Friday, 5 August 2016

Fassad-e-Bani Adam Aur Imam Mehdi Ki Talaash

Younus AlGohar responds to a viewer-submitted question, ‘Why is the world full of cruelty?’ He also discusses the true concept of Imam Mehdi and how Imam Mehdi will change the world.

Main points:

- Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi wrote in His book that when angels saw Adam Safi Allah being made, they understood that he was being made for the Earth. Then they said to God, ‘You’re making a human being again? He will again create mischief and cause bloodshed.’ God said, ‘No, this time I’ll give him the Knowledge of Eminence, the knowledge of my names. Tell me if you have this knowledge.’ They replied, ‘How will we have this knowledge if you didn’t give it to us?’ God’s statement about giving the Knowledge of Eminence to Adam was to prove the angels wrong, that bloodshed and mischief would not be carried out now. What God didn’t say was that the Knowledge of Eminence would only be given to a few, and the rest of human beings would continue to do as they did before.

- If we look at it, every human being is cruel. They only think those are cruel who are bigger or more powerful than them. This world supports bad people. Good people who are empathetic are lacking in this world. If God created someone for hellfire, then spiritual knowledge does not affect them. This all has to do with God’s personality, decree and will.

- Everything happens in this world: fraud in the name of God, Prophet Mohammad and even Imam Mehdi. The concept of Imam Mehdi has been distorted to a degree where people believe that Imam Mehdi is a militant who will be dangerous. People think Imam Mehdi will kill all those who don’t follow him. Iran especially ruined the concept of Imam Mehdi for the West. The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is also because of misconceptions about Imam Mehdi. Saudi Arabia, thinking that Imam Mehdi will take their kingdom from them, believe that Imam Mehdi will emerge from Shias - therefore, Iran is their sworn enemy.

- People have done so much in search of Imam Mehdi. People haven’t been able to find the Shia concept of Imam Mehdi because he doesn’t exist. The real Imam Mehdi cannot be found until He wants to be found. Imam Mehdi will reveal Himself to the world when the world fixes its understanding of Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi is not here to shed blood or make Shias or Sunnis more powerful. He is not against any government.

- The reason why there is so much cruelty in the world is because the Knowledge of Eminence that God gave to Adam Safi Allah was not able to be properly spread. Imam Mehdi is here to elevate humanity; to revive humanity in human beings. He is known as God’s helper. Imam Mehdi has nothing to do with any religion. Imam Mehdi will unite humanity and restore justice.

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