Thursday, 30 July 2015

Quote of the Day: Divine and Evil...

'Divine and evil cannot co-exist. One has to depart in order for the other to arrive.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Upcoming: The Blue Moon

On Friday, 31 July, we will witness a rare natural phenomenon: the Blue Moon. This means that this month, there will be two Full Moons. The next Blue Moon of this kind will not occur until 2018!

So while you are out trying to catch a glimpse of the Blue Moon, why not take the opportunity to investigate the images of the Awaited Ones Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ on the Moon? These divine signs are capable of performing many miracles!

Quote of the Day: Today Man Has Everything...

'Today man has everything, but not the wealth of inner peace.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Jesus Christ's War Against Wahhabis

This is an excerpt from a speech by His Holiness Younus AlGohar, the Official Representative of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.
This is the second in a three-part series on Lord Jesus Christ. For more insight, read the first article: Jesus’s Reality and the Journey from Humanity to Divinity. 

I have seen that many Muslims talk about Moses and Abraham; but they have strange, malicious contempt for Jesus for some reason.

Once in 1997 when His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi was staying in the El Monte Lodge Hotel in New Mexico, USA, HDE was retiring in bed for the last portion of the night. There was no light because HDE Gohar Shahi always turns off lights when He retires to bed. HDE Gohar Shahi felt the presence of a young man. HDE was lying down in his bed and this young man was standing in front of Him.

His Divine Eminence said, ‘Initially, I thought this might be [a person travelling with me] because only he comes into my room without my permission. But then I asked him, “Who are you?” And he said, “I am Jesus.” I turned on the light and I saw in front of me a very handsome young man. I asked, “Why have you come?” Jesus said, “I have come to see you.”’ All the details of this encounter can be found in the book, The Religion of God (Divine Love).

When HDE Gohar Shahi returned to the United Kingdom, His Divine Eminence asked me to come and write down all the details of New Mexico. I got a big banner with the picture of Jesus prepared and I hung it on our office in Manchester. In the evening, the clerics from the mosque sent some young boys who threw a petrol bomb; the entire building was bomb blasted.

They said, ‘You have now become Christian.’

We asked them, ‘Why do you think we are Christians?’

They said, ‘Because you have Jesus’s picture.’

I spoke to them later on and said, ‘But are you not supposed to believe in all the prophets and messengers sent by God? Jesus is one of them.’ They had no answer. This shows how contemptuous they are about Jesus Christ. It is very strange.

Now we are dealing with the secrets of God and now we are working on this issue. Not only are we professing this knowledge of the Unseen, but at the same time, we are inviting people for the Initiation of the Heart (Invocation of the Heart). We are also telling them how to get themselves enlightened and be able to connect to God. [We tell them how] to be transported and transformed; to embark upon the journey that starts from humanity and ends on divinity.
It is a wonderful message. This message will not be held back for any reason because our heart is fearless. The problem is: God has not created everybody for the truth. Hoping that all will believe is a hope against hope.

Jesus said, ‘For the second time when I come, I will not come for peace. I will come for a war: Armageddon.’

Jesus is going to come to wage a final war against all these terrorists who are cutting throats of innocent people all over the world. Whether they are operating in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe or anywhere else in the world, they are hateful souls and we need Jesus to give them a lesson.


It started in 2001 and now we are in 2015. For the past 14 years, all the superpowers, the G8 (now G7) have been trying to defeat them. But remember what I said. You cannot defeat them on your own. You need GoharJesus.

With all the arms and ammunition you have failed; now you are talking about dialogue with them. When you want dialogue with them, it means you are giving up.

Then what have you been doing for the past 14 years?

The United States is the leader of the world. Being a leader, they have to be extra careful, extra sincere and extra vigilant. One wrong move from them will stir up the peace and bring the world to the brink of Armageddon. They have to be very careful; they should seek help from GoharJesus.

