Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Wahhabiyat Ki Pazeerayi Mein Naqis Shayukh Aur Jahil Peeron Ki Muawinat

Younus AlGohar explains the factors that contributed to Wahhabism becoming the dominant school of thought in Pakistan and also in the wider Muslim community.

Main points:

- Wahhabis have control over the media. If Islam is shown in practice in any television series or film, the directors portray the Wahhabi school of thought mostly. There are rarely series in which people are seen visiting Sufi shrines. This has profoundly impacted society. Most people don’t know Islam on the basis of their own research. They simply know what they have heard.

- Besides the fact that Wahhabis are sponsored by the filthy rich Saudis, scholars from Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at and the imposters who project themselves to be saints are also to blame for the widespread of Wahhabism. They way these people have portrayed Sufism is so despicable that seekers are pushed away from them straight into the hands of Wahhabis.

- For example, even Tahir ul Qadri did a lot of research and read many books on Sufism, but he doesn’t have spiritual knowledge. He doesn’t tell his followers how to fix the heart, what Dhikr-e-Qalb is or why to reform the heart, you need a spiritual guide. The way he explains matters of the heart is so unjust that it is no wonder more people are becoming Wahhabis. Today, he is disgraced around the world, and his fall from grace began the moment he troubled and spoke against Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. When people in Pakistan saw the deception of so-called Sufi scholars like Tahir ul Qadri, they were left disgusted; this is something the Wahhabis took advantage of.

- A problem in Pakistan is that religious organisations also take part in politics. If the public wants religious scholars to be in power, they would have voted for them in the elections. This means the public doesn’t want Sharia in the land, however fanaticism and extremism are at their peaks in Pakistan because of the rise of Wahhabism. Wahhabi scholars say, ‘We want to implement Sharia Law in Pakistan,’ and use it as an excuse to kill people. They hate Pakistan’s constitution, even though the constitution gives first priority to God’s law and the prophethood of Mohammad.

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