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Kiya Allah ki Koyi Soorat Hai?

Younus AlGohar answers viewer-submitted questions about God’s physical form. He goes into detail about the roles of Satans and the Devil.

Main points:
- Man was made in God’s image. It is written in Prophetic Traditions that God created Adam in his own image. This means that God must have a physical form, a face and a body - that’s why man also has a physical form. God talks and walks. The fact that is it also mentioned in the Bible is verification of this Prophetic Tradition’s authenticity as well. The Quran says that God does not sleep; if God was just light without a body, there would be no need for this explanation in the Quran. This is confirmation from God that he has a body, but his appearance does not mean he needs to sleep like human beings do. When Prophet Mohammad ascended to see God, what did he go to see? The Quran 5:15 mentions that God sent his light and his book on Earth already; if God was just light, then there would be no need for Prophet Mohammad to ascend to see him. God has said that he is beautiful and he loves beautiful things; if he was just light, it would not make sense for him to say this.

- The Islamic scholars have misguided Muslims about God’s form. The Islamic scholars declare the verses of the Quran in which God talks about his body to be metaphorical. God even said that on the Day of Judgement, he would show his leg - how could this be a metaphor? When Prophet Mohammad went to see God on the Night of Ascension, he said that God put his right arm on his shoulders and he felt a cool sensation, after which he was shown the future up until the 14th century (according to the Islamic calendar). Another Prophetic Tradition states, ‘Everything will come to an end; what will be left will be the face of your Lord.’ When Islamic scholars interpret God’s word and give their own meaning, they are claiming to know what God intended to say. How can they know God’s intentions? This is where they were misguided.

- Satans also have faces and a form, but you do not need to see a satan to be misguided. It is important to note that Iblis (the Devil) and Satans are different. Satans are a group from the nation of Jinns. There is not just one satan. Just as, to help your soul, there are subtleties in your body, similarly to help the Devil, there are Satans. The faces of common Jinns are black; the faces of Satans are also black, but there is fire visible through their black faces. The Devil’s presence strikes fear in people because his being exudes Naar (negative energy) which makes people uneasy. His presence is depressing; the rays of depression that exude from his being are related to depression of the soul. The souls begin to feel that they will never reach God. This ray of depression from the Devil is so powerful that if a common seeker of spirituality falls prey to it, all their spirituality is destroyed. The Devil said to God, ‘I swear on your honour, I will misguide all those who are not Mukhlaseen (those who have seen God),’ which means that the depression the Devil exudes will not affect their souls. This is because a common seeker’s subtitles are enlightened with the energy of God’s name, whereas the ones who have seen God have the energy of God’s being in them.

- People who have seen God, an image of God enters their hearts; then God says, ‘Go back down. Now, whoever sees you has seen me.’ The image of God in their heart can’t be maintained by the energy of God’s name. To maintain God’s image on the heart, God sends theophanies on the image of himself on the heart. One theophany of God has more divine energy in it than the energy generated from a lifetime of invocation of God’s name. When theophanies fall upon him, man becomes fearless. In the energy of God’s name, only some attributes of God are enclosed. But enclosed in God’s personal energy is also God’s personality. As long as you have divine energy of God’s name, you’ll be humble and compassionate; as soon as God’s personal energy enters you, you’ll become like him.

- People enlightened with the divine energy from God’s name are affected by Satans. The negative energy of the Satans manages to keep them from producing divine energy with invocation of God’s name. If your subtleties are enlightened with divine energy of God’s name, the Devil is not permitted by God to come before you, because your spirituality would be destroyed in his presence. When someone reaches the Stage of Perfection (having seen God), then the Devil tries to test them. The Devil is on duty from God; God has appointed him. The Devil is a lover of God; he is obsessed with God. Prophets, messengers and the Devil are all from God. The Devil is God’s anger manifested, whereas Prophet Mohammad’s is God’s love manifested; both are from God.

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Quote of the Day: Enlighten Your Heart...

