Tuesday, 22 March 2016

MFI Ka Irani Nazriya-e-Mehdi Aur Firqa-e-Wahhabiya Par Mo’aqif

This video is in Urdu, but an English translation will be available soon.

Younus AlGohar explains why MFI opposes the Wahhabi belief system as well as Iran’s false concept of Imam Mehdi.

Main points:
- MFI opposes Wahhabism because the main beliefs of Wahhabism are in themselves blasphemous to Prophet Mohammad and God. Wahhabis reject Prophet Mohammad’s intermediary and want to destroy his grave.

- Wahhabis blatantly ignore the commandments of God, which clearly state that the only way for Muslims to obtain God’s love is through Prophet Mohammad.

- Wahhabis don’t respect Prophet Mohammad or his household. Shias are justified when they object to the Wahhabi belief system and the actions of Umar bin Khattab (whom Wahhabis hold in the highest regard).

- MFI is not against the Shia belief system. The Shias have great respect for Prophet Mohammad’s Household and we appreciate it. However, we have taken a stand against the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi, which has been politicised.

- Iran’s concept of Imam Mehdi is dangerous and wrong. It has been deliberately distorted to suit Iran’s political agenda. As the true followers of Imam Mehdi, we are telling the world the truth about Imam Mehdi, which is contrary to Iran’s concocted concept. Imam Mehdi loves all; He is not against Israel or America. He is here to teach love; He is not a militant!

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