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God's Plan Revealed!

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above).

Mehdi Foundation International, Messiah Foundation International and Kalki Avatar Foundation are the facilities created by His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi himself, and human beings of this era are more fortunate than they were ever before. Through MFI, you get to know the secrets of God and what's going to happen in the future. At the same time, you get to know what the world is going to be like and what role you will be playing.
From a secular point of view, sooner or later we are going to have a third and final World War. According to Biblical prophecies, we are going to have Armageddon; according to the Muslim faith, we are going to have 'Mulhama tul Qubrah.'

'Mulhama' comes from the word, 'butchery,' and 'Mulhama tul Qubra' means the greatest carnage.

So there is the concept of a great destruction. This world is going to go through this great destruction in which the cities will be toppled up and the seas will soar up; the icebergs will melt, resulting in the soaring up of the seas all over the world. Changes in our weather system, global warming and the rift in the ozone layer - all these things, which have already started taking place in the world, are leading us towards the final page of the book of this universe.

All these religious people praise God; we also praise God. All these people keep God in a very high place; we also do the same. However, there are many people in this world who today ask God a question: 'Why is humanity suffering today? Why are people born on the streets; they live all their lives on the streets and they die on the streets? Why religions are fighting and killing - and not simply killing, but brutal killing?'

Religious people have become senseless and they have made a mockery out of the religion. Their nuisance approach towards the religion has converted the religion into a horrible monster. Today we see people are getting killed and the killers are in turn getting killed.

Men with corrupted hearts have always wanted to gain control and power in this world. Historically speaking, we have many examples. We have the Nazis, who have done the organised butchery of human beings, of the Jewish community. Then we have Halagu Khan, Nimrod and Moulay Ismail from Morocco. Moulay Ismail made a palace, and instead of using bricks, he used human skulls. Imagine the amount of people he killed. Killing has always been a common happening in this world: in the name of nation, in the name of your tribe, sometimes in the name of religion and some other times in the name of God.

Although there are a lot of people who are regular mosque-goers, churchgoers and temple-goers, but they do not seem to grasp the meaning of the religion or the divine scriptures which were revealed upon their prophets and messengers. Hatred, invisibly, discretely or unawaringly has always been promoted and advocated. Many pretexts have been made in order to justify the spread of hatred. Sometimes, the pretexts were created under the banner of God's commands. Some other times, justification came under the banner of a political agenda. Sometimes, the justification of killing and organising butchery on a large scale came from international politics and the interests of some filthy rich people who have always been trading in corpses. But why hatred has been prevailing in all the societies since the creation of human being?

According to Quran, when Adam was being created in the heavens, the angels objected to the creation of Adam and they said to God, 'Why are you creating a man yet another time? Have you not seen previous men? This man too will involve himself in bloodshed and mischief!' God didn't like it. He said, 'You do not know what is on my mind and you do not know this man at all. I am going to equip this man with spiritual discerning, spiritual intelligence and spiritual eminence. I am going to give him something special with the help of which he will become sublime in character and he will become worthy of creation.' Then this Adam, the last one, was thus created. This was the time when God introduced spiritual knowledge.

God had already created 13,999 Adams and none of them were given any sense of spirituality. The progeny of those Adams did not know if they could be able to speak with God or if they could be able to love God. All they knew was that they were created to worship God. But this Adam, the last one, was duly equipped with the knowledge of mysticism, the knowledge of other realms. With the help of this knowledge, he could access treasure of God; he could access angelic powers, purity and clarity in a mutual dialogue with God, clarity in having a vision of God and then eventually leading himself to enter into a personal meeting with God. However, not every man was given the sense of this spiritual knowledge.

When I read this ayah in the Quran, the thought crossed my mind and a question arose in my mind: When the eminence was given to Adam and when God was advocating and justifying the creation of this last Adam, he was meant to deliver this eminence to every single man so that the society could have become a place where people could live in mutual harmony, peace and love. What angels said to God was their fear, their comprehension that this man would too do the same bloodshed and mischief as the others did in the past.

As we see today in the world, the bloodshed didn't stop. Though eminence was given to this last Adam, but the bloodshed did not stop. The very basic principle point of avoiding men from falling into bloodshed and mischief again, that point is lost when one man learns to love and 99 others are still shedding blood. But this is what it is.

People go to churches, they glorify God; people go to mosques to glorify God. From morning to evening, from evening to night, from night to dusk and from dusk to dawn he is being glorified in the worship places. Then when his creation glorifies him, does it bring any purity in their hearts? Are they aware of God's plan? No. I would like to tell you God's plan.