'Enlighten your heart and the hidden light of God will manifest on you to witness the secrets of the truth.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi (The Religion of God (Divine Love))

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Sunday, 29 May 2016

KAF Bangladesh Visits the Gazipur District

On the 20th of May, 2016, a team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh visited the Gazipur District to spread the message of divine love. There were over 500 houses, which our team visited and handed out leaflets bearing the divine signs of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. People were very receptive to our message and were grateful to learn about Kalki Avatar Gohar Shahi. Many recipients of our message to Invocation of the Heart (Simran) of Ra Raam from the miraculous image of Kalki Avatar.

Quote of the Day: There Are Different Names...

‘There are different names in different religions, but God is one.’ - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Quote of the Day: If a Religion...

'If a religion doesn’t benefit you, it starts to go in reverse: it makes you bad.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 27 May 2016

Darja-e-Ehsaan Aur Aalam-e-Ghaib Ka Batn

On the Night of Warning (Shab-e-Barat), Younus AlGohar provides deep insight into the concealed aspects of the Quran, the station of Ehsan and the knowledge that takes man beyond God.

Main points:

- The Quran itself has many concealed aspects to it. The Quran in book form that we have today is not the complete Quran. One of the concealed aspects of the Quran is for purification of the Nafs; similarly, for every subtlety, there is a related concealed aspect of the Quran. 5 concealed aspects of the Quran relate to the subtleties of the breast and the 5 Grand Messengers who each received knowledge of one of those subtleties. The 7th concealed aspect of the Quran has nothing to do with the prophets or messengers; it was granted to God’s beloved, Prophet Mohammad. People who adopt this knowledge are known as Mohsin.

- The knowledge of Ehsan was not granted to any other prophet or messenger besides Prophet Mohammad, because Ehsan relates to the 7th part of the Quran which was only given to Prophet Mohammad. The benevolence of Prophet Mohammad’s prophethood and messenger are not related to the Station of Ehsan; it was granted to him personally. Ehsan is the stage where you can see God.

- Prophet Moses wanted to see God because in his time, the Pharaoh was claiming to be God. People asked him for proof that his God was truthful; they set a condition that they would only accept Moses’s God was truthful if they were able to see him. Moses asked God to grant him to see him, but God said that he would not be able to. When Moses argued with God, God told him to gather the leaders of tribes and bring them to see God on the Mount of Sinai. When a theophany of God fell on Sinai, all 70 people died and Moses fainted. He asked God if anyone would be able to see him; God replied that his beloved and the followers of his beloved would be able to.

- The thing that sets Prophet Mohammad’s followers apart is that they are able to see God. The Ashab-al-Suffa were people who were on the stage of Ehsan. They were the first Sufis; they had obtained inner cleanliness. These were the people who quit everything for God. For them, God said, ‘I am near to Mohsineen.’ Those who have been granted the Personal Name of God are those who can strive to reach the stage of Ehsan. Those who have not been granted the Personal Name of God are encouraged to spend their lives taking care of the families, making money lawfully and generally abiding by the moral codes of the religion. Those who obtained the Personal Name of God used to invoke the name of God 22 hours a day in an effort to reach God by virtue of generating Noor (divine energy); for this reason, God excludes them from their normal religious duties.

- Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought the knowledge which is beyond the Station of Ehsan. It takes a man to the Unseen World, where the Community of God resides. When Moses found out that Prophet Mohammad could see God, he complained to God and said, ‘Rather than sending me as a prophet, you should have made me a follower of Prophet Mohammad.’ Similarly, in this era, all the prophets have lamented their misfortune at being sent as prophets rather than followers of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, for had they simply been followers of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, they would have the opportunity to go to the place where only God could go.

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Quote of the Day: The Heart is the Passage...

'The heart is the passage that leads to God.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ceylon Mirror Interviews Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar recently spoke to journalists from the Ceylon Tamil Mirror in Sri Lanka. The following are some excerpts from their discussion.

Wahhabism as an Instrument for Terrorism:

I have been speaking on this subject for many years now. I am happy that the issue of Wahhabism has become so popular throughout the world, especially in British and American media. Many members of think tanks from the British and American media industries have done their research on the matter and they have come up with the conclusion that it is the Wahhabi school of thought which is intolerant to all other religious segments within Islam. [Wahhabis] cannot coexist with other religions.