The Taliban is now even stronger than they were before. There are so many thousand terrorists in ISIS. Do you think they became terrorists in one day? It is the Wahhabi doctrine which is begetting terrorism.
It is the doctrine of hatred which is begetting atrocities and global terrorism. In order to deal with the doctrine of hatred, you need the doctrine of love.
For example if you are angry and somebody wants to cool you down by exhibiting even more anger, you can imagine [what will happen]. Rather than cooling you down, he will rile you up.
You need the doctrine of love and spirituality. You also need to understand that no religion on Earth can provide a solution for this global terrorism because this is the result of religions becoming corrupt.
[These terrorists] are not those who dance in disco bars; they are those who spend all their life in the mosque. If you lived all your life in the mosque and became a killer, what did you learn? Hatred. These religious places are teaching you hatred these days. Why are you learning to be hateful in a mosque? A mosque is a place where you bow before God, worship God and humiliate yourself; you should be humble.

You don’t practise your religion anymore.

According to the Prophet Mohammad, ‘A man who kills another man has killed the entire humanity.’

Committing suicide is strictly prohibited in Islam. It is [such an] abhorred act in Islam that even if you are a saint of God but you commit suicide, your sainthood will be abolished and you will enter hellfire.
When suicide is such a heinous crime in the Muslim faith, then how about a suicide bomber? He not only kills himself but many hundred thousand people with him. This is not Islam; this is evil.
They call themselves Muslims but the religion has been corrupted, modified to a degree where it suits their agenda. They are doing everything to please themselves under the banner of Islam and Sharia.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Quote of the Day: Out of Fear...

'Out of fear you can worship, but out of fear you cannot love.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Jesus's Reality and the Journey from Humanity to Divinity

The following is an excerpt from a speech by His Holiness Younus AlGohar, the Official Representative of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

What I am discussing here is the possibility of comprehending the truth of the Unseen World and its inhabitants. Never before His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi was it disclosed by any messenger, prophet or saint that there is another world beyond these horizons. Besides Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, there is only one account whereby Lord Jesus Christ spoke of the Unseen World and the Kingdom of God.

You only read the Bible and books; you came to know of Jesus while you were reading the divine stories in those books. Today, with the kind of life you are living, you do not appear to relate to the life that Jesus lived in this world.

Jesus spoke to the people, ‘Come! I am the only way to the Father. Only through me will you reach the Father. He said to them, ‘You are not worthy of Adam; you are not worthy of Abraham. What did they know? What would they tell you? I will tell you and take you to a special place which no heart has ever wished for, which no ears have ever heard of: I’ll take you to the Kingdom of God.’
The Jews became enemies of Jesus because they thought that Jesus was speaking very low of Abraham and Moses. But they failed to suss out the authority and command in the voice of Lord Jesus Christ.
They did not have the spiritual criteria with the help of which they could gather how a person may be wrong who possesses the spiritual and divine calibre of restoring sight in those who were born blind! How may the person be wrong, who works miracles? They only looked at one side of the picture: that he was speaking very low of Abraham and Moses. This happens when you do not know who is speaking; you already have this thought in your mind that, ‘This person is common person and he is like us. How can he speak [like this]?’

The Fear Factor in Humanity

The problem with people who come from the Unseen World is: they are not human.
When you are not human, it is next to impossible to take a guise of a human: to act like a human, to feel like a human and to have fear like a human does.
Because by nature, you are not afraid of anybody. By nature, you do not know what death is. You have never heard of death, illness or pain. In addition, you are not aware of the concept of doing good so that you can enter into paradise and not doing bad so that you are not pushed into hellfire. When you have no concept of such things, you become very carefree with your tongue.

For example, there are all sorts of people in this world, people like goons. Goons think they are very strong and can beat up everybody, so then they are afraid of none. They have this realisation in them that they are afraid of none, nobody can even look at them with disgust, and that they are very powerful. Wherever they go, people will lower their gaze and not put a question to them. When you become a person as such, you become very carefree with your tongue.
It is fear that most of the time stops you from doing bad or saying bad things.
You can never imagine how you would feel when you do not have any fear because you are a human being. You have no value in the eyes of God. One minute you are breathing well and another minute you are in the grave or cremated. You are so uncertain of your own existence, you don’t even know after you stop living here, how you will live your next life, where you will live your next life – or whether or not there is a next life after here!
When you have fear, you become really careful. When you have no fear, then you are carefree.
This is the case with God. In one chapter of the Quran, he says one thing and in the other chapter, he says another thing. We, being humans, are so rigid in what God said in the first chapter that when we see something different from God on the same matter in the next chapter, it boggles our mind. So we happen to create rifts in the religion and many schools of different thought. This is why there are so many sects.

