Thursday, 31 March 2016

Firqa Wahhabiya Tareekh Ke Auraq Se

A comparison between Wahhabism and Deobandism and how the tenets of these twisted belief systems were first conceptualised.

Main points:
⁃ Wahhabism is based upon the ideology given by Abdul Wahhab Najdi, who was inspired by the likes of Ibn Taymiyyah. When Wahhabism entered India, it was well-received in a city called Deoband. This is from where Deobandism originates. Wahhabism is the main theme and there were many branches of it: such as Deobandism, Ahle Hadith, Jamat-e-Islami, the Taliban and Harkat-ul-Ansar.

⁃ Their teachings are extremely blasphemous to Prophet Mohammad. They believe that killing Sufis is service to Islam, due to their understand that Sufis are Mushriks (idolaters). Sufis are those who practise and teach the spiritual aspect of Islam.

⁃ According to Wahhabism, the Islamic Golden Age was when Umar bin Khattab was the Caliph, because Umar bin Khattab spread a politicised Islam and obtained land through conquest. However, the spread of political Islam does not affect the religion itself. What Wahhabis say about spreading Islam throughout the world is not the spread of Islam in actuality; they just want to rule the world. Prophet Mohammad did not do anything; he simply invited leaders of different nations to accept Islam and he left those alone who didn’t want to accept it.

⁃ The true Islamic Golden Age was in the era of Abdul Qadir Jilani. In Prophet Mohammad’s era, Sharia was established. In Ali’s era, Tariqa was established. In Abdul Qadir Jilani’s era, Faqr was established. Prophet Mohammad had previously said, ‘Faqr is my pride.’ In Abdul Qadir Jilani’s era, 4-5 out of 10 people were Dhakir-e-Qalbis, meaning their hearts had been revived with God’s name and faith had entered their hearts.

⁃ Wahhabis talk about establishing Sharia and customs of the Prophet Mohammad. However, they only talk about having beards and eating halwa (a sweet dish). Why do they not talk about the main customs of the Prophet Mohammad, which include seeing God and reviving the heart with God’s name? The reason is because they do not have spiritual knowledge.

⁃ Prophet Mohammad is mercy for mankind, not just for Muslims. He said to kill one human being is to kill the entire humanity. Wahhabis are placing a false allegation on Prophet Mohammad; they do represent him. They are Khwarijeen (pseudo-Muslims) and they are infidels.

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