What I personally perceive is that the United States of America has been the superpower for many years. Russia is also striving to become a superpower through various means. China’s economy is booming; they’re almost the world superpower now in terms of economy.
On the other hand, we have Saudi Arabia. They don’t have any industry; they don’t manufacture anything [besides] oil. They also want to become the superpower. They have discovered the newest form of industry: terrorism.
They are exploiting this belief system, modifying the thoughts. What is happening now is: a wrong message about religions is going towards people of the world. Islam is not a bad religion; it has been practised in this world for the past 14000 years. Had it been a bad religion, it should have shown its true colours since the religion was established.
One thing is very important: we need to study Wahhabis well. What is their agenda and thought process? What do they want to do? It is not simply a religious sect.
They want to become a superpower using their religion as a ladder, as an instrument.
This is why most of the money [the Saudis] make from oil, they are spending on the spread of Wahhabism. If you go to any developed country in the world - Canada, USA, Europe, Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, etc. - they have their people preaching their school of thought. Secular countries like USA and UK allow all religions to practise their faith and build their churches, mosque and temples. They follow the Human Rights Charter, so they never thought very deeply as to why Saudi Arabia is so eager to preach their religion in their countries.

First they build a mosque. They send one of their trained preachers from Saudi Arabia or they find somebody in that country and train them there. They give them a salary. Then they tell the [recruit], ‘We are your brothers. Take this much money more. We are striving in the way of God. Take this message across people; convince them to become religious and to visit the mosque at least five times a day.’
Then, they brainwash them. The true and original teachings of Islam are a barrier for this kind of nuisance. So they modified the teachings and they gave them something entirely alien to the religious theology which was established by Prophet Mohammad some 1450 years ago.
They say, ‘Muslims all over the world are being subjected to a lot of oppression. People are being killed everywhere, so we need warriors. We need Jihad. To carry out Jihad, we need a lot of money and volunteers.’

They tell people, ‘You practise Islam. You go to the mosque every day, and even then you are not sure whether you will end up in heaven or hellfire. Let me tell you the simplest way to enter paradise: go for Jihad. Sacrifice your life and kill the infidels. The moment you die in the name of God, you will directly enter into paradise. There will be 70 virgins waiting for you.’

How ISIS Lures in Youth

Terrorism is just one way of killing people. How you are convinced to carry out carnage of people depends on what the driving force behind terrorism is. You can’t simply associate terrorism to Islam only. There have been many different religions and political parties all over the world which have been involved in terrorism. For example, about 20 years ago, there was the Irish Republican Army. Then, we have terrorism in some form in Hinduism and Christianity too. Among the Jewish community, there is a particular group that call themselves Zionists. They are those who want power, who want to rule the world.

That is exactly what Saudi Arabia is [striving for]. Where is the money coming from that supports people who are working for ISIS? They are living luxurious lives: they have guns, they don’t work, they feed their families and they drive nice cars. Somebody is supporting them.
Unfortunately, when greed takes place in your heart, you forget many moral obligations.
For example, Turkey thought, ‘ISIS has a lot of oil. If we buy from them, it would be a lot cheaper.’ So the Turkish government has been buying oil from ISIS. They are an American ally, but at the same time, what they’re doing is supporting terrorists one way or another.

Turkey is a Muslim state and they don’t follow the Wahhabi school of thought. Their version of Islam used to be the Sufi version of Islam. Turkey has been a wonderful Muslim country. However, some factions among Muslims can turn into extremists any time, especially when greed is booming from the heart.

Similarly, most of these individuals who are now part of the ISIS are coming from young generations who were born in Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark and Norway. They have been living a western lifestyle. They had girlfriends and slept with them without religious marriage vows; they would be drinking alcohol as well.

