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‘You need to understand Wahhabism in order to understand why the world is going through the worst page of history.’ – HH Younus AlGohar

The following are from His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s Interview with

On Islamophobia

I do not know whether Islamophobia is the just term; it is a word that I personally do not agree with because the world has no fears or threats coming out from Islam. It’s a group of people who claim to be Muslims and they do not practice Islam. They are becoming a global threat. The term should be Wahhabiphobia. There is a particular denomination in Islam that does not consider any other Muslim as Muslims for except themselves.
[Wahhabis are] the ones who have been radicalised and who are responsible for spreading this radicalisation all over the world, especially among the Muslim youth.
The West shouldn’t be worried about Islam because Islam is not a threat to any part of the world. Islam is just like any other monotheist religion under the banner of Abrahamic Faiths, like Christianity or Judaism. Islam has the same roots [as them] and Islam is not a threat.

However, how people interpret and understand Islam – that’s the main issue today.
Radicalisation is really a worrying aspect of the Muslim world and we are working on it. We are trying to raise awareness of the fundamental and principle values of the religion which are the same in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All of these are monotheist religions. Basically, the principle directives from God are the same in all three religions.

On the Role of Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia

It is very difficult. We are not hearing the accurate news from the channels. We do not know what is going on. However, I can tell you terrorism is not imported in any country.

For example, terrorism is not coming to Canada [from a foreign country]. You will have terrorism from a Muslim house in Canada. It will come from the Muslim house whose children have been going to a mosque. They believe their children are learning from the Quran and understand the religion – but in few years’ time, they will come to know that their sons have gone to Syria to become jihadists.
You do not become a jihadist overnight. You are not radicalised in few hours; it’s a mindset. It is a theory.
This theory is coming from this particular denomination in Islam, Wahhabism.

You need to understand Wahhabism in order to understand why the world is going through the worst page of history.
Wahhabis want to rule the world. They think they have the purest form of Islam and have the right to take their doctrine to every corner of the globe. Whoever accepts it becomes their friend and ‘part of Islam’. Whoever does not accept it – even if they are Muslims from other denominations of Islam – they’re alien to them. Wahhabis are so intolerant; they do not want to see anybody else for except themselves.

This Wahhabi thought-process is very intolerant – [it is especially taught] in the mosques which are funded by Saudi Arabia.

There are two things in Saudi Arabia:

1 – The Saudi Royal Family

2 – The Religious Regime

Terrorism is the combination of both.

The religious doctrine is coming from their religious scholars and money is coming from the Royal Family.

What the world sees is different [from reality]. The world will see the Royal Family coming and meeting with David Cameron, Bush, Obama etc. Obviously, they look very holy and display very meek characters. You will never imagine they can be funding terrorists. However, they are the main mastermind and they are working in collaboration with their religious regime in Saudi Arabia.

On Why the Saudi Royal Family is Hypocritical

The internet is full of news. Everybody knows that [Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism].

This is the thing: people have to be diplomatic. On one side, there are some political issues and behind the scenes, something else is going on. Sometimes you cannot verbalise what you have seen because there are so many fatal consequences. If you alienate [yourself] from the international world community, you will suffer. So they have to show something and they have to do certain things behind the scenes.

We are living in a very hypocritical world. Sometimes diplomacy is hypocrisy.
I say it loudly and clearly that the Saudi Royal Family is supporting terrorism all over the world.
On How to Give Hope to the Youth

Give them understanding of spirituality. Give them understanding of the value of human life, mutual tolerance and harmony in the society. Tell them things that they can understand that they can relate to. If we tell them stories that they do not relate to, they will never understand.

On the Future

What I see today worries me a lot, but then my faith and belief in God gives me hope that future is bright and there will be no hatred. Everybody will love everybody else and we will be living in a perfect brotherhood, in a universal society.
We can have hope for hope. I personally believe the future is full of love after a period of darkness.

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