We play cricket. When we are playing this game, I am the captain of my team. Our players ask me what is the plan and I tell them, 'This is the plan.' You have to go by the plan. The players need to know the plan so that, collectively, we can arrive at our target.

Where is God's plan? We are trying to establish an amiable, lovable society where peace prevails. What if God has some other plans? We are not ever going to be successful. You need to know today, what is God's plan. If we do not know God's plan and we are trying to teach love, and in return to this teaching of love people are generating more hatred, developing a more fierce enmity, then there is no point wasting our time and wasting our energies. We need to know, what is God's plan? You wouldn't be very happy if I tell you what God's plan is.

Every single religious person should listen to this lecture today, whether he comes from Judaism or Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism or Islam. Listen to this and then ask yourself questions. You are not part of the plan. You must know what is God's plan. 

For example, you have a retail shop in a mall: there are 100 customers, but only one or two are genuine customers and 98% of those customers are doing either window-shopping or browsing to kill time. People who are outside your shop will think, 'Oh, he is very busy! He must be making a fortune here!' But they do not know the inside story.

According to the Quran, God said,

وَلَقَدْ ذَرَأْنَا لِجَهَنَّمَ كَثِيرًا مِّنَ الْجِنِّ وَالإِنسِ سورة الأعراف
I have created a majority of human beings and a majority of Jinns for hellfire.

So my friends, people who would discipline their life, who would discipline their character, learn moral religious values - according to God's plan, they are in minority. Don't you agree? How many people have you seen who are standing open arms to welcome the message of love? If I told 1000 people the message of love, I barely saw one who was standing there ready to embrace the message of love. I initially thought man has become stubborn. This was my initial assessment. 'Man has become stubborn and doesn't want to love God or learn values of a peaceful society where justice prevails.' This was my initial assessment, however, when I looked into depth and found out, I realised that this is not God's plan. God's plan was as he mentioned it in Quran: he created a majority of human beings for the hellfire. What do you understand when a majority is mentioned? In other words, the human beings who were created for hellfire, they will outnumber those who were created to worship God; outnumber by a mammoth margin.

This is why you see that whenever a prophet or messenger was sent, only a handful of people accepted his message. What happened when Jesus came to Jerusalem? He healed people, he did everything to help humanity, everything. What did people do? Only seven men believed in Jesus, that's all. Jesus said to them, 'You do not want to see what they are going to do to me. You must leave before they do it,' and they left. They took sanctuary in a cave in a mountain. There was a dog with them, according to Quran and according to HDE Gohar Shahi. God accommodated them and he imposed a long sleep on them; they slept in that cave along with the dog for 300 years (they would wake up after 300 years and then go back to sleep; this happened seven times). God loved them. They were sleeping and the dog was there. They were friends of God because they accepted the teachings of Jesus, because Jesus initiated them. Their hearts were enlightened, their souls were awakened and they obtained Gods friendship, but what about the dog? The dog wasn't a friend of God. The dog wasn't enlightened, but he was loyal to the friends of God. As a result of which, whatever type and whatever nature of God's bounty and God's mercy was given to the friends of God, this dog was also blessed in the same manner.

Then Prophet Mohammad came. The Arabs at that time did not know anything else for except sleeping with women, consuming alcohol, or beheading people. That's it. They were so obsessed with sex that out of fear that they would sleep with their own daughters, they would bury them alive. These Muslims say the Arabs would bury their daughters alive, but do they know why? They were so obsessed with sex that they feared if they let their daughters grow up they would end up screwing them - and this is what's happening in UAE and in other gulf states including Saudi Arabia. Just a few days ago I read it on a Twitter account that one preacher in Saudi Arabia raped his 5 year old daughter.

Then you see the western world complains about why the Islamic Sharia allows the sanction of chopping the hands of a thief. The answer is: because in those times they were not simply thieves. In order to steal things, they would cut each other's throats.

When you are in the army or you are a member of the border force and you use weapons frequently, you become trigger-happy. When you use a weapon a lot, you get used to it and want to use it often because you enjoy pressing the trigger. They call it, 'trigger-happy.' In a similar way, they got used to chopping heads so overwhelmingly, that for a small tiny dispute, they would chop each other's heads. So in comparison to a murder, chopping the hands is better. In my previous lectures, I said, 'This Sharia of Islam was designed by Prophet Mohammad to discipline his own nation.' In this day and age, if somebody is stealing, they don't kill each other, so this Sharia doesn't apply in this day and age - because in those days it was the jungle's law. It was a matter of the survival of the fittest. Whoever was the fittest would survive. There were no pistols and firearms at the time, only swords, so they became 'sword-happy,' so to speak. They would oil them and sharpen them from time to time and show them off to boost their ego. They'd say, 'You know, with this sword I chopped 100 heads. I am the greatest!' This was their attitude towards life.

