Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Rab Ul Arbab | Dalail | Part 2: Allah Ke Jarsoomay

Younus AlGohar answers the question of whether or not God has sons or daughters, as part of a series proving that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Lord of Lords (Rab al Arbab).

Main points:

- Does God have any sons or daughters? The answer to this question is not simple. When God stated in the Quran that he does not procreate, he was addressing the fact that he does not procreate in the way human beings do, through sexual reproduction. He never denied having children. We have heard many stories throughout ancient human history about different spiritual dignitaries in different religions who were thought to be the son or daughter of God. Some examples include Jesus, Uzair (Ezra), Lat and Manat. The first concept of God having a son came in this world when Adam Safi Allah (The Eminent One) descended onto Earth from the heaven.

- The answer to whether or not God has children can only be granted to you by the Lord of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. In human beings, the embryo forms when the sperm fertilises the egg in a woman’s womb. In God’s body there are divine germs; instead of blood, he has Noor (divine energy). When one of those germs come out from his body, they take the shape of a soul. Such sold can be called the son of daughter of God. 

- Adam Safi Allah had children through his wife, Eve, and he also had children based on the system through which God’s children come into existence. Some of his children were born from Eve, while others came out from his right and left thighs. This is why they were able to marry each other.

- In Imam Mehdi’s era, there are many such souls who are germs of God. You may not know it and you could be speaking to such person. The question now arises: just as God has sons and daughters who are formed when his germs exist his being, could God also be a germ from someone else? There is a community in the Unseen World known as the Community of God. In this community, there are two groups: one group whose skin is white, and one group whose skin is off-white. Jesus Christ’s skin colour is off-white while God’s colour is white; this difference in colour indicates their different temperaments.

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