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God Faces Image on the Moon

When God turned his face away from humanity, Imam Mehdi enlightened the hearts and the image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi on the Moon was appointed to watch over the hearts. Whosoever comes under the Merciful Sight of this image would be considered to be under the sight of God. 

God said, ‘I shall look at the image of Gohar Shahi on the Moon and the image of Gohar Shahi on the Moon shall look at the hearts of humanity.’ 

God does not care to see human beings anymore, he is disappointed. 

Upon the arrival of Imam Mehdi Sainthood was terminated and God no longer looks at any heart 360 times a day. God no longer looks at any Prophet, Saint or human being. Previously he used to glance upon the hearts of Saints and occasionally common people, however, when he turned his face away from humanity, he began to look at the Saints only. Now he looks at the image of Gohar Shahi on the Moon alone and in turn this image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi on the Moon looks at the shiny hearts. 

The Theophanies of God no longer fall and God’s undivided attention is towards the image on the Moon. If anyone desires to come under the Divine Theophanies he should bring the same image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi on the Moon permanently into his heart. The entire humanity is reaping the Spiritual Grace of this image on the Moon. Why then do you say ‘Allah, Allah?’ God himself has set his gaze on this image and claims that this image speaks. If we say it is the image of the Lord that shines on the Moon, this is the sheer truth! 

The Seeing of 'Ilah'

What Prophet Mohammad saw on the Night of Ascension was not the Original Existence of God. It was the existence of Ilah (the body of Ilah, Creator) and Quran called it Ayat ul Kubra, one of the great signs of God. There is a dispute among many scholars in Islam and that dispute has become really confusing given the reports by the wife of Prophet Mohammad, Bibi Aisha. Bibi Aisha was very strongly refuting any possibility of Prophet Mohammad seeing God. Then we have Hazrat Ali and Imam Abu Hanifa and other spiritual and religious scholars who do substantially say that Prophet Mohammad not only saw God but he embraced him. There are Auliya (Saints) in the Ummah of Prophet Mohammad who bear witness to the truth that it is possible to see God because they have seen God. Now, if Prophet Mohammad had really seen God then why his wife Aisha is refuting the fact? Do you think that Bibi Aisha personally went there and she was witnessing what was going on, on the Night of Ascension? Obviously she heard something from the Prophet himself. What is the cause of the dispute? What is the root problem? The answer is Prophet Mohammad saw the existence of Ilah, Mabood (Rab) he did not see the original essence of Allah. He saw Ilah (Creator)

According to a Hadith Prophet Mohammad said ‘I saw my Rab (Lord).’ 

He did not say Allah. It is not possible for Makhlooq (Creation) to see Khaliq (Creator). Why? Because when Allah was in the process of creation, when he was creating creation, as a result of this act of creation, the act of creation took the shape of a body and that body is known as Ilah. After the creation and that act becoming a body, the seeing is now distracted. There is a hurdle. Ilah is in between Khaliq and Makhlooq and you cannot break that barrier. 

Do you think the Domain of God, the Realm of Oneness (Alam-e-Ahdiyat) is subject to time and distance? There is no day and night. However, there is time. Here time-keeping is kept by a clock and there time is related to the Divine Life. There, time is related to the Divine Life. Time is as eternal as God’s life. It is totally dipped into eternity. It is not possible for Makhlooq to be able to see the original existence of God because when God created, the act of creation became a body and the creation saw that body, not the one who was carrying the creation. Therefore no Prophet and no Messenger was able to see God or Ilah. Only Prophet Mohammad was able to see Ilah that is why he said: 'Ashadu an la ilaha illa'Ilah'

Only Prophet Mohammad bears witness to the truth that there is only one Ilah and that bearing of witness is referred to seeing Ilah not Allah. 

Who can actually witness Zaat-e-Allah (Original Existence of God? Only those can witness Zaat-e-Allah who existed before God became Ilah. The Archangel Gabriel has seen the original existence of God because he came along with God from Alam-e-Ghaib (Unseen World) whereas Prophet Mohammad did not. Here we are not talking about Amar-e-Kun  (The Power of Command Be), we are talking about the divine anointment of the Prophets, Messengers and Saints. All Prophets, Messengers and Saints were anointed by Ilah whereas Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has been anointed by the Original Existence of God, Allah. Allah sent only one, Imam Mehdi because it was a matter of Touheed (Oneness) whereas Ilah sent 124,000 Prophets/Messengers into this world. Prophet Mohammad was sent by Ilah and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has been sent by Allah

Prophet Mohammad established the religion of Islam and taught human beings God's love. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has established on earth the Religion of God and is teaching humanity to obtain Ishq-e-Allah (Rapturous Love of God).   