There were four Caliphs according to the Muslim faith: Abu Bakar (father-in-law of the Prophet), Omar bin Khattab (the famous warrior of Islam), Usman and the fourth was Ali. Only one out of the four died a natural death. Three of them were murdered. Prophet Mohammad's entire family, 72 family members were slaughtered by Muslims. The one who slaughtered them, after a few years another Muslim slaughtered him; and then another Muslim slaughtered the one who slaughtered the other and so forth. This is a historical fact that they behead people. Even the family of Prophet Mohammad, the other Muslims chopped their heads off.

I wonder why everybody is so hateful and why people are killing each other using any pretext, giving any justification. Why people are not drawn to adopt the message of love? Why a majority of people hate to love? And why do they love to hate? I thought it was because they are being stubborn, but I was wrong. What they are doing today is according to Gods plan. This is how God wanted this world to be.

Forget about the majority of human beings (the purpose of whose creation was to fill the hellfire); you need to know where you are standing today. You need to know whether you belong to the minority he created for love. Do you come from that minority of human beings who were selected by God to either worship God or to love God? In order to know who you are and in order to know whether your nature was nurtured on the principles of love and peace, you need to give the teachings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi a try.

Armageddon, the WWIII - this is God's plan. Those that God created to fill the vacuum in hellfire, he is going to organise an Armageddon. All these hateful souls that he created are going to be used up in this Armageddon. He is not bothered. In Pakistan, people are dying regularly, getting killed in double figures - always in double figures, sometimes in three digits; and he is indulging himself in the blanket of his eminence and greatness.

We are advised to take this message to everybody. Why everybody? You have created a majority of human beings for the hellfire - why should we take it to everybody? The problem is, on the Day of the Anointment (Azal), when all souls were standing in assembly, the prophets and messengers raised questions: 'There are too many people who have been destined to enter hellfire. God, have you created any prophet for them?' God laughed - mark my words. Because the Prophets were thinking, '124,000 prophets and only a handful of souls? Is God going to send one prophet for one person?' Because he created a majority of human beings for hell, the prophets and messengers were really confused. They didn't know what was God's plan, because those who opted to go for the luxuries of paradise they were a handful of people. What is he doing? What is on his mind?

Then he said, 'No. In each nation of the prophet, I would give them at least 90% of hell-bound souls and only 2% heaven-bound souls,' and the prophets were awestruck. They knew what is going to hit them when they are crowned as prophets, and when they say to the world, 'Please don't kill me. God granted me the prophet-hood; it's not my fault.' This is what happened to them. When Zachariah said, 'I am a Prophet,' people laughed. They killed him. When Prophet Mohammad said, 'I am the Last Prophet,' they asked what a prophet is. They didn't know. Prophet Mohammad is the first and last prophet who came to the Arabian Peninsula. There was no prophet there, so they don't know what a religion is. Their religion is eating meat, cutting meat and kissing meat. That's all.

When will the western countries become an allied force and take care of these Saudis? They (western countries) attempt to curb terrorism and they are hugging and embracing Saudi kings and princes. These Saudis are responsible for the organised butchery of humankind. You are sleeping with the enemy. It is not Islam. It is a bottle of vodka under the label of rosewater.

Now, from that minority, God gave a lot of souls to Jesus. To other prophets and messengers, God gave 1-3% and to Jesus he gave more than 40%. The prophets were really shocked. 'What is God doing? Is he (Jesus) related to God? He only gave me 1% of good souls.' The likes of Abraham and Moses got jealous and before they came into this world, they developed an overwhelming emotion of jealousy for Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, no prophet praised Jesus. So from that minority, only a minority from the minority was given to the rest of the prophets, and the majority of the minority was given to Jesus and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. When the majority from the majority (of hell-bound souls) is killed, then the majority from minority will take over and this Armageddon is not for minority, it's for majority, the majority of those the purpose of whose creation is to fill the vacuum of hellfire. America and Russia should understand this. Why did they stop the war in Afghanistan, why are they pulling out their soldiers from there? Don't they see what happened in Iraq after British and American forces pulled out? Now they've leaving Afghanistan?

Now Iraq is under the occupation of Al-Qaeda. They should have never left Iraq or Afghanistan. Now even Syria is under the occupation of Taliban, believe it or not. So God's plan is in front of you, before you. I've explained it to you. The killing taking place today, we blame human beings for this but this is God's plan. This is why the Kingdom of God will not be established until God does 'Operation Clean Up.' Before the Kingdom of God is established, God is going to wipe out all these hateful souls, a majority of them. This is where the world is going now. Have you heard about Ukraine? There is killing everywhere.

