Monday, 29 August 2016

Muraqiba Ki Haqeeqat Aur Sawal O Jawab

Younus AlGohar explains the true meaning and technicalities of Muraqiba, and answers viewers’ questions live.

Main points:

- The term ‘Muraqiba’ refers to spiritual voyage, not meditation. Meditation is about imagination. Muraqiba is about enlightening and strengthening the souls in you so that they can reach their respective realms. You have 7 spirits in you: 5 in the breast, one at the naval point (the Nafs), and one in the head (the Ana). The one in the head is related to God; through it you can potentially see God. The 5 spirits of the breast are related to the 5 Grand Messengers, whereas the Nafs is related to the phenomenal world.

- You are not of this world. The Nafs is the reason why you enjoy luxuries of the world. It is not wrong to enjoy the things the world has to offer. The only things that are detrimental to your spiritual health are those who strengthen then Nafs whilst weakening the heart.

- The Nafs is free and dominant in you. Whilst you sleep, it roams about freely; what you see in your dreams is your Nafs. The nature of the Naafs is negative energy (Naar). You have to change its nature to divine energy (Noor) with the help of a divinely ordained Perfect Spiritual Guide. Through the spiritual guide’s power, the Nafs is first weakened and then strengthened with divine energy.

- When you train your Nafs, you become its master. Then whether you are awake or sleeping, you can send your Nafs anywhere in this phenomenal world. Similarly, the souls of the breast when they are enlightened will go back to their own respective realms; all you’ll need to do is to think about which soul you want to send and it will go. Muraqiba is not done using any divine name; it is done on the souls. It takes time to train the souls; you can’t do it in one day.

- To go to Riaz al Jannah in Alam-e-Ghaib, you can’t perform Muraqiba. Alam-e-Ghaib is only for the Community of God. For a human being to go there, they will need to have Zam performed on their soul; their soul will be mixed with a reflection of Lord Ra Riaz. This is a prerequisite for them to enter Alam-e-Ghaib and this will only happen once.

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