When they are reminded, ‘You’re a Muslim. Your parents are Muslim. What are you doing?’ They say, ‘I’ve done it all my life. What should I do now?’ [The Wahhabis tell them],‘All the sins of your life will be washed away if you just hold the gun and start killing infidels.’
Let me give you an example: you were born in a Muslim family and you were born in Canada, USA, Denmark, UK, France or Australia. You lived all your life like a playboy. You would go to the disco, drink alcohol and sleep around. Then, one day somebody comes and tells you, ‘You will burn in hellfire.’ You then reply, ‘Really? What should I do?’ They say, ‘You will do more [with ISIS] than you are doing now. How many girls do you sleep with every week? 5-7? When you join ISIS, there are plenty of young girls. There is money, ammunition and cars.’ Young people are lured into this.
How come people who used to go to disco clubs and sleep around have had a sudden change of heart? It is not a change of heart. 
When you do something wrong, you have guilt that you’re doing something wrong. When someone comes and says, ‘I will tell you how to do all these things in a better way and you won’t even feel guilt,’ you will agree.
ISIS have guns; they have become thugs. They attack innocent people, they kill their men and take away their women and young girls. If they capture 1000 girls in one area and they have 100 soldiers, they give each soldier 10 girls. They sleep with them and they kill them.
This Jihad is the worst form of a crime.
This is a horrendous, heinous crime. People who are part of ISIS are raping dozens of girls every day and they’re killing them. The worst thing is: they are told, ‘You are pure.’
They used to do this before, but when they did it, they had a guilt in their heart that this is wrong; this is a sin, a crime against humanity. However, now they’re doing it more and more and they don’t have guilt. They think what they’re doing is a servitude to God. This is not Islam, this is terrible.

I used to get confused how com teenage girls who dance and drink alcohol - from Australia, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Canada and America - want to become part of the Islamic State? Then I came to know because they will enjoy [themselves] there more. It is about money, lust.

In, for example, England, they have to hide it from their parents. They dress up conservatively, put a hijab around the neck in front of their parents. They go out, throw it away; when they have a boyfriend and have sex, they have guilt. However, when they go there, they do everything; but now they don’t have guilt.

How Terrorism Will Be Eradicated

It has to get really dark before dawn. When the sun sets, it starts to get dark. The night then starts to grow. The more the night grows, the darker it gets. Then, just before dawn, the darkness reaches its peak.
So when this oppression and tyranny - in whatever form, under whatever name it is being carried out - is about to reach its peak, then some divine intervention will take place.
There is one personality. Almost every religion is waiting for the Awaited One. Some call him Kalki Avatar. Muslims call him Imam Mehdi. The Sikh community also awaits a personality, Kalki Daar. The Jewish community is waiting for the Messiah and Christians are waiting for Lord Jesus Christ.

It is going to get a little worse and then, with divine intervention, these holy dignitaries from God will show up in public. They will set everything right, I have firm belief. Before they come, we have to do our homework.

For example, in Sri Lanka, we should be more careful.
We should realise that curbing terrorism is not against any religion.
What happens is, when a government starts to curb terrorism, the religious scholars protest and say, ‘This is religious discrimination. You can’t do this against our religion. You are suppressing our people and this is oppression.’ They make it a political issue, but we need to carefully understand [the situation].

This is not a war against any religion. This is not against Islam. It is against people who are enemies of humanity.

In Sri Lanka, it is very unfortunate that certain areas are controlled by [Wahhabis], such as Kathanpuri, near Batticaloa.

Curbing Radicalisation

ISIS is not exporting people into Asian countries; it is the ideology.
They do not infiltrate people from Syria or Iraq into these countries; they find people who already practise the Wahhabi school of thought. They are doing it online. Nobody is coming or going, so you think everything is fine. 
As long as there are Wahhabis, it is a time bomb. They can explode and time. If there are Wahhabis in any area, all they need are instructions from ISIS. They are already mentally prepared.
Behind ISIS, the driving force is the Wahhabi school of thought which is totally the opposite of the Sufi school of thought.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen was a Sri Lankan Muslim Sufi. About 100 years ago, he went to Philadelphia, USA. He never spoke English. He just spoke; Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews would all come to listen to him. They would feel peace. A lot of Americans joined him and then he died.
So basically, in order to stop people getting radicalised, we need to have spiritual people.
To cool down a very hot room, we need to open some windows. When there is radicalised community living in the area (and the youth is getting radicalised), we need to promote Sufi thoughts which will dilute it. People will return to the original faith.
The solution is not in killing; the solution is in the change of the heart.
They need to understand that the philosophy they have been told is wrong. This has been done on an academic level. The solution is to tell them, ‘What you have been told is not Islam. This is not islam.’ Messiah Foundation International is doing it all over the world.
I’m sure that people in Sri Lanka, especially Muslims, must be aware of my activities and read about it. When they read my articles and hear my speeches, they will know who I am. They will know that I know everything about Islam and Sufism, and what I am telling them is from the core of the Quran.

