the same existence. Maybe before your soul, when there was no soul, your Qalb existed; maybe before your Qalb, Sirri existed. So, the eldest existence is that of your Latifa-e-Ana in the head. Your body is your latest existence. 

Before the birth of your body, what was your existence? Your soul; before your soul, your heart; before your heart, Khafi; then Sirri, then Ikhfa. And in the end before the display of all existence, Latifa-e-Ana existed. So this is a ladder of existence. 

Now, the soul doesn't die. But, the Religion of God says, 'If your Lataif are not activated, they will be wasted in your grave.' What does it mean? And then when you enter hellfire or you enter paradise, your Lataif will not be inserted, they will be wasted here; so you will stay in hellfire or paradise with your soul and a newer body. So, before your soul, there were your Lataif; their existence expired and they went back to their original existence. And in the middle, there was a soul and you continued to exist with another partial existence of a newer body. You will stay there. This is not eternity.

Eternity is that your original existence and whatever new existence is given to you are combined and they cannot be separated.

For example, when Jesus performs Zam (Spiritual Infusion) on his disciples, what is he going to do? He will stop the display of the existence of your soul. And the source with which your soul had its existence previously, it will go back into the original existence. What is your original existence? The existence of God. You are like a drop and God is like an ocean; the drop will be dropped in the ocean and will become part of the ocean. Any trace of being a servant, of being a creature, will fade out. Any trace that you at some stage were a human being or a human soul - that will diminish. Why? Because, this existence is a borrowed existence. This existence is a displayed model. When your body dies, you continue to live with your original existence, but that original existence did not exist forever. It was brought into existence. From where? From its source, and the source was God. When Zam is performed by 
either Jesus or Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, what happens? You do not walk upon that ladder of existence anymore.

Here your last existence, like a drop of water, is poured into a the original ocean of the existence and you lose track of any circumstantial existence.

I call it circumstantial existence because, according to the circumstances, God sent you here.  For example Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said in the book, The Religion of God, 'Had God sent all the souls to paradise or hell, there was a tendency that those souls would object, "Why are you sending us to hell?" And if God said, "Because you chose the luxuries of the world," they would have said, "That was a silly choice; we didn't do anything wrong." In order to avoid this argument with the souls, God decided to send them to Earth.' So, this decision was taken according to the circumstances; it was not part of the plan. So you exist here today and this existence is related to the circumstantial need and necessity. It was not planned; you are here today because of a emergence of necessity. It was later decided that, 'These souls should be given a trial so that when they do something wrong, I can tell them, "You are here [in hell] because you did this and they are in the paradise because they did this."' He doesn't want any blame put on him. In order to clear himself, he decided to build this world for a short period of time. This is why this world has to diminish. This is why this world has to perish. This world will not go on to be existent forever. So, this existence, as I see it, is a circumstantial existence.

Now, what is the difference between an original existence and circumstantial existence? Circumstantial existence will continue to be existent as long as the target is not achieved. You were sent here to be tried. When in as much time as it was given to you - like 80-120 years - and in those 120 years, you lived a life here and you did good deeds or bad deeds; you became a holy person or a horrible person. You were tried and tested, done and dusted; the target is achieved. You proved by your actions what do you want. And when it was determined that you are a horrible soul and this one is a holy soul, the purpose has been obtained. Now, there is no need for this circumstantial existence to go on, therefore this circumstantial existence will come to an end. This is how it was planned and this is how it was conceived: for a short period of time. However, the existence of the soul is not circumstantial. It was part of the plan. So, this existence, where you continue to display your existence is a borrowed existence.

The Lord of the Lords has all the authority to say, 'Okay, enough is enough. This display of borrowed existence will now come to an end, I am tired.' If the Lord of the Lords says that, He doesn't have to do anything. He will think about it and this borrowed existence will come to an end. This can happen there and this can happen here too. A man's soul appeared when God said the word 'Be'; his soul appeared with all other souls. But then he is sent down on Earth and he is introduced the spiritual person of Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ becomes happy with him. Jesus says, 'Okay, I am going to perform a Spiritual Infusion with your soul,' and he infuses his soul with Jesus' soul and his soul loses its identity. How can that be possible? The God who created your soul, what happened to his power? The soul that he created is now losing its identity and now losing its existence!