This world is not favourable for love. If you love somebody in this world and you are nice to them, and you are kind to them, they will make sure that they make a complete idiot out of you. They do not appreciate kindness or they do not appreciate love. If they hate you and you hate them more in return, they will respect you. If you are nice to them, they will eat you up. If you are kind to them, they will think, 'He is stupid.' This is what it is. 

This is why when people try to become good, they take one step towards becoming good and somebody does something horrible to them, they are discouraged and they return to their previous diabolical character. This is because this world is not a favourable place in which you can prosper love, friendship, good relations or peace.

A majority of human beings stink with hatred. For example, if there are 20 people here and 16-17 out of them stink badly and only 3 out of 20 have just taken a shower and are wearing some kind of perfumery, the impact of the perfume will be nullified by the presence of those 17 who stink badly. So the atmosphere that we are living in is created by the majority of human beings who live in it. If the majority were designed to hate, to kill and to sow mischief, then only bad traits will prevail - love, peace and any positive characteristics will be vastly discouraged.

When a majority of people have the inclination to hate and to deprive others of everything - most human beings in this world want power. It's a race for power. Look at Russia, such a big country. Why Russia has to jump into Ukraine? Power!  All these important seats where Prime Ministers and Presidents of different countries are sitting, most of these are idiots. They have no moral upbringing, they have no moral values and they don't know what humanity stands for. They do not know, being a President of such a mighty country, how responsible such a person should be. I think at least 20% of the earth is occupied by Russia. All the Christians in Russia are Orthodox Christians who are very similar in belief with Protestants - very strict and they don't respect Jesus at all. They think Jesus is just a man of God. All over Russia, the principles are different; the principles of faith are more like Protestants. Then Christians in Eastern Europe are the same. Then Christians in Greece are very orthodox, some of them are radicalised.

Now, when you take this message of love to people, you think everybody should appreciate it. Why people don't accept it? The message of love is to be accepted, embraced and appreciated by only those who have been destined to adopt love. Do not look at their religious background. Do not consider that a Muslim must love God or a Christian or a Jew must love God. You think if somebody is standing in a mosque, church or temple and is a religious person, that he must be a loving soul. That is not the case. 

Maybe all the people standing in the mosques, churches, temples and synagogues are hateful souls and those who are dancing in the discos and are sitting in a pub - maybe they are loving souls, who knows!

What makes you a loving soul is not the practise of the religion. What makes you a loving soul is the decision taken by God in the Primordial Times. Just because you are a practising Christian, Jew or Muslim doesn't mean you are a loving soul. If you talk about damsels in paradise and palaces and luxuries of paradise, it seems so fascinating! You can lure anybody into worshipping God for the greed of those luxuries of paradise. So a majority of these religious people are worshipping God not because they were worshippers in the Primordial Times, but because they have been lured into it, fascinated by tales of damsels in paradise. 

I've been thinking, we have been teaching love and spirituality, but none of our followers are ready to sacrifice his time. If I wanted to send somebody to Norway and ask him to stay there forever and propagate this mission, I don't think it's possible; but Taliban, Al-Qaeda, they convince people to die. We fail to convince people to live and they convince people to die. What is it? This is the fascination of the luxuries of paradise. This is greed, this is lust. This is no religion at all.

Prophet Mohammad, when he taught Islam, he talked about God. He talked about purity, he asked you to develop your character into good virtues. He did not talk about damsels, he did not say, 'Come to the mosque, worship; then you will be given 70 damsels in paradise and palaces in paradise.' This is not the way he preached Islam. He taught people to become good.

Prophet Mohammad said, 'If you had the tiniest amount of arrogance in your heart, you are not worthy of entering into paradise.' What about the person whose heart and mind is stuffed with 70 damsels, with lust? He can't think of anything else but lust and women - the better version of a woman is a female damsel in paradise; damsels are reportedly better than women in this world. So this doctrine of Taliban is based on lust. It is not Islam at all, is it? You are blowing yourself up so you can get 70 damsels in paradise - do you think this is a service to God, that this is a service to any prophet or a service to any religion? They are from the majority of those who are designed to fill the vacuum in hellfire. Lust is all on their mind, nothing else.