The first time I came to Sri Lanka was in 1989.
A lot of people, when we started coming here, thought we would convert them into Islam. No, we’re not here for converting people. We ourselves do not practise any religion. We practise love and spirituality. 
Although, I claim that there is nobody who knows about Islam more than I do. This is not a very arrogant claim; it is based on reality. What we need today is not religions. We need love and spirituality. This will solve the problems.

Raising Awareness of Wahhabism

What we need to do is diffuse this school thought academically. We need to raise the issue and raise awareness.
If somebody doing wrong things is so powerful that people are afraid of him and nobody wants to tell him that he is wrong, he will never come to think that he is wrong. There has to be a voice to tell him, ‘What you are doing is wrong.’ If one person said, ‘You’re wrong,’ he will get angry. If two people say, ‘You are wrong,’ maybe he will get even more angry. But if five, then ten, then a hundred people say it, one day, he will think, ‘Maybe I am wrong.’

All you need to do is study Wahhabism first: their tenets, principles and school of thought. They’re only loyal to their religious leader. If their leader says to them, ‘Kill your mother,’ they will do it. If he says, ‘Kill your son,’ they will kill their son. This is a cult of death and hatred.
This is all because of wrong information. You need to give them right information. 
I understand that some people have gone so wrong that you can never put them right. They can never be repaired mentally. But we need to concentrate on the youth before they’re tempted.
It is all about temptations: sex, alcohol, power and guns. When they use a pistol or a gun often, they become trigger-happy.

The Difference Between Wahhabism and Sufism

When Prophet Mohammad went back to Mecca from Medina, he was victorious. He established the Islamic country in the land of Hijaz, so there was no need for Jihad anymore.
Some cricketers in the off-season [routinely] take care of their bats. They oil them and knock them, preparing them for the season. Similarly, the Islamic soldiers at the time of Prophet Mohammad used to take care of their swords. They would be sharpening them and putting oil, trying to buff them and prepare them for a new war.

However, after the Islamic country was established, these warriors asked the Prophet, ‘What happened to Jihad? What will we do now?’

Then Prophet Mohammad said to them, ‘We have carried out Jihad which was a Jihad of lower impact. Now, we go towards a greater form of Jihad.’ They were really surprised and thought, ’In a smaller form of Jihad, we were using a sword and chopping heads of people. The Prophet is calling it a smaller Jihad. What could be a greater Jihad? The Prophet said, ’In smaller Jihad, you were standing in front of your enemy. You were able to see your enemy so you could kill him. But in greater Jihad, you cannot see your enemy because your enemy is inside you.’

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘When a person is born, he is born on natural, divine instincts. He is not born as a Muslim, Hindu or Christian.’
When the babies are born, they don’t have any religion.
Prophet Mohammad said, ‘When a person is born, an evil spirit is born with him.’ When you have deceit, arrogance and greed - you hurt and harm others, depriving others of their rights and you want everything [for yourself] - these kinds of evil traits do not come from the human soul. They come from the evil which is born with everybody.

The Companions of the Prophet asked him, ‘Was the evil born in you too?’ He said, ’Yes it was born with me too, but with my spirituality, I purified him. Now, the greater Jihad for you is to purify the evil which is inside you.’
Purifying that evil is Sufism.
Now you can understand these philosophies are parallel to each other: Wahhabis want to promote that evil spirit and Sufis want to purify it.
Prophet Mohammad said, ‘In the eyes of God, killing one person is equal to killing the entire humanity.’

There was a war against enemies of Islam at the time of Prophet Mohammad. One of the Muslim warriors was fighting along with Prophet Mohammad. He got so injured that he was in so much pain. He was saying to other Companions, ‘I wish I could die. I can’t bear the pain.’ He then killed himself. When this was reported to Prophet Mohammad, ‘One of our soldiers who was badly injured killed himself,’ the Prophet said, ‘He will go into hellfire. He committed suicide.’ When Prophet Mohammad said, ‘This is wrong and he will be punished,’ for such a dedicated and loyal servant, how can suicide bombing be an Islamic act?

