Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Current Situation in Pakistan

The following is a translation of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's statement about Pakistan.

If you look at the current situation and events, you would know that the government of Nawaz Sharif is directly fostering enmity against the Pakistan Army. Those patriotic politicians who feel pain for Pakistan, I would like to say to them, if Pakistan's Prime Minister goes to India and says to their newly elected Prime Minister, 'I am the Prime Minister of Pakistan and I do not rely on or trust the Army of Pakistan,' then this is treason against the Constitution of Pakistan; this is treason against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and such a person should be shot to death. Such a person who goes to another county and says, 'I do not trust the Pakistan Army,' - this is no ordinary statement, however, as I have repeatedly stated, the politicians of Pakistan are not politicians, they are pimps. 

This is not politics. It cannot even be called dirty politics because this is not politics - neither good nor bad. Such a huge statement and to a country with which you have fought three major wars! After what happened to Pakistan's Army in 1971, you go and say to India, 'You have your complaints against the Pakistan Army but I myself don't trust my army'? This is treason. I don't consider this as politics. 

I don't make any conjectures about anyone, neither good or bad. There is only one thing for which I make a conjecture about somebody and that is: if somebody is blasphemous to His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi, I conjecture that he is a blasphemer (Gustaakh). 

MFI vehemently condemns what Nawaz Sharif is saying against the Pakistan Army. What he is saying and doing is a series of deplorable attacks on Pakistan's dignity and honour. This should not be permissible at any cost and such a man should not even be allowed to touch the national flag. He should be stripped naked and dragged on a donkey. Mad dogs should be let loose on him. He is not just a traitor to Pakistan, he is an agent of the Taliban. 

A while ago, when the government of Saudi Arabia gave money to Nawaz Sharif - it was all done in such a fashion that it couldn't be called 'money laundering.' There wouldn't be any inquiries and, gradually, Nawaz Sharif would transfer that money to the Taliban from time to time. This bastard Nawaz Sharif has no shame that the ammunition the Taliban are using in Pakistan is 'made in India.' It is not as if ammunition can be bought from Tesco or Sainsbury grocery stores that it doesn’t matter where they are made. It's not as if the arms and ammunition are given out individually. If the government buys ammunition from a country, then that is on the government level. If it was given individually, then how did the Taliban acquire Indian ammunition? 

The terrorist attack on the Karachi airport - I was thinking that whenever a Pakistani is caught in airports, in other countries, they say, 'Pakistanis did it,' and they swear at the Government of Pakistan. They summon the Ambassador of Pakistan and register their complaints. The terrorist attack on Pakistan was carried out by 10 people from Uzbekistan and to this day, the government of Pakistan has not contacted the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to say, 'The citizens of your country are carrying out terrorist attacks in our country.' They still haven't contacted them. They should at least say it. Why? So that the Government of Uzbekistan could be a bit more strict. 

Presently, the Taliban of Pakistan has more Arabs in it than Pakistanis; terrorists from the entire world fly to Pakistan and are killing us? Why is this indecency only happening in Pakistan? They only want to impose Sharia in Pakistan? The terrorists that come to Pakistan to impose Sharia have also come from Islamic countries. Have you killed everyone and implemented Sharia in your own Islamic country? This is such a serious issue and there is no one to take a stand!

They should have contacted the Ambassador Uzbekistan and all this should have been done at a higher level. The Home Office of Pakistan should have summoned either the Ambassador or the High Commissioner of Uzbekistan and registered its complaints and agitation. What is going on? And then the immigration would carry out an operation, they would go to [their] hideouts; they know all the places and areas. They are running the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in Pakistan. Go and run your Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in Uzbekistan! But nobody raises a voice against this. Pakistan has become an international slaughterhouse. 

Then there is a group that only defames the Pashtun of the area, saying that, 'It is their doing.' Is it the Pashtun? A Pashtun is a patriot, he loves his country. It is customary among the Pashtun people that if two men from different tribes are fighting, one of the men would send a woman from his household to them, they would take off their turbans in respect and the fighting would cease. This is how much they respected women. What kind of Pashtun are these who are raping women, killing women. The policemen round up the women and kill them one by one mercilessly. 

The Mujahedeen from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen are all in Pakistan. They all go there and kill the Pakistanis - do you think that what they are doing is Jihad? Is this being done for the implementation of Sharia? What kind of implementation is this? All the Muslims of the world want to implement Sharia in Pakistan alone! Whatever happens in UK and USA is also happening in UAE: bars, strip clubs etc. What kind of Sharia is this? They are great hypocrites! A common man cannot set them straight. The Dervish appointed and anointed by Imam Mehdi will set them straight and do justice. 

The Chief of Al-Qaeda, Bandar Sultan, was the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the USA and he is now the Director General of Saudi Arabia (the SIA). Now that Al-Qaeda has taken over Iraq, it was all done under his command. He supported them. All these politicians, like Bandar Sultan are just playing cards; they do not care about stopping terrorism nor does anyone else. It's all just a drama. Hamid Karzai helps the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). It is through him that the Indian arms and ammunition reach the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. He is the greatest enemy of Pakistan in the region. 

There was another group in Afghanistan, Northern Alliance (formerly known as United Islamic Front), the leader of which was Ahmad Shah Massoud about whom His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'He is our man.' They assassinated him. 

Whatever Tahir ul Qadri is doing and with whatever intentions, in the end, our work is getting easier. And whatever he has done over there, we strictly condemn it. If we don't condemn it then, we are siding with Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif - should we be supporting them in this cruelty? They are Dajjali bastards. 

When Tahir ul Qadri does go to Pakistan, will any changes be made in Pakistan? This is a fight between two egos. This is not the same thing as what Zardari did; Zardari is a clever man. Nawaz Sharif and Tahir ul Qadri are two friends who have separated. One has become a Prime Minister and one has become an Islamic Scholar. This is a war between two families. Neither of them are Ali or Amir Muawiya - but their enmity is the same, both are Muawiya. 

This is not a war to gain control of the government; it is just to humiliate Nawaz Sharif - and to do so, Tahir ul Qadri would risk his life. I can see it. Do not take whatever is about to happen lightly; however, it is not as if a revolution will take place. The revolution in Pakistan would be brought about by the Dervish alone. No one else has a vision for Pakistan. 

Tahir ul Qadri says only those should take part in the election who fit the criteria in the Constitution of Pakistan, Article 62. One who takes part in the election should be Sadiq (Truthful), Ameen (Honest) and a Momin (True Believer). None in Pakistan's religious or political circles are Sadiq, Ameen or Momineen. They are all Munafiqeen (hypocrites).Therefore, no one fits the criteria. But Tahir ul Qadri now has the support of PPP (Pakistan's Peoples' Party) internally. According to the record in Batin (the Esoteric Realm), Imran Khan should have been the Prime Minister. We supported Imran Khan because he is determined and educated. The wrong statements that he passed were because of the influence of people. If he had won, we would have given him indications spiritually and he would have never made a mistake. Imran Khan got the most votes but within the bureaucracy of Pakistan, the element of those who hate the Army is great. The goons of parties like Jamat-e-Islami, etc. tampered with the ballots and they were responsible for Imran Khan's fall from the crane, right before the election.

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