Tuesday, 8 March 2016

12th Imam: Iran ka Fitna Parwar Nazriya-e-Imam Mehdi

Younus AlGohar explains how the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi being the 12th Imam is completely false.

Main points:
- There were 11 Imams from the Household of Prophet Mohammad. Then, Shariat was given to Imam Abu Hanifa and Tariqat was given to Abdul Qadir Jilani.

- There is no concept of the 12th Imam in Islam. It is a concocted, fabricated story created by Shias. If anyone could be considered the 12th Imam, it would be Imam Abu Hanifa.

- 'Imam Mehdi' is a title. Imam Mehdi is not an Imam. The literal meaning of Imam is one who is in front of everyone else. It refers to someone who leads prayers in the mosque. The only difference between an Imam and common Muslim: a common Muslim remembers God 5000 times a day; an Imam remembers God 25 000 times a day.

- The problem with Shias is that they are not aware of spirituality and the system of sainthood. Therefore, they wrongly equate Imams with saints. There are two types of sainthood: 'Wilayat' and 'Walayat'. Wilayat is when you are appointed by the Prophet (Faqr-e-Bakaram). Walayat is when you are directly appointed by God (Faqr-e-Bakamiliyat). Ali was granted Walayat. The other 10 Imams were granted Wilayah.

- Saudi Arabia has destroyed history of Islam; Iran is trying her best to destroy our future. The future of humanity belongs to the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. No matter what Iran says about destroying Israel, Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, the Messenger of Love and Peace, will give Jews the Promised Land.

- What we see today is a tug of war between two different sects of Islam: Shiaism and Wahhabism. Saudi Arabia (financier of Wahhabism) and Iran (supporter of Shiaism) both want to colonise the South Asian region. Iran wants to colonise Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. At the same time, Saudi Arabia wants to continue its stronghold in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. Prophet Mohammad said that mischief will emerge from among Muslims and to Muslims, it will return. They'll kill each other. Then Imam Mehdi and Jesus will rule hearts of people.

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