Those whose souls are granted the reflection of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi shall be able to see the original existence of God by virtue of this reflection as it more ancient than the original existence of God. Only the followers of Imam Mehdi shall be able to see God's original existence; none had done so previously. For this reason all Prophet and Saints respectfully stand before he court of His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Religion of God Billboard

Billboards for His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi's book, 'The Religion of God' are now up on the M1 and A40. If you live in or around London, make sure you check it out!

Billboard on M1 with the Representative of Imam Mehdi Younus AlGohar

Billboard on A40

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Unlimited Power and Authority of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi

The 15th of Ramadan is the day associated with His Divine Eminence Ra Gohar Shahi therefore, the 15th of Ramadan is Youm-e-Mehdi (The Day of Mehdi). HDE Gohar Shahi has said in the Deen-e-Ilahi, ‘Every rank and Meraaj (Ascension) is related to the 15th of Ramadan. On the 15th of Ramadan the seed of Divine Light (Noor) was entered into the heart by virtue of which the Tifle Noorie came into existence.’ The Tifle Noorie (sub-spirit of God) then left the body for its spiritual training and after a period of 9 years it returned. Normally it takes 12 years to complete the spiritual training and nurturing of the Tifle Noorie, but because God’s creation was in desperate need, HDE Gohar Shahi was appointed on duty in this world and therefore the Tifle Noorie returned after 9 years. When the Tifle Noorie has completed its spiritual training within 12 years it is called ‘Noorie Hazoorie.’ 

Once the training had been completed and the Tifle Noorie returned after 9 years, that day was the 15th of Ramadan also. 

A similar incident occurred with Prophet Mohammad. He was 7 years old and in the Kaaba when suddenly he said that Gabriel arrived. He was a child at the time. Gabriel came and he dissected the chest of Prophet Mohammad and purified his heart. Afterwards God entered Noor in his heart. 

In matters relating to Spirituality, two things are greatest for those who have obtained Divine Union (Wasal). The first rank of Sainthood begins with seeing God. The first pit-stop in spirituality and a sense of achievement is to be able to see God. If somebody has not seen God then what kind of saint is he? A saint is a friend of God and a friend is one who you have seen, whom you converse with. If you saw a dream and believed yourself to be a saint of God, your brain is empty. 

Spirituality begins with seeing God and HDE Gohar Shahi has said this is not a great rank. After this is Maqam-e-Wasal (Station of Divine Union) and in Maqam-e-Wasal something from God becomes attached to a person’s Batin. According to the Divine Law once God gives something he does not take it back whether it is a rank or anything else. There are two things in Spirituality, one is Ishq-e-Ilahi (Rapturous Love of God) and the other is Faqr (Spiritual Poverty). When we think of poverty we think of starvation or financial crisis however the true meaning of poverty is to have nothing in possession. You are in possession of nothing you do not possess anything so this state of not being able to possess anything is Faqr. In this world the physical possessions are wealth and financial well-being whereas poverty in Spiritual terminology means to not have God in your heart. You are poor because you do not have God in your heart and that poverty for which Prophet Mohammad felt pride is to have none in heart but God, to have been able to negate all else for except God. Faqr is practical knowledge; it is not religious chit-chat or something you hear on the grapevine. It is something practical. We will say there is no creator for except God. To say it is very easy but when you join Spirituality this is a mighty task. This is a big, mammoth, humongous task in a sense that you have got so many different associations attached to your heart. When you step in Spirituality you are supposed to spiritually disconnect yourself from all else and bring God in your heart. A man who loves God, having seen God attains this Spiritual status. A man who truly loves God and has seen God do attain this spiritual status but those who have found Divine Union, those who have reached Maqam-e-Wasal (Station of Union) they take one more step further. They say to those people who have seen God, ‘Look you have excreted all else from your heart, good, but still there is one thing in you which is non-God. There is God in your heart but still you, yourself is non-God. This is the Station of Laqa Billah (Seeing God) and after that is Fana fi Allah (Station of Extinction) and from here Divine Union begins. They say I want to love God in a way that I do not love God but God inside me loves himself. That will happen when you stop existing in you. The Station of Extinction doesn’t mean you should die. It’s not about physical extinction rather it is about Spiritual extinction and what is that? For example your car breaks down and some of the parts in the car are faulty, you are going to replace it. You drive a Ford Fiesta but there is an engine that they use for a Rover but if that engine can fit in your car, you will still be driving a Ford Fiesta but the force that runs the machine that runs the engine will change. That is eventually what we are trying to portray here. The Station of Extinction begins when your souls are replaced with divine souls. Then you stop living and in your guise somebody else is living and that somebody else is a reflection of divinity. 

