Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Report: Messiah Foundation Canada at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo

Last week, Messiah Foundation Canada partook in the Body Soul and Spirit Expo in Ottawa.
Around 800 people attended the expo, where approximately 50 booths were set up. People were very curious about our message and the response was wonderful.

Mr Moin of Messiah Foundation Canada had the following comments:

‘One man came to our booth saying that he saw our leaflet somewhere in public and visited our website. From there he got the information that we would be at the expo. So, he came to our booth and we explained to him more about Lord Ra Riaz's teachings and revolutionary message. He was very happy.

‘Another lady came to our booth. When we explained the message of Lord Ra Riaz to her, she said that she was already aware having watched our videos on YouTube.

‘It was full moon nights so we told attendees that they can also obtain Invocation of the Heart or spiritual healing from the image of our Lord on the Moon.

‘One woman came to our booth and received the message of Lord Ra Riaz. She was broadcasting the expo live on the internet. One of the questions she asked us was how much we get paid by Messiah Foundation for our work; when we explained that we are volunteers doing this as a labour of love, she was amazed!’

Quote of the Day: God Is Not...

‘God is not with those who want to create hatred in this world.’ - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 21 October 2016

Thursday, 20 October 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Kiya Hazoor Pak ﷺ‎ Qasim Aur Waris Hain?

Younus AlGohar responds to a viewer who objected to his statement about Prophet Mohammad being appointed to distribute what God grants.

Main points:

- The full Prophetic Tradition referred to mentions that God grants people understanding of the religion. The other part is that God is the one who grants things and Prophet Mohammad is the one who distributes God’s bounty.

- The viewer tried to insinuate that understanding of the religion is given by God directly. However, God is giving understanding of the religion through Prophet Mohammad. If you can prove that God directly gives someone understanding of the religion, then we will say that we are wrong.

- In the Quran it is said that God grants understanding of the religion to the Qalb (heart). Without Shahr-e-Sadr, without awakening and enlightening your Qalb, how will you get understanding of the religion? For Shahr-e-Sadr you need to adopt Prophet Mohammad’s spirituality.

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Quote of the Day: Anyone Who Has...

'Anyone who has an ego problem will definitely suffer from mood swings.' - Younus AlGohar 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Quote of the Day: You Are Well Aware...

'You are well aware of the sustenance of the body, but are you not aware of the sustenance of the soul? - Younus AlGohar