Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Kuntu Kanzan Makhfiyyan Ke Asrar | By Younus AlGohar

In this unprecedented lecture, HH Younus AlGohar reveals the secrets about the Hidden Treasure and the Grand God.

Main Points:

- Most people are confused when they hear our belief about His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. On one hand we say that He is the Grand God and on the other hand we believe Him to be the Awaited Imam Mehdi appointed and anointed by God.

- Just as there are different Prime Ministers of different countries, in a similar way, there are different realms in the Unseen World. God, however, is the creator of this world only. People are unaware of the Unseen World.

- God said, 'There was nothing for except me'; the question that arises is: where was God? Was he in nothingness if nothing existed except God? God must have come from somewhere which is why he said 'I was in the Hidden Treasure'; who was he hiding from?

- The first thing God did when he came out of the Hidden Treasure was manifest his desire of being known and worshipped; he created the world and human beings.

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