He says one thing in chapter one, something else in chapter two and maybe a third opinion in chapter three – because he is God! He doesn’t fear anybody. It is not like he thinks to himself, ‘If I say something [different] in the next chapter, maybe someone will come and ask me, “What are you doing?!”’ Nobody knows where he is. He is not even in contact with prophets and messengers. He sends his words and Gabriel delivers his words to prophets and messengers. Maybe he doesn’t even think, ‘I have said something [contradictory] in chapter two,’ because he fears none.

Such was the case with Jesus. His mind was clear; it was not a corrupt mind like a human being. Sometimes, we avoid telling the truth because we think, ‘If I tell the truth, it will hurt and harm people more than it can benefit them.’ So we become temporarily wise and exercise our concocted, fabricated wisdom. But Jesus is not corrupt. He came, he was happy and wanted to share the truth with low-caste human beings on Earth.
Jesus nature-wise was free. He is not under fear because he is not a human being.
I don’t think for a moment he thought that he should be a little wiser in using proper words that may not hurt others and [give people the opportunity to] dig out different meanings or take different interpretations. He didn’t think of this because he was simple, truthful; without fear. So he spoke the truth, which hurt.

He said, ‘You are not worthy of Abraham. You are fasting and engaging yourselves in futile worship. Let’s do some proper business; do you want to go up there and see where God is sitting?’

People thought, ‘Who is this? What is he saying? How can we sit with God? Abraham came; he never said he saw God. Moses came, he never saw God. And look at Jesus: he is saying, “I’ll take you to the Kingdom of God.” We have difficulty entering into paradise; we are not sure whether we will end up in hell or heaven and he is asking to take us into the Kingdom of God! What is he saying?!’
What he said was so original, so true – but too true that people failed to comprehend his message.

And then God showed to the world that he was killed.

Now we know he wasn’t killed. But this world is all about impression.

What was on the cross was somebody who looked like Jesus – and he was killed. People developed this very rigid concept that Jesus has been killed and Jesus died on the cross; this is the fundamental principle of Christianity.

So on one hand, Jesus is telling people the original truth and he is talking about extra-existential spiritual transportation.
Fusion of the soul: changing the nature of human beings. It is like transforming somebody who is a man into God.

He was talking about transformation: a journey from humanity to divinity. A journey in which you start off being a human being and you end up being God-like. What a journey that was that he spoke about!

But then, maybe God was a little offended. Because maybe God thought, ‘If he says everything, then whatever, under the banner of religions, I have projected to human beings through the messengers and prophets would become zero. Nobody would want to love me. Nobody would want to go to the mosque, temple or church. What is Jesus doing?’

[Then God asked Jesus to come up] and he showed to the world that he was killed. Checkmate.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi on Lord Jesus Christ

Then, 2000 years later, came upon the page of this universe His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi. First, He verified every word uttered by Jesus.

HDE Gohar Shahi is the only one who said, ‘Jesus is not Son of Man. Jesus is not Son of God. Jesus is God.’

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘Not only Jesus, but another couple of members of the divine society came upon this world in the guise of prophets and messengers: Enoch (Idris), Elias (Ilyas) -’ then HDE said, ‘- and Gohar Shahi too – have come from the Unseen World.’

If you want to understand the secrets of the Unseen World, you will not be able to understand them with your intellect.

Intuitional Inspiration of the Heart
You cannot understand these divine secrets with your mind.
You will understand it only when your heart is enlightened. [This doesn’t just apply to] the secret of these individuals who came from the Unseen World and HDE Gohar Shahi; but in order to understand God also, you need enlightenment of the heart.