When Tifle Noorie (Noorie Hazoorie) is inserted in you it embraces sub-spirits of your Nafs. Now they cannot be competent with the amount of Noor the Tifle Noorie has so as a result of this spiritual incompetency the sub-spirits of your Nafs die. Afterwards, Tifle Noorie wants to embrace each and every subtlety (Latifa) in your breast as a result of this spiritual combustion your soul is taken out, your heart is taken out, everything is taken out and that Tifle Noorie that divine stature of God, the divine presence of God, the walking talking presence of God comes in you. His eyes are mingling in your eyes, his nose comes into your nose, his teeth come into your teeth, his tongue comes into your tongue, his hands come into your hands and his legs come into your legs. When you spiritually obtain this spiritual status there is a Prophetic Tradition from Prophet Mohammad. He says, ‘There is a point in Spirituality when God and you become one. This is the Station of Unity (Maqam-e-Wehdat). Then God says, ‘at this Station of Unity when my servant speaks it is not he who speaks, it is me. I speak through his mouth, I walk through his legs; I grasp things through his hands. I become him and he becomes me.’ This is Spirituality. He becomes the complete embodiment of God on earth. Touching him is like you have touched God and speaking to him is like speaking with God. Having lunch with him is like you are having lunch with God.

Hadith: One who attains perfection in Faqr (Spiritual Poverty), nothing but all is left in him.

When this spiritual poverty, when this divine stature reaches out to every single nook and cranny of your soul, when there is no place left in your body and in your soul which is not filled with the presence of God, no single spot is left without God’s presence in you from your head to toe you become an embodiment of God. This can only happen when that divine stature of Tifle Noorie enters you. One who has completely absorbed in Faqr he will become God. Tifle Noorie is a body like God said initially God’s word became Jesus and Tifle Noorie is the body of God’s light and the body of Jesus is God’s word. Even the Quran says Jesus is the word of God. 

There are 7 Tifle Noorie and in addition to these 7 there is another one. God said I was stored in a hidden treasure and then he decided that he wants to be known. The words of the Hadith say he [God] loved to be known. You can see everybody in this world wants to be known, it’s inherited. It’s coming from your creator. If you have a wish that you be praised it’s not your fault; it’s in your nature. 

How beautiful a car is running depends on who is driving it. The power of Command ‘Be’ (Amar-e-Kun) works with your imagination, with your perception. You have to be perceiving well before you are trying to use this tool. You have to be a perfectionist in perception. For example when God appeared before the Lord of Lords and he said may the power of Command ‘Be’ be granted to me? The Lord said, ‘Show me your plan, what are you going to do.’ Before the power of Command Be is granted there is a special meeting and the Lord wants to ask what do you want to do? You have to have this whole idea summarised in your mind. If the Lord says tell me what do you want Amar-e- Kun for? I want to create some Makhlooq (creation), I will then create some realms and some of the Makhlooq will be good and some others will be the opposite of goodness. I will not use evil because there was no concept of evil at the time. The concept of evil is not to be found in Alam-e-Ghaib (Unseen World) because Iblis (Devil) means disappointment and in Alam-e-Ghaib there is no disappointment. Basically, you are greater than Iblis because your creation is real and Iblis is just an imaginary character. After he has misguided you, that misguidance is incomplete. He cannot misguide you until he has one of his agents in you. If you have kicked out all of his agents and all his traits from your body then he cannot misguide you. Makhlooq is real but there will be no character after the Day of Judgement, Iblis will disappear.