In the circumstance he committed suicide, to a normal human brain, it was understandable. We’d think, ‘If he killed himself, it was okay. His life was already ruined.’ It was not okay for Prophet Mohammad. He said, ‘You cannot take your life, it is strongly prohibited in Islam.’
How can now these Muslims allow young children to wear a explosives? Not only will he kill himself, but also another 100 - 200 other people. This is unholy, un-Islamic. This is against the principles of Islam and teachings of Prophet Mohammad. This is evil. Muslims need to understand that.

As long as you are a Wahhabi, you won’t understand it, because Wahhabism is about becoming powerful. Those who do not believe your philosophy, they must be killed. This is Wahhabi school of thought. It is not just about non-Muslims. If a Muslim says he is not a Wahhabi and he does not want to practise Wahhabism, Wahhabis say, ‘Forget about the non-Muslims; kill him first.’ They think the only true way of Islam is Wahhabism. If Wahhabism was the true way of Islam, why didn’t it exist at the time of Prophet Mohammad?

I know the roots of Wahhabism. Now, we see, it is a big monster. It was a silent revolution taking place for centuries. It was so horrible and detestable in the beginning, that people didn’t even want to hear about Wahhabism.

The founder of Wahhabism, Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab Najdi, when he presented his philosophies, was kicked out from his town. Muslims said, ‘This is not Islam.’ When Ibn Taymiyyah presented this sort of philosophy about Islam, he was boycotted and kicked out from his town. People never appreciated this heinous type of Islam. It is not Islam at all.
But then, the Wahhabi school of thought found a sponsor and a common interest: the Saud family.
Saudis needed manpower and Wahhabis needed sponsorship. The land of Hijaz was part of the Ottoman Empire. With the help of British armies, they supported the Saud family. There was a pact between Wahhabis and Saudis: you will help them and they will help you. [Part of the pact is that] Saudis rule the country and have to let Wahhabis promote Wahhabism.
In the last 5 years, 80 billion dollars have been spent on the promotion of the Wahhabi school of thought.
There are big mosques all over the world. In all these countries, in front of the Wahhabi mosques who are funded by Saudi Arabia, we go there, hold banners and say, ‘Wahhabis are evil.’

Achieving Peace in Sri Lanka

All people should be given their rights. There should be no discrimination. There should be one identity: that you are a Sri Lankan citizen, whether you are Tamil, Sinhalese or anybody else. When you give equal rights and there is no oppression or deprivation among any minority, they will all love the country. There will be no war or hatred.

If you want something and the government gives it to you, and I want something and the government will give it to me, then I have no complaints. There should be equality. Then this nation will prosper.

It is possible. When the hearts are purified, greed, arrogance and hatred are pushed out and evil is rooted out, then you will never hate anybody or deprive them of their rights. Tamil, Pakistani, Sinhalese or Indian - these are only names.
We are all human beings. The colour of my blood is the same as yours. We shouldn’t be taking pride in being who we are. We should be more concerned about what we are.
Are we helping each other or depriving others of their rights? I feel the pain if my baby cries and I don’t have money to feed my baby. I should see if others’ babies are crying and they don’t have money to feed the babies - do I still feel the pain for that baby? If I do, I’m a human being.

This will happen when the evil thing that we have been talking about is purified. You’ll begin to love everybody. If we keep saying, ‘You should love each other,’ this will never happen. For example, if you’re suffering from a fever, without medicine, you will never get well. What happens is that people say, ‘No deprivation or hatred. You should all love each other. You’re all brothers. There should be equal rights.’ This is just emotional and verbal diarrhoea.
We need spiritual medicine. We need to solve the problem. We need root out the evil. Only Sufism and spirituality can do that because it gets to the root. The divine energy goes inside and purifies it.
Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism - everything including Islam came from God. I am promoting divine love. If I am against Islam and I am in favour of Christianity, I am fooling myself because all these religions came from the same source.
Rejecting one religion and accepting another is not divine.
If you have five children and somebody comes and tells you, ‘I love one of them and I hate the other four,’ being a father, you will say, ‘What are you talking about? All five are my children.’ Think like God. It was God who sent Jesus, Moses and Mohammad. He wants to love everybody. It is impractical to say that Christianity is good but Islam is bad.

