Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Future of Pakistan

The following is a translation of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech in Urdu (video above). If YouTube is not available in your country, you may view this video on Vimeo. 

After hearing about the New Sufi Pakistan, many people are asking who the dervish (Sufi) is whom Imam Mehdi shall appoint. The answer is: whoever Imam Mehdi shall appoint, he shall rule there. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi wrote a letter appealing to the government of Pakistan for justice, to end all false cases against HDE and to research the images on the Moon, the Sun and the Holy Black Stone

HDE wrote,'If justice is not served, then we shall appeal to the higher courts. If justice is still not served, then our own court shall decide.'

This letter reveals signs of the future and that the government of Pakistan will be in the hands of the impostor clerics for one year. That year will be very tough and after that year, the government will be in the hands of a dervish. The dervish would be so strict that people would forget the strictness of Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Ali had 5,000 impostor clerics killed during his rule and this dervish would kill all the impostor clerics. Impostor clerics are hypocrites (Munafiq); when asked whether they are clerics, they would deny it and say, 'I am a sinner.' To prove it they would even cut off their beards, however the sign of an impostor cleric is that even if he cuts off his beard, the mark remains. The worst and most ignorant creation on earth is that of the impostor clerics. Looking at their faces makes one uneasy and the style of their beard is like that of a wolf. This dervish would bring about a Spiritual Revolution in Pakistan. 

There is a term, 'liberal Muslim,' that is commonly used today. But there is no such thing; either someone is a Muslim or they are not. Progressive people and even the impostor clerics are not in favour of an Islamic System in Pakistan. They only say it; but if an Islamic System were to be implemented, the first to be stoned would be these impostor clerics. This dervish, however, would establish an Islamic System in Pakistan; this is the decision from the Higher Realms. The Islamic System in Pakistan would begin right from where Prophet Mohammad had left off. 

When the real Islam of Prophet Mohammad is implemented and practised, the western world would be surprised and pleased to know that Islam is such a wonderful religion. 

Then they would come to know that His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has revived Islam and this Islam respects all religions including Christianity, Judaism, etc. Today a Muslim cannot sit with a Jew, even though Jews were invited to the home of the Prophet Mohammad on a daily basis. If you closely analyse the life of Prophet Mohammad, you would know the way Prophet Mohammad dealt with other religions. Prophet Mohammad granted non-Muslims a corner in his mosque (Masjid-e-Nabvi) to worship according to their own religions.

There are things written in the Quran that people have misinterpreted. For example, God did not say, 'Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the Kaaba.' The Quran says, 'Do not allow the Mushrikeen to enter the Kaaba because they are impure.' Those who do not believe in the oneness of God are Mushrikeen. Jews, Christians and even Sikhs are not Mushrikeen because even Sikhs believe in one God (Ek Onkar). The Saudis have labelled all as Mushrikeen and do not allow any non-Muslims to enter the Kaaba and think this is Islam. This is not Islam! First we will need to clarify the Islamic terms. For example, Kafir (Infidel): according to most Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus are all Kafir. This is sheer misguidance. In reality a Kafir is one who has rejected the truth. To deny God’s existence is Kufr. If you take the word 'God,' every person calls upon God by a different name according to his language. Muslims call God 'Allah' and Hindus call God 'Bhagwan.'

The language is different, however they still believe in God. Some people call it water, some call it ‘aab’ and some call it ‘maa’ but its properties do not change, it remains water. It is still the thirst quencher, only the names are different.

The Islamic System that will be established in Pakistan by the dervish would be based upon both Sharia and Tariqah, whereas the Islam established by Prophet Mohammad was based upon the Sharia alone. Meaning, whatever the tongue admits the heart shall affirm (Iqrar ul bil lisan, tasdeek un bil Qalb). There shall be no sectarianism, because Islam is only one. The Islam established by Prophet Mohammad was neither Sunni Islam nor Shiite Islam; these sects were formed later on. All sects that believe in God and Prophet Mohammad shall find the Islam established by the dervish acceptable; if not, then they should leave Pakistan and go to Saudi Arabia because their Islam can be found there. Shiite Islam can be found in Iran.

