Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Can Man Become God?

Younus AlGohar discusses the concept of God’s Oneness in different faiths and presents food for thought: can man become God? 

Main points:

- Followers of Judaism, somehow or other, believe some of their messengers are either God or Sons of God; still they practise monotheism. In Christianity, the belief that Jesus is the Son of God is the main theme; yet it is still known to be a monotheistic religion. More emphasis is laid on Oneness of God in Islam compared to Judaism and Christianity; still, the Quran verifies them both to be monotheistic. Even followers of Islam, from the era of Prophet Mohammad to date, have developed this notion that some saints were revered like they were God.

- In Sufi circles, the minimum belief a disciple must have for his Spiritual Guide is that he must consider him to be God and he must treat him likewise. Otherwise, he will not attain spiritual grace from him. According to the religious law, Sharia (which does not recognise spirituality), to do this is Shirk (to make a partner with God). Sharia doesn’t recognise inward faculties and will only see you as a human being; it has no access to make analysis of your Batin (Inner). Sharia is blind of spirituality therefore no matter who you are talking about, Sharia applies one stereotype rule to all.

- What caused monotheistic religions to have this problem that some followers of each religion, somehow or other, managed to call a man God? Even Sufis that were delegated by God and were great preachers of the Oneness of God agreed to this notion that man can be God. The answer: your physical body has no value. Forget being God - your body cannot even be a Momin (Enlightened Believer). You only become a Momin when your heart is enlightened. However, your souls have the ability to absorb God’s light. God can come inside your souls and your heart can become a divine abode.

- Because the Sufis refer to their respective Spiritual Guides as God, Wahhabis think Sufis are heretics and polytheists. However, a Sufi who says this is referring to the presence of God in his Spiritual Guide's heart. If you remind Wahhabis of Prophet Mohammad's statement whereby he said, ‘One who has seen me has seen God,’ they'll reject any eminence of the Prophet. This is because they do not have knowledge of spirituality and they only know the ritualistic practice of the religion. Everything that reveals the existence of the spiritual aspect of Islam is considered to lack authenticity in the eyes of a Wahhabi Muslim. The Wahhabi ideology is like a plague, full of hatred and based on something worse than extremism. To a Wahhabi, all non-Wahhabi Muslims are considered to be polytheists.

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Quote of the Day: The Defining Moment...

‘The defining moment in your life is when you are fully aware of who you are. That is the moment when you will find God.’ - Younus AlGohar

Monday, 27 February 2017

Quote of the Day: You, in Search for God,

‘You, in search of God, rush to worship places such as Temples, Churches, and Mosques! Has anyone seen God sitting in any worship place in history? O’ Fools! The dwelling of the Lord is in your heart. Domicile God in your heart; then you shall see that these worship places and its worshippers will run towards you.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God (Divine Love)

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Quote of the Day: The Faith is Lost...

'The faith is lost when the mind wins over the heart.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 24 February 2017

Quote of the Day: Self-Awareness is a Door...

‘Self-awareness is a door to happiness.’ - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Imam Mehdi Qataal Nahen Karen Gay! - Qur’an Se Sabit!

Younus AlGohar categorically proves in light of the Quran that Imam Mehdi will not cause bloodshed of any kind.
Main points:

- Generally, Muslims believe that Imam Mehdi would impose Islam upon the world, Jews believe the Messiah will impose Judaism and Christians believe Christianity will be imposed. It is God who sent the concept of an Awaited One who would come in the end times into different religions; if the perceptions Muslims, Christians and Jews respectively have are correct, then wouldn’t there be a great conflict in the end times? The idea that Imam Mehdi would spread islam is incorrect, especially when Prophet Mohammad predicted the extinction of Islam. 

- It is said that the greatest era of Islam was that of Prophet Mohammad. Yet in that time, Islam was not dominant upon the entire world, but only in the Arabian peninsula. To forcibly convert anyone to Islam is against the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and the Quran. The Quran declares that there is no compulsion in the religion (Quran 2:25).

- IMPORTANT: When God was in the process of creating Adam Safi Allah (Adam the Eminent One), the angels objected, suspecting that he too would engage in mischief and bloodshed as the human beings before him had. They said to God, ‘are we not enough to glorify you and sing your praise?’ God’s argument was that this time he was going to give Adam the Knowledge of Eminence. Quran [2:30] 

- The idea that Imam Mehdi would impose Islam upon the entire world through the power of a sword is an extremely misguided notion! On one hand, Muslims acknowledge that Imam Mehdi would have unprecedented Knowledge of Eminence; on the other hand they say he would cause bloodshed. God does not like bloodshed. The Knowledge of Eminence nullifies the tendency towards mischief and bloodshed from a common man's nature. When Imam Mehdi has Knowledge of Eminence like no other, how could he have anything to do with bloodshed?

#ImamMehdiIsNotAWarrior. Read more on this topic on Issue 01 of The True Mehdi (Monthly Publication by Messiah Foundation International) Click the link below.