Amar-e-Kun will not work if your plans are not complete. How beautiful will be the result of the exercise of Amar-e-kun depends on how well can you perceive. For example God did not have a proper perception about creation. He just wanted creation who could worship him. He did not have this perception that the Makhlooq I am creating should have ears or should have nose. He just created it. Amar-e-Kun depends on who is using it. There were 3-4 members from the Community of God, they were given Amar-e-Kun and later on it was suspended. They were not able to perceive well. 

God said I was stored in a hidden treasure and His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said one day, a thought came to God’s mind, how beautiful am I? As soon as the thought came a reflection appeared before him. When God saw his own reflection, he was filled with utmost pleasure; he got really high with love. When the thought came and he wanted to see how beautiful he is, a reflection from within him appeared before him. When he saw his own reflection he fell in love with him. He got out of emotional control and he started to move about here and there. It was almost like he was dancing; he was all over the place and every time he moved another reflection appeared. He moved 7 times and 7 different reflections appeared but they happened due to the fact that he was looking at the original reflection that came from within himself. The original reflection of God is the Tifle Noorie given to Imam Mehdi and His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has said so. HDE said this in the year 2000 and wrote it with His hands in a diary and gave it to me.

HDE said, ‘Sultan Haq Bahu and Ghous Pak think that first reflection is in Prophet Mohammad and Christians think the reflection is the Rouh (soul) of Quds that is in Jesus Christ. But we say that reflection cannot belong to anyone for except Imam Mehdi.’

HDE Gohar Shahi said the original reflection was created for God only. The original reflection stood behind God and was put aside for Imam Mehdi. The other 7 reflections lined up in front of God and God was facing them, thus began the chain of Prophet-hood and once Prophet-hood and Saint-hood was terminated God turned his face towards the original reflection. Now the original reflection of Imam Mehdi is directly attached to God and does not require the Wasila (medium) of Prophet-hood. When would one need the Wasila of Prophet-hood? If you are on earth and God is in Arsh-e-Ilahi, he sent prophets, he sent Prophet Mohammad. The body of Prophet Mohammad is on earth however his Tifle Noorie is attached to God. Those who obtained the Divine Light (Noor) of Prophet Mohammad, a connection was established with the Tifle Noorie of Prophet Mohammad through the Divine Light and that connection of Divine Light reached God and they became attached with God. Those who simply recite the Kalima verbally they do not generate Divine Light and because they do not have a connection of Divine Light, therefore they are not connected to the Tifle Noorie of Prophet Mohammad which is directly attached to God. A Wasila is a spiritual bridge that fills the gap between man and God. 
When Prophet-hood and Saint-hood has been terminated, where is that bridge now? Where is that Wasila now? Now it has been said that all nations shall be united into one nation (Ummat-e-Wahida) in the Quran.

وَمَا كَانَ النَّاسُ إِلَّا أُمَّةً وَاحِدَةً فَاخْتَلَفُوا ۚ وَلَوْلَا كَلِمَةٌ سَبَقَتْ مِنْ رَبِّكَ لَقُضِيَ بَيْنَهُمْ فِيمَا فِيهِ يَخْتَلِفُونَ

And this concept comes from the Quran that in the end times Deen-e-Haneef/Deen-e-Ilahi (Religion of God) shall be established.

(2) وَرَأَيْتَ النَّاسَ يَدْخُلُونَ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ أَفْوَاجًا  (1) إِذَا جَاءَ نَصْرُ اللَّهِ وَالْفَتْحُ

O’ Prophet Mohammad you shall see humanity, flock upon flocks entering the Religion of God. This does not refer to the religion of Islam. Muslims think Islam is the greatest of all religions that may be so, however, it is not greater than the religion of God.

