Monday, 18 July 2016

Firqa Wahhabiya Asal Islam Ke Ainay Mein

Younus AlGohar exposes the really of Wahhabism and Zakir Naik (a Wahhabi preacher popular in India) in light of what Islam teaches.

Main points:

- Islam is the religion Prophet Mohammad made, based on revelation from God. The problem is not with the religion; it with the people who claim to be Muslims, but they’re unaware of the religion. When the knowledge of the heart is excluded from a religion and only rituals are left, people’s hearts are left filled with hatred and evil. It is the inner knowledge that takes one to God.

- It was Muslims who murdered Prophet Mohammad’s grandsons, who killed Ali ibn Talib. When they could do this, why is it surprising that they carried out an attack near the Prophet Mohammad’s mosque in Medina? It was the knowledge of the heart in the religion that purified Muslims; without it, Islam no longer changes Muslims for the better. 

- If someone receives knowledge of the heart, forget about not killing human beings - they will have mercy for the smallest of animals and insects as well. The state of Muslims today is as it is because they reject spiritual knowledge, and what’s more, they’ve made themselves enemies of it. To call Wahhabism Islam is a form of Biddat (innovation in the religion) and Shirk (appointing partners with God), which are both great crimes in the religion of Islam. We appreciate the Sufi interpretation of Islam, which respects humanity and which includes spiritual knowledge.

- Wahhabism is the product of the Satan who emerged from Najad (in modern-day Saudi Arabia), Muhammed bin Abdul Wahhab Najadi. Wahhabis despise Sufi Islam. Prophet Mohammad, when requested to pray for Najad, refused. When prompted, he said, ‘A Satan will come from Najad.’ The Islam that Zakir Naik and other Wahhabis spread is not Islam. What Zakir Naik is spreading in the name of Islam is a disease more dangerous than AIDs and HIV.

- Zakir Naik said, ‘Every Muslim should be a terrorist.’ This statement should be enough to know that this man is a terrorist. He also said that following the Prophet Mohammad is haram (prohibited) in Islam. Furthermore, he projects that keeping a marked shrine for Prophet Mohammad is against Islam, although this is definitely not the case.

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