Capital punishment will not only be given to the thieves in police departments, journalists, doctors and impostor clerics, but also to the fake Sufis. The greatest crime would be to pose as a fake Sufi. Whoever would make such a claim would be given seven days to initiate the heart of one person out of 100, because a true Sufi has the ability to initiate a person’s heart within seven days. The dervish would celebrate the birthdays of all prophets, not only Prophet Mohammad, and decorate the country on a national scale. The people of all religions would be permitted to propagate their religion, since nobody’s attempts can make somebody a Jew, a Christian nor take them to God, because guidance is in the hands of God. God shall guide whomsoever he wishes through Divine Light (Noor). Why then should we fear the propagation of different religions? It is God who shall make a person a Momin (a true, enlightened believer) and God sent all prophets to make people Momin. Then what is the difference?

You may become Momin through any religion and if you do not become Momin, then that religion is useless.

Nobody would be permitted to speak against one another’s religion. When everyone would be allowed to celebrate the days relating to their respective prophets and worship, then would anybody have the courage to blaspheme other prophets? The Blasphemy Law would be equal for all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. If a Muslim blasphemes another prophet then he too would be hanged because God has sent all prophets, not just Prophet Mohammad.

All political parties would be terminated and all would be ordered to first become Momin and then to put in a request to be politicians. Then their political agenda would be given to them in the form of the Quran. They would do politics in the light of the Quran. When the agenda of all political parties would be based upon the Quran, there would be no difference between the political parties. People say that Prophet Mohammad took part in politics; however, Prophet Mohammad did so in the light of the Quran. You should do the same. All important positions would be assigned to mature, God-fearing Momineen (True Believers) who are at least 40 years of age; because before the age of 40, one makes emotional decisions and also a person becomes mature in the eyes of God after 40. When the dervish rules Pakistan, he will control the entire world from there. Today, this seems like a far-fetched dream but tomorrow the world would see how near it really was. Our belief and faith compel us to believe this will happen because HDE Gohar Shahi has said so. When will it happen, what time it will happen and what would be the reasons behind it, are unknown. However it is inevitable because the statement of HDE Gohar Shahi are written in stone.

A war shall be waged against the anti-Christ, Mullah Omar (of the Taliban). Just as the Islamic countries have boycotted Israel, the dervish will boycott Afghanistan. There is no Momin soul in the land of Afghanistan. HDE Gohar Shahi said that the people of Afghanistan are brave. They learn to use ammunition from a young age and this is why Ayoub Khan recruited Pashtoon soldiers into the army. But when the war broke out, they all ran away. When asked why they ran away, they said, 'We are accustomed to hiding and attacking from behind mountains and caves.' America does not understand how to defeat Mullah Omar. If America continues to attack Afghanistan in this manner they will never be successful. A bullet can take down the door of a house but even a bomb cannot take down a mountain. But the dervish would use such wisdom that would force them to come out of hiding. The wisdom implemented by the dervish would change the entire map of Pakistan in just a few months. Imam Mehdi will not participate in the war against the anti-Christ. Jesus Christ has been given this task because guns and ammunition will not affect him. Imam Mehdi is the King; He has no need to fight. To reform one's character and bring about a change takes a long time and currently Jesus Christ is training and preparing his followers also. If Jesus Christ were to appear just like that, who would believe in him? 

Technology will be available during the rule of the dervish however after World War III it will run out. Because propagation is on-going, therefore airplanes, technology and social media are currently needed.

Islam does not have a specific dress code, rather, Islam has clearly stated to cover certain areas of the body for both men and women. 

In the New Sufi Pakistan, the dress code will be in accordance to the Sattr-e-Aurat (the areas of the body that God has ordered to be covered). The Pakistani dress is not an Islamic outfit. A person may wear whatever they wish, even a skirt, as long as it is in accordance to the Sattr-e-Aurat.

God has never ordered women to wear a veil on their face however the Quran has ordered women to cover their bosoms.

The Pakistani scientist Qadir Khan has offered to make an atomic reactor, such that Pakistan would not have to deal with load-shedding for the next 800 years. The current crisis in Pakistan is due to the corrupt politicians who do not want to see their nation prosper. If the politicians were sincere with the public, then they would ask countries such as France, Germany and England how they resolved such issues. They would have asked other countries to invest in projects in Pakistan and allow them to keep the profits for the next 30 years just to see their nation prosper. If they were to do this, then all crises would come to an end - but these politicians only raise slogans. Electricity is not a problem in Pakistan; it has been made into a problem. There is no problem with water in Pakistan because there are huge reservoirs. Poverty in Pakistan is because of the lack of job opportunities. Not much development has taken place in Baluchistan or Sindh to create a livelihood for people; but if they make Gawadar a free port, it will create a job opportunity for millions of people.

It is only fair that a system be implemented on a piece of land that is in accordance with the religion practised by its people, and the essence of Islam is spirituality.

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