Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Religion Without Spirituality is Mischief

Younus AlGohar establishes how Islam is dead without spiritual knowledge and how essential spiritual knowledge is. He also explains why and how Sharia is mischief without spirituality.
Main points:
  • In Islam and Judaism, those who talked about spirituality were always condemned and disapproved of by the mainstream religion. Sufism (spirituality) had been the centre of Islamic teachings until 200 years ago. Wahhabis were the pioneers of rejecting Sufism, calling it unIslamic - although there have been Sufis all over the world.
  • Religion comprises of two vital types of knowledge. Spirituality is the life of every religion; the exterior aspect isn’t given as much importance. Islam is alive only when spirituality is practised. If spirituality is separated from it, it is dead no matter how many people perform rituals. Radicalisation is the result of Sharia being practised without the spiritual knowledge. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Islamic scholarship, without the knowledge of spirituality, is a greater mischief.’
  • Quran says that worshippers who are naive to the truth of worship are destructed. Their worship is not reaching God; rather, they’re showing off. It doesn’t mean physical destruction, but destruction of faith and character. What does showing off mean? Their worship will not reach God, but people think they are dedicated worshippers. When this happens, people’s respect for such a person boosts their ego, destroying them spiritually. Such a person becomes a live threat to moral values in society. That’s how Sharia becomes mischief.
  • Truth of worship would have entered your heart only if you practised spirituality. Spirituality enlightens hearts, manifesting truth on the screen of the heart. Since people don’t practise spirituality among Muslims, therefore their Salat (worship) is futile, useless and not recognised by God.
  • Sharia is only good with spirituality which will control your heart and you won’t make wrong decisions. Spirituality makes you compassionate. Without spirituality, your heart will be as hard as stone and with spirituality, the heart will be soft. You will help all regardless of religion. However, Sharia without spirituality (now or even at the time of Prophet Mohammad), was, is and will remain to be mischief forever.
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Quote of the Day: Without Inner Knowledge...

'Without inner knowledge, no religion is a good religion.' - Younus AlGohar

Monday, 8 February 2016

Quote of the Day: God and His Love...

'God and his love is the culmination of all religions and all creation.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Wahhabism: A Plot for World Domination || Younus AlGohar

Wahhabism has taken the world by storm through their religious plan and dreams of world domination; they are carrying out terrorist activities in many different countries. Their belief system and radical doctrine evidently and obviously depict their intention of promoting the geopolitical side of the religion in which their target is piece of land and power.

Is the purpose of a religion to acquire land or gain power? When we talk about a religion, the first thing that will come to your mind is man becoming obedient to God, men submitting themselves to God and men becoming worshippers of God.
World communities need to understand that these terrorists are not practising or believing the religion of Islam. This is a geopolitical game [to gain] land and power.
Democracy is a system whereby all individuals have a voice; it is a government by the public and ruled by public choice. For example, if someone wants the United Kingdom to be part of European Union someone else doesn’t, whatever the majority will say will be the decision in democracy. Governments do what people want to do. Not one single individual can dictate and impose his decision on people.
In a dictatorship, the government doesn’t ask people what they want. They impose their decisions on people.
Dictatorship normally comes through armed forces. The UK, USA and European countries are well-established democratic countries, so you will never hear of any military coup. However, in Pakistan and Bangladesh, we have such problems. Oftentimes, the public representatives, the Prime Minister or the President, are dismissed by the army because they think the government is involved in corruption. In a dictatorship, it is one man who imposes his decisions. That’s why democratic countries don’t like dictatorships.

Theocracy is a system of government in which religious laws are imposed, like in Saudi Arabia. In democracy, the law is legislated by people; the government is run by people and decisions are made by people.
In theocracy, literally no human being has any participation in the legislation of the law or making decisions. In theocracy, you live by the law of your religion.
Since my childhood, I have been hearing slogans of imposing Sharia Law in Pakistan. A Muslim political organisation headed by Shah Ahmed Noorani (of the Barelvi school of thought) had majority in Karachi and started a campaign to convince politicians and the army to replace the secular system with Sharia Law. One of the clergymen of this party was called Abdul Sattar Niazi, who promised to God and to himself that he would not marry until Sharia Law is imposed in Pakistan. Since the birth of Pakistan, people have been demanding from politicians and government to make Islamic Sharia the law of the land.

According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the Quran and Sunnah (Customs of Prophet Mohammad) are above any law in Pakistan. So Pakistan is a country which, according to the constitution, should be theocratic - meaning religious law should be the law of the land. Even a political-cum-religious party like Jamat-e-Islami talks about democracy! What do you want to name it:  ignorance or hypocrisy? Or maybe they are not aware of the Constitution of Pakistan. Even Imran Khan said, ‘I want to bring the same Islamic ideology in Pakistan which was at the time of Abu Bakr Siddiq.’ He wants to drag Pakistan back to the Stone Age. They are also part of the democratic system. They call democracy infidelity and at the same time, they are sitting in the Provincial and National assemblies through a democratic system.

The Race to Become the Superpower

What Taliban, ISIS or Saudi Arabia is doing is more or less the same thing that China or Russia is doing.
China, Russia and India want to beat the United States of America and become the superpower. Very discreetly, Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing.
China’s weaponry is their export. Economically speaking, China is everywhere. Wherever in the world I went, if I bought a toy, it was made in China. The world economy very seriously depends on China today. There was a time when the world wealth was controlled by the Jewish community, but now the world wealth is controlled and manipulated by China. Russia also wants to be the superpower; they want world domination.