I said, 'We fail to convince people to live, but they successfully convince people to die because of the difference of incentives.' We never tell people, 'If you follow Gohar Shahi, you will be given 70 damsels in paradise.' For them, it is easy because people who are listening to them, who are joining them, come from their tribe of hatred.  Islam, Muslim - it's just a label; they are all hell-bound souls. In a way, Dajjal is helping God. How? He is sorting his souls out. All the hateful souls will flock around him no matter what religion they come from. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and whatever religions there are in this world, all the hateful souls will flock around this idiot. He will be the king of lustful dogs. Then, on the other hand, we have Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ; only those will attend to the call of love from Gohar Shahi and Jesus who have been designed to adopt love. Those who are designed to adopt love, they will not hesitate to accept this message. The purpose of their creation was to adopt love; they are waiting for this message. So when you find resilience, it simply means you are in the wrong area, you are telling mission to the wrong person. Those who have been designed to adopt the religion of love and they are loving souls, their souls will leap towards this message. They have this natural inclination towards the message of love. Even their body has the adaptability of love.

Out of 180 million Pakistanis, there are only 180 Pakistanis sitting here - because Gohar Shahi believes in the quality not in the quantity. There were many Muslims who accepted Islam, however, with the prophet there were only 313. Same is the number with Imam Mehdi; the figure will not exceed 313 loving souls.

The Anti-Christ, the leader of the hateful souls, people call him Ameer ul Momineen, 'Leader of the Faithful Ones.' He is the leader of the hateful souls. Do not forget what the Lord said. 'There will be a great fight. Most of the followers of Anti-Christ Dajjal would be killed.' Do not forget: Jesus said, 'People think I will spread love. but they do not know I am coming with a sword to wage a war (Matthew 10:34).'

He is coming to wage a war to establish peace. This time around, Jesus is not going to preach love; this is our duty to preach love because this is what we can do. Jesus has might. I asked HDE Gohar Shahi, 'Why is Jesus coming to take care of Anti-Christ?' HDE said, 'Because Jesus doesn't have to die. Jesus is not going to die.' So when he approaches Dajjal, Anti-Christ, his weapons and ammunition will not work on Jesus. Jesus is immortal. Now you can understand the relation between God's plan and why Jesus is coming.

A few years ago, some of our people were distributing leaflets about the Second Coming of Jesus in Tooting (Surrey, United Kingdom). There was this white guy - he was really a good guy, he read our leaflet and smiled - he said, 'You say Jesus is coming back. Do you want him to die again? Do you want another Crucifixion?' No, this time, nobody is going to crucify Jesus. Jesus kept quiet before. But now, Jesus' sword will speak. Jesus can behead and cut throats of any number of Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

Jesus and Gohar would rule the hearts of humanity. The word that HDE Gohar Shahi used in Urdu, let me translate that word. The word HDE used is 'Tasallud.' What is 'Tasallud?' When somebody, by force, occupies some area, it is called 'Tasallud.' So the translation of what HDE said is, 'With might and right, Gohar and Jesus will occupy and govern the hearts of the world.' They will occupy the hearts of humanity, and rule and govern the hearts. This is the Kingdom of God. We have never heard before that any prophet or messenger ruled the hearts of humanity. The least they are going to rule on are the hearts of humanity. 

The hearts will have the throne of Gohar Jesus. The Divine Coronation will take place in the hearts. Gohar and Jesus will rule the hearts of humanity; this is what the Lord said in His book.

For the Anti-Christ, the word that Prophet Mohammad has used is 'Masih ad-Dajjal.' It means, 'False Messiah.' Now Taliban, very discretely in the inside circle, have started saying that their leader is Imam Mehdi. If you look at his face, he is a one-eyed python. They are liars and they want to impose Sharia!  

There is no compulsion in the religion.

Was there any religious police at the time of Prophet Mohammad? Is there any Hadith that says Prophet Mohammad formed a religious police and they would go after people and tell them to go to the mosque and pray?

What Taliban is doing, this has been happening in Saudi Arabia for centuries. The difference is Saudi Arabia does it to non-Saudi Muslims or non-Khaleeji Muslims and Taliban is doing it to everybody (because Saudis don't go to Afghanistan).

I want to tell the western world today: the real Taliban is Saudi Arabia. The real Al-Qaeda is Saudi Arabia, the Devil King Abdullah, UAE and Kuwait. Inside my heart, I believe the western world knows about the role of Saudi Arabia in supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, however they are being very diplomatic or maybe hypocritical, whatever word suits them best.

But I think they know the real Taliban is Saudi Arabia. The Saud family - they are the real Taliban. They prepare breakfast for Taliban in Saudi Arabia and every morning, 2 military planes take their breakfast from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. 1000 goats are slaughtered every morning. They don't even eat chicken; only goats, cows and camels, roasted from Saudi Arabia. They don't need milk because they are drinking blood.

Our Lord Gohar Shahi is our protector.

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