This Doctrine of Infusion (Zam) tells us a different story: had God been the Supreme Power, then what he created as your soul could not be tampered with by anybody else!

What he created, and now it's known to be your soul, can never be fiddled with by anybody else. If your soul is now going to lose its existence here, then those souls in the paradise come under the same rule. If the Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has the authority and power to bring an end to the existence of your soul in this world then by all means he has the authority and power to bring an end to the existence of the souls in paradise. Because what happens is: when either Lord Jesus Christ or Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi perform a Spiritual Infusion on your soul, your soul loses its existence.

I used to ponder, 'How [does Infusion happen]? Does the soul die?' No, it doesn't. If it doesn't die then why it does not exist? I used to ponder, 'Where is my soul? Where has my soul gone? Where has his soul [of another man] gone? The soul doesn't die but where is it now? Or where will it be when the Spiritual Infusion is carried out in him [another man]?' For example, when the Spiritual Infusion is carried out on your soul and your soul will no longer have any identity, will no longer be different to God,  then what happened to the existence of your soul? Then, I was informed, 'Do not worry about the existence of your soul because the existence of your soul was borrowed from the original existence of God.' The temporary existence of your soul was planned to be carried on like borrowed money, like Soodh (interest) in hellfire or paradise - and you call it eternity. Those who will live in paradise or hellfire forever, that is not eternity.

This is eternal life that Jesus talked about in Bible, in which Spiritual Infusion is performed on your soul and the temporary existence of your soul is removed like a veil from your soul. And the soul dips into the oceans of your Lord. Now, your soul has been introduced its original origin. And that original origin is the foremost and eternal existence, and that is eternity; that is the eternal soul.

I used to wonder why this body has been made subject to a lot of illness, problems, pains and suffering; but it is always said in different scriptures that the new body which will be given to you after this world is winded up, those bodies will stay young forever. No illness, no loss of power. Why? Because this existence is circumstantial existence. And that existence has been planned; it is a borrowed existence and this will go on. What does it mean? It's a borrowed existence and it will go on, it means, this is a punishment. Why is it a punishment? This existence, for example, came from God and you do not want this existence to go back to its original existence; you are keeping this borrowed existence away from its origin. So, this is a punishment.

This is not Qurb (nearness). Nearness is a journey in which your borrowed existence is taken back to its original existence. That is nearness.

Jesus is here and he is ready to perform Infusion on many people. So, when Jesus does that, how is God going to be patient, and what does God think of it? 'My creature! And he is taking away the existence from my creature!' Who can take your soul back to the previous origin? This God brought [it] into existence from somewhere. For example, this is my laptop and someone says to me, 'Can I take it to another room? I have to do something with it.' I say, 'Okay, you can take it.' After half an hour, I go there and bring it back. People will say, 'Where has the laptop gone?' He will say, ' Oh, it was his.' I may allow him to use it for another 2-5 days or maybe forever, but he will continue to have this thought that, 'This laptop belongs to him. He is not asking for it, but he can retain it anytime.' I understand, you will never think this is yours. Although you will show it to the world, 'Look at this!' But deep down you will know it's not yours. Even if you do not tell anybody whose laptop is it, if I am in the mood I will go there and snatch it from you; because it is mine, it is not yours.
So, [in The Religion of God by Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, it is written that] when God willed to created souls he said, 'Be,' and a multitude of souls appeared. 'Appeared,' - where did they come from? The source is with the Lord. Now, it's up to the Lord. His Divine Eminence said,

'If I want to take, either I take one or millions. It is subject to Gohar Shahi's will.'

Why? Where is the will of God? HDE is talking about the creation of God yet He didn't give any importance to the fact that maybe there should be a debate or discussion with God beforehand. This shows us who is speaking. Now, if Jesus can do it, who is more powerful: God or Jesus?

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