Saudi Arabia does not produce anything for except camels, sheep and cows; they have no industry. Their export is 1%, because they have dates and all Muslim countries buy dates from them. If 1 kg of dates is worth £1, Muslim countries buy it for £10 because they are ‘holy dates’.
Saudi Arabia has no industry, but Islam is their industry. So they started to export Islam.
Obviously people, who go there for religious reasons, stay a couple of weeks and then come back, may not have any awareness of whether or not Saudi Arabia has any industry or export. They make washing powder and some soaps and this is because these companies like Lever brother sand Palmolive have factories in Saudi Arabia.

Apple used to give their orders of iPhones and laptops to an American company in California, but then China offered them a very cheap price. Labour in China is very cheap. There are so many factors involved; if you want a factory in a country, you have to see the business laws and whether things like gas and electricity are available. China is very ultramodern in terms of providing all the necessary facilities to businessmen. Russia doesn’t have any remarkable export.

You don’t become a superpower just because of the economy. There are many factors involved.

The deserving and most suitable superpower that has ever been in this world is the British Empire. The British know politics, they are cool-headed, unlike Donald Trump. What Obama is doing now is wonderful, but it’s too late. He should have been doing it in his first term. Perhaps he is doing it now considering that even if it has an adverse effect on his credibility being the President of the United States, it won’t do harm because this is the last year of his term. He cannot be re-elected. So now, we have China, Russia, India and Saudi Arabia in a race to become up the superpower. I wish the world leaders were able to grasp the meaning of what I am saying. It is not a joke.
Saudi Arabia wants to rule the world and they have double standards. Although Saudi Arabia is a country where rule of the land is theocracy, the Sharia Law does not apply to the royal family or Wahhabi scholars.
Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia have maids in their homes from Sri Lanka, India, Philippines who they have sex and - consequently - children with;  Sharia doesn’t apply to them. They only apply Sharia to Muslims who are non-Wahhabis, especially non-Saudis. The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rapes women. Is there any Prophetic Tradition that allows any Muslim leader to have sex with women without marriage? No. The way they rape; first they recite Quran, worship and after raping, they say, ‘God you are gracious. You have provided us with a lustful meal.’ This is their religion!

What we have in the United Kingdom of Great Britain is true democracy. In simple words, there are only a few countries in the world who practise pure democracy. Their system, although it is secular, this is on paper not in practise.
Saudi Arabia is theocracy and dictatorship. You cannot call it a pure theocratic country.
In a pure theocratic country, all follow the religious law whether you are a king or you are a servant. The law applies to everybody. Saudi Arabia is half theocracy and half dictatorship. How will you apply your Sharia on other Muslims who do not follow your school of thought? How could Sharia have any law for Shiites, Sunnis or Wahhabis when Islamic Sharia was established by Prophet Mohammad - and at that time, there were no Shiites or Sunnis? Impose Sharia, but bring Muslims first. They want to impose Sharia law, but where there are no Muslims; there are mosques and thousands of copies of Quran, Mecca and Medina - but no Muslims. They are Wahhabis, they are Shiites, they are Sunnis; they are not Muslims.
Islam exists in a virtual world only, not in this phenomenal world.
Democracy has its own understanding. Democracy gives rights to all individuals: freedom of choice, freedom of speech; it is all part and parcel of democracy. People speak against the Queen here; no policeman will come after you and arrest you. You cannot do that in UAE. You cannot do that in Morocco. If you speak against the king, you are behind bars. If you speak against the ruler of Dubai, you are gone. In Pakistan, people are making efforts to abolish blasphemy laws, which means that if you speak against Prophet Mohammad, the religion of Islam or the Quran, you should be punished. But in Saudi Arabia, if you speak against the king you will be killed, forget about Prophet Mohammad.

The world leaders should wake up. Even if China becomes the superpower, the world will not be destroyed. Lives of people will still be safe. China becoming a superpower will only mean that they have control over all wealth of the world. But Saudi Arabia is daydreaming of becoming the world superpower. They openly have been saying it for the past many decades. They want to rule the world. Even if Islam rules the world, humanity is still safe; Islam doesn’t allow bloodshed, violence.

The dogs of hellfire, Saudis, the hypocrites, ISIS, and Taliban are the same thing; they want power and they want land. It has nothing to do with Islam.

New Video: Religions & Limit To Freedom of Choice || Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar discusses the limitations and privileges that God has set for humanity.

Main points:
  • The three Abrahamic faiths seem to mandate very strict laws. People who enjoy freedom don't like it. It is importance to understand that God is the creator and he gives humans both restrictions and privileges.
  • Rewards given by God can be divided into three categories: rewards given in this life, rewards in the paradise and rewards in form of his love and nearness. Rewards that bring one closer to God are for elite ones, rewards in paradise are for the religious devout and rewards of this world are given to people who chose them in the Primordial Times. Some of God's elite enjoy rewards from all three categories.
  • In religions, there's no freedom. People who choose luxuries of this world and don't believe in God hate to be controlled by any divine law. Those who follow a religion must follow the divine law.
  • As a wife or husband, your freedom is limited. If you have a relationship with God, you should expect restrictions and discipline also.
  • No religion is bad, but when people manipulate and fiddle with the meaning, wrong interpretations start to hurt people and create doubts.
  • Some demand freedom in all aspects, but freedom of choice should have a limit, where you don't hurt others or deprive them of their freedoms. We already have limitations on freedom, such as parental controls.
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Quote of the Day: With an Enlightened Heart...

'With an enlightened heart, you will see God inside you.' - Younus AlGohar