Monday, 4 January 2016

Public Opinion on 'Ban Wahhabism' Campaign, Washington D.C.

Messiah Foundation International USA Team visits Washington Monument, Washington D.C. USA to raise awareness about 'Ban Wahhabism' Campaign amongst the public.
The Wahhabi ideology is the backbone of Islamic terrorism, sponsored by Saudi Arabia. It is responsible for the radicalisation of American youth and vulnerable individuals. It is a form of hate speech that incites enmity for the West and threatens everything the United States of America stands for.

ISIS (Daesh) is getting stronger. As long as the Wahhabi ideology is practised here, ISIS will have supporters in the United States. There are many Wahhabi mosques promoting this twisted ideology all over the United States.

Homegrown terrorism is a result of the Wahhabi ideology infiltrating the United States.

Recent terrorist attacks across Europe indicate that action is needed - and fast. Since 9/11, the US has seen many attempts by our enemies to carry out attacks on US soil.

Now, ISIS has very publicly threatened Washington D.C. and New York City.

Wahhabi mosques in the United States effectively work as terrorist-producing factories. They have converted vulnerable people into barbarians.

Even with continued airstrikes in Syria, we will have achieved nothing while the ideology of ISIS, Wahhabism, thrives within our borders.

To tackle homegrown terrorism and restore peace, it is necessary now to ban Wahhabism from the United States. We must protect ourselves and the next generation from this poisonous ideology!

We are in great danger from the death cult of Wahhabism. This is a matter of national security and our very future.
Let's demand that President Obama take a firm stand against homegrown terrorism. President Obama must ban Wahhabism - before it is too late!

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