People heard for centuries that there is only one God. Therefore it is established story. You don’t want to dismiss it because people have been practising this belief system for many centuries. Adam, Abraham, Moses and Mohammad talked about one God; all the prophets and all the messengers spoke about one God. So this monotheism has been established for many centuries. Whoever spoke against it was declared a disbeliever.

In order to understand anything relating to God or divine – either this God or those individuals who came to this world in the guise of prophets and messengers – what you need is enlightenment of the heart.
No matter how clever you are or how sharp your brain is, you can never understand God with your intelligence. You need intuitional inspiration. Your heart will receive intuition when it is enlightened; you don’t need anybody to tell you.
When your heart is enlightened, your heart will tell you and that will be intuition.

We here proudly present the secrets of the Unseen World and we propagate and advocate supremacy of love above all religions. There is nothing wrong with Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and other religions but the problem is, [no matter which of these religions you believe in] you will start off as a human being and you will end up the same.
But with these set of beliefs you start off as a human being and you will end up as divine. The difference is so clear and bright!
So Jesus spoke and he spoke the truth.

I can understand how Jesus felt when he spoke about Abraham and Moses. He was anticipating a joyful reaction from human beings.

[He expected them to say], ‘That is what we want! Finally, our prayers are heard.’

But when they became [upset] and started to retaliate, he was dismayed. He utterly felt let down. He was sombre and his heart was full of sorrow.

When I tell people the truth and say to them, ‘Forget about these saints such as the Sultan ul Fuqra; come become a humble dog of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi,’ people get [very upset] and say, ‘What are you saying?!’
You need to understand: the core of the message will reveal what you have deprived yourself of for centuries. There is a big difference between reality and originality. God is reality but these secrets are originality.
These secrets came from the origin. You did not come from the origin; you came from the reality. These secrets are from the principal origin; the point from where everything started.

And why don’t you understand it? Simple: because you are not enlightened.

For example, if someone is [already] a chef and there is a programme on the television about cooking, he will [easily] understand it. [They would be telling you] how many tomatoes or chillies to put in a dish, when to put it, how to put it, what the temperature should be and for how long you should keep a dish at that temperature. You have to be in the kitchen in order to be a chef. If you are sitting outside the kitchen hoping to be a chef, you [won’t be successful].
Similarly, in order to understand divinity, you need to prepare the dish of your heart. It has to be enlightened with the divine light.
So the only reason why people don’t understand these things today is that they are not enlightened. Tell them how to be enlightened, initiate their hearts. When their hearts are initiated and enlightened, their hearts will then push them to ask, ‘What is the secret behind the Unseen World?’
Function-wise only, the heart is at peace when it is enlightened. However, when the heart is enlightened, nature-wise it is eternally restive and inquisitive.
So when the heart is enlightened, the heart is at peace but at the same time it is restive and inquisitive. It is always wondering, ‘What’s that? What’s this? Why did God send Jesus before Prophet Mohammad, why not after him?’ The heart asks you questions like, ‘God said, “I love human beings more than 70 mothers combined can love a man” – but I don’t see it?’ Or, ‘Where is God? Why can’t I see him? I want to see him!’
Then, if the heart is enlightened and connected, the Lord will speak to your heart. When the Lord directly answers your question to your heart, that will be intuition.
The words that come from God are truly intuitional.

The Divine Society

You shouldn’t be troubled by this concept of the Unseen World and the fact that there are many other God-like individuals.

If every woman has one husband, but does it mean there should no other man around? [It is not as if] she is afraid that if they’re around, she would want to sleep with every other man! Or if somebody has a wife, it doesn’t mean that there cannot be any other woman in the world. If there is another woman besides your wife, it is not like you have to sleep with her!

(I give you examples that you can swiftly and rapidly understand).
If there is a God and he is your creator, you shouldn’t be bothered if somebody says, ‘There are more God-like creatures.’ It has nothing to do with you and your relationship with God.
Why are people intimidated by the thought of the possibility of having many more individuals like God? There may be one million God-like creatures. So what? It has nothing to do with your relationship with your God. You don’t have to detest it or reject it.