Acceptance is one thing and practice is another. We don’t ask people to practise; we are talking about acceptance. It is when you say, ‘You’re a Muslim? Good. And you’re a Christian? Good. And you’re a Jew? That is very good. I accept all these three. Let’s live together in peace and love. Let’s coexist in one society.’ And we can because all these religions have come from the same God. We shouldn’t be rejecting any religion.
These problems come from people, not religions.
Buddhism is a wonderful religion; Buddha means enlightened one - and enlightenment is our message.
With slight difference in vocabulary, all the religions are the same.
For example, we say there is Satan; in Buddhism, there is no such thing.  They say, ’It is negative energy and this is positive energy.’ Only the words are difference; nothing else is different. [Enlightenment is the message of Buddhism and] this is the message of the Quran and Bible.

The Bible says, ‘Love you Lord, love your God with all your heart and soul. He is inside you; bring him inside.’ The Quran says, ‘I am inside you, but you don’t want to see me.’ Why? There is an evil spirit that does not want you to see God inside you, because then you will become good.

Islam is not bad, but people who call themselves Muslims but do not practise Islam are bad. They call themselves Muslims but they don’t practise the real, original Quran. Prophet Mohammad was a wonderful leader. The Dalai Lama said recently that the teachings of Prophet Mohammad can help curb terrorism from the world.

The Significance of Miracles

We have done spiritual healing and there are so many cases where people were healed, but personally speaking, we should not be looking for miracles in life. We should be practical. There are so many great spiritual people but the world is suffering. Our greatness is not helping them. We have given them wrong hope, that everything will change in the blink of an eye. This will never work. Although miracles are true, the change has to come from people.
People will change the world; miracles won’t change the world.
Miracle workers came to the world, like Jesus. Jesus was the most powerful miracle worker. He showed miracles but the world didn’t change.
The change will come when you change, when you purify yourself.
To say, ‘I will show a miracle and change the world,’ is a false hope. So many great prophets came to this world like Adam, Abraham, Moses the Liberator, Jesus the Son of God and then Mohammad, Beloved of God; but we are still suffering.

We have to raise awareness. If I am ‘His Holiness’, Dalai Lama is ‘His Holiness’ and Ravi Shanka is ‘His Holiness,’ then why are you not ‘Your Holiness’? They are human beings like you and me. Why should we not purify ourselves? If everyone becomes Dalai Lama, if every single person on Earth becomes Ravi Shankar, the world will become beautiful.
God has given this ability to every single man and woman. Why should there be only one ‘His Holiness’? God is just. God wants everybody to become ‘His Holiness’. Messiah Foundation does not believe in one person being holy and the rest are not. You have the same calibre as Ravi Shankar, as Dalai Lama. 
My Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘God is not unjust. He has given this potential, he has given this spiritual calibre to every man and woman. All you need to do is open your heart, cast out this evil and you will become purified. You will become holy.’
It is not time for miracles. In this age, miracles are not going to serve us.
We need a revolution in which every single human being should change himself.
We want all humanity to become glorified, purified so that we are equal in the eyes of God.
We have been suffering at the hands of politicians for social justice. The social justice has never been given to humanity. But now is the time from God - he wants all human beings to become equal, at least spiritually.
If I am able to perform miracles, you should be able to perform miracles. Your God is the same God as mine. My blood is red and so is yours. You have two eyes and I have two eyes; you’re as intelligent as I am. Every human being is holy; there is no human being that is unholy. Nobody is greater than the other. The knowledge that I advocate will make everybody Dalai Lama; that knowledge will make everybody like me. Why should we not spread the word of love? Why should we not spread the knowledge which will make everybody a great person? It is not impossible anymore. Why should we restrict the knowledge for the elite only?

We are living in this modern age where every person can become a Moses now. 20 years ago, there was no concept of smart phones and FaceTime; science has become so advanced. God is introducing some advanced spiritual powers. Some time ago, to appear on a television show was symbolic to [fame]. Now we have Periscope and Livestream so the