Now when God saw the Tifle Noorie that is within Imam Mehdi, he lost control of his emotions. If you see it what will happen to you? How beautiful must that reflection be! God was in love with himself so much he was literally dancing. To dance is divine because when God saw himself he danced, this is the tenet of Hinduism. The question is. That reflection of God that God himself saw and he lost his mind what will happen to human beings when they see it? Upon seeing the reflection of Imam Mehdi, God danced and waves of Divine Light were emitted from his body thus bringing the Tifle Noorie of Prophet Mohammad, Sultan Haq Bahu and Ghous Pak, etc. into existence. Nobody had seen that Divine Splendour that God saw with his own eyes and in the end time HDE Gohar Shahi has shown dogs like us this Divine Splendour. These 7 Tifle Noorie were God’s public display of love but what about the times when God looked at this Divine Splendour in seclusion? How many times would God have danced and how many more entities (Wajood) would have come into existence? All those spiritual bodies that came into existence are meant to come within the bodies of the servants of HDE Gohar Shahi. There were only 7 Tifle Noorie, but there are 313 entities. Nobody has seen those 313 and they have not seen anyone. They only know their Lord and they only see Him and they only believe in Him. This Divine Splendour was kept veiled and hidden from the prophets and seen only by God and now you!

When God came out of the ‘hidden treasure’ and desired to see his beauty, a reflection appeared before him and God fell in love with that reflection. He danced 7 times because of which 7 Tifle Noorie came into existence. What was the difference between the original reflection and these 7 Tifle Noorie? In Pakistan there was a group of people within the ASI (Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam) who often made this a topic of debate over which of the 7 Sultan would be Imam Mehdi and people often said that the 7th Sultan is Imam Mehdi and Imam Mehdi would reveal who the 6th Sultan is. If Sultan Haq Bahu has said such a thing, he said it based on his own intellectual understanding and if somebody else has said it, this is wrong. The reality is what HDE Gohar Shahi has said. HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘Hindus say he is the soul of Krishan Maharaj and Christian Saints say he is Rouh-e-Quds which is in the body of Jesus Christ and Muslim Saints think he is the soul of Prophet Mohammad.’ HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘It is the Tifle Noorie of Imam Mehdi.’ The evidence for this is the face of HDE Gohar Shahi in space that is 150 times larger than the Sun. 

When HDE Gohar Shahi was asked to shed some light about the reality of this face, HDE said, ‘this is our Spiritual Entity (Batini Wajood), the Tifle Noorie that has become so large due to the abundance of Dhikr-e-Ilahi.’ 
First of all what is the Tifle Noorie of HDE Gohar Shahi doing in space? It is on the basis of the Tifle Noorie that Sultans are called God and become the image of God.  

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) is from me and it is my pride.’

The pride of Prophet Mohammad is the Tifle Noorie because of which Faqr was granted to Prophet Mohammad and it is present in the chest of Prophet Mohammad. The Tifle Noorie of every Sultan is present in his chest. Why isn’t the Tifle Noorie of HDE Gohar Shahi in His chest and how is Ism-e-Dhaat (Personal Name of God) being granted to people without the presence of the Tifle Noorie in the chest?
To further strengthen this argument, ‘In Batin I was shown 9 different Moons and on every Moon there was HDE Gohar Shahi’s image. I called HDE and told HDE what I saw and HDE said that is correct. I said, ‘What are these 9 Moons?’ HDE said, ‘Tifle Noorie.’ I said, ‘There are only 7 Tifle Noorie that we know but these were 9.’ Then HDE said, ‘Including Allah they are 9.’ I said, ‘Even including Allah one is left.’ HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘That is Imam Mehdi.’ I said, ‘I heard Imam Mehdi will be one from among the 7.’ HDE said, ‘This is the misunderstanding.’ 

*If anyone is destined to be misguided, he may do so today because I shall reveal what I must reveal!
The question is when God saw the original reflection he was overcome with so much spiritual ecstasy he lost control of his emotions and began to dance and when Prophet Mohammad was in front of God he just smiled, I do not understand this! 

If you look at the chart of creation, manifestation of his Dhaat (Godhead) was in Sifaat (attributes), manifestation of Sifaat was in Asma (names of God), manifestation of Asma was in Afaal (the divine acts), manifestation of Afaal was in Asaar (the divine traces), manifestation of Asaar was in Ayaan (the divine sight) and manifestation of Ayaan was in Insaan (human being). 

This is the Divine Ladder. Because Prophet Mohammad possessed the Personal Light and attachment to God so when he appeared before him, he remained spiritually sober and smiled. 

Because of Ism-e-Dhaat one is able to see God. Now God will not come down on earth so in order to see God one has to go up, therefore, in the 3rd grade of descend one sees God. Dhaat was expressed in Sifaat and Sifaat was expressed in Asma, now if anyone sees God through his Ism (Personal Name) then this is the 3rd grade of seeing God. Now, God saw his original reflection and lost control of his emotions and Prophet Mohammad saw God and just smiled? How does this work? If Prophet Mohammad had the same reflection within his body upon the seeing of which God lost control of his emotion, then why would Prophet Mohammad need to go up to see God? God had created that reflection to see himself, to see his beauty. One who wants to see the beauty and splendour of God would need to see that original reflection and if that was within the body of Prophet Mohammad, what had he ascended to see? And if that reflection was within Prophet Mohammad, God would have lost control of his emotions upon seeing Prophet Mohammad also. 

If you have not seen the original reflection which God manifested to see himself and you have seen something else, then you have seen God but you have not seen the beauty and splendour of God. That reflection is the reason why Prophet Mohammad used to cry and asked God, ‘When will I see that reflection (Rabbi Zidni Ilma)?’ If that reflection is the Wasila (intermediary) between you and the Lord, then what will be the magnitude of Spiritual Grace? This is the reason why Prophet Mohammad said, ‘In the End Times the Sun shall rise from the West.’ In the domain of God there are only two directions, the Mashrik (East) and the Maghrib (West). Prophet Mohammad has come from the eastern domain of God and Imam Mehdi has come from the western domain of God. 

This knowledge is not found in the books of Sultan Haq Bahu or in the Hadith or in the books of Ghous Pak. It is not found in the books of Sultan Haq Bahu or Ghous Pak because they did not have this knowledge in their breast. 

Alama Iqbal said, ‘The world needs the true Mehdi whose vision shall shake the foundation of Universal Thoughts.’ This is the unique knowledge of HDE Imam Mehdi, how could it be in the breast of anybody else? 

That original reflection is in the western domain of God and the Tifle Noorie of Prophet Mohammad is in the eastern domain of God and through this system of Prophet-hood the Rapturous Love of God continued. Whoever desired Faqr had to recite the Kalima of the Prophet; if a Prophet has Faqr then that Faqr cannot be obtained without practising his religion. Islam was necessary to obtain God because the one who granted Faqr was the Prophet of Islam. The Knowledge of Faqr was attached to the Spiritual Grace of Prophet-hood and therefore this knowledge was only available to those who accepted Islam. 

The concept of an Ummat-e-Wahida in the End Times is mentioned in the Quran. All nations shall merge into one nation and that will be Ummat-e-Wahida. Imam Mehdi has come for all religions and we must understand this. If somebody had not told you of the eminence of Prophet Mohammad, would you go kiss the Dome of the Prophet? Would you recite Nasheed? Somebody did a favour upon you and told you of the Prophet’s eminence. In a similar way if the eminence of Imam Mehdi is not stated then who would be lucky enough to obtain the Spiritual Grace of Imam Mehdi? After all Imam Mehdi must have extraordinary importance and pronounced eminence. Muslims love to prostrate, perform Salat and Hajj whether they are accepted or not and if they find that all their life they have prostrated to the Hajre Aswad which is the image of HDE Gohar Shahi, they might accept it. But if you tell them to accept HDE Gohar Shahi as Lord they say no the Quran does not say so. 

It is necessary to state the eminence of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. When God desired to see his beauty, a reflection appeared before him and once God saw that reflection he fell in love with it. The tale of beauty and love begins and ends on this original reflection and this reflection is the one who brought down Deen-e-Ilahi/Ishq-e-Ilahi (Religion of God, the love of God). 

Every person has a certain calibre. Some people cannot lift more than 20kg while some cannot lift more than 50kg while others cannot lift more than 150kg, etc.  In a similar way every Tifle Noorie has an esoteric calibre of how many Zakir-e-Qalbi it can make and that is 125,000. Whether he makes all 125,000 is another argument altogether. If he is assigned a duty in this world than he would make all 125,000 otherwise he would not. The quota of Prophet Mohammad was also 125,000. When Mecca was conquered there were 125,000 Companions. After that the quota of Ghous Pak began and he also made 125,000 disciples. If HDE Gohar Shahi had a Tifle Noorie within him then how would it have been successful for the entire humanity? Imam Mehdi has come for all humanity and he shall unite all religions and merge them into one Ummat-e-Wahida and connect them to God. There are billions of people in the world and the calibre of the Tifle Noorie is only 125,000. Therefore the Tifle Noorie is not practical for Imam Mehdi. According to the Divine Law, Imam Mehdi cannot have a Tifle Noorie within Him because its calibre is only 125,000. Imam Mehdi has come to dispense the Divine Wine to all humanity not only for 125,000. 

One day, this reflection addressed me and said, ‘Do you know I have unlimited power and authority?’ I asked what is meant by this. HDE Gohar Shahi said the quota for Prophet Mohammad was 125,000 only and therefore he sent people to Owais Karni to pray for his Ummah. Where did the quota of Bibi Fatima go? Her quota was also 125,000, Hassan Basri’s quota was 125,000 and Sultan Haq Bahu’s quota was 125,000. All of their quotas out of respect were given to Prophet Mohammad for the sake of the Ummah. The son of Ghous Pak (Abdul Qadir Jillani) gave his quota to his father to further elevate the Qadri Spiritual Order. This is not written in any book but if you have the courage try and deny it!

God said in the Quran: Prophet Mohammad wishes to acquire as many Momineen as possible in his Ummah (nation). 

He was referring to the souls. In the primordial times it was every prophets wish to have more and more Momin souls in their Ummah. Prophet Mohammad was the Beloved of God, therefore in a loving manner he asked for more of the Momin souls. Others such as Moses just stood quietly leaving it up to God to give as many Momineen as he wished in their Ummah. Now the Ummah of Prophet Mohammad has been around for 1433 years and everybody’s quota has been used. More than half of Bibi Fatima’s quota was used on the Hindus. The quota of Ghous Pak was used by Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz, Nizamuddin Auliya and Baba Farid because they were Friends of God and when God befriends someone he has must accept their wish. Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz made so many people Dhakir-e-Qalbi without them accepting Islam therefore the quota was terminated. 

There were many arguments in Batin and this matter was taken to God. Ghous Pak thought he could get his quota extended from God but God said that is not possible. There is a law for everything and half of a Tifle Noorie cannot be cut and given to extend the quota. The quota of Dhakir-e-Qalbi has ended in the Ummah of Prophet Mohammad. However he had gathered a great number of Momin souls. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi granted those souls Dhikr-e-Qalb from Himself and elevated Prophet Mohammad’s head high. 

Now that original reflection, the King of Divine Beauty, has no quota! Whoever may come and as many as may come, there is no quota. The reference to ‘flocks upon flocks’ means that HDE Gohar Shahi does not have a limited quota as did Prophet Mohammad and the rest of the prophets and saints. They had to count each and every Ummati (follower) but this is the era of Imam Mehdi and there is no need to count. Not just one, flocks upon flocks of people shall enter the Religion of God because there, there is no quota. 

That original reflection is visible on the Moon. The image of HDE Gohar Shahi on the Moon is a reflection of that original reflection. 

Prophet Mohammad was sitting with his Companions and there was a full moon and Prophet Mohammad said

Hadith: ‘O my Companions a time will come when you shall see the face of the Lord the same way as you see the Moon and you shall have no difficulty in doing so.

Prophet Mohammad was referring to the image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi on the Moon which is the reflection of the original reflection. This is why Prophet Mohammad asked the Moon to protect the faith of his followers. This reflection is present in the entity of HDE Gohar Shahi.

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘In order to recognise God and reach God learn Spirituality no matter what religion or faith you practise.’ 

No prophet could say such a thing. If they gave this invitation to everyone their quota would be used up in one minute. What would they do after that? 

This is telling us that all of humanity needs just one intermediary and that is Wasila-e-Gohar Shahi. All guidance, all blessings and all destinations, everything can be obtained from the feet of HDE Gohar Shahi alone.  

True Jashan-e-Shahi and its happiness is the Merciful Sight of Gohar running through your heart and soul. The heart and soul are intoxicated in the love of the Lord and He is looking at them. Happiness is related to the heart and soul and if you are wearing a nice outfit and your heart and soul smell of shirk and innovation what kind of happiness is this? Happiness is when your heart and soul become decorated with the beauty of the Lord, when the heart and soul begin to light up with the image of the Lord. Happiness is when the image of HDE Gohar Shahi comes into your eyes and settles in your heart. 

May Gohar settle in my heart in such a way that no space is left for anything other than Gohar, amen.