Saturday, 12 December 2015

#BanWahhabloodism Campaign in Phoenix, Arizona!

Due to the alarming number of ISIS supporters living in the West, we at Messiah Foundation International have created an online petition asking President Barack Obama and Rt Hon Prime Minister David Cameron to ban Wahhabism (the backbone of Islamic terrorism) from the United States of America and the United Kingdom respectively. Our petitions are steadily garnering support from people all around the world who have grown tired of seeing incidents of terrorism.

The day after the petition went live, our friends from Pheonix, Arizona, U.S. publicised the petition, distributing brochures explaining the truth about Wahhabism and its dangers. A large number of people eagerly signed the petition asking for President Obama to stop the spread of the Wahhabi ideology in the USA. We are confident that the USA and the UK will be saved from the plight of homegrown terrorism once this step is taken by the leaders of these two countries. We request all our readers who agree with these views to make their voice heard and sign the petitions to ban Wahhabism. Help us bring about change!

Ban Wahhabism in the US – Sign the Petition here.

Ban Wahhabism in the UK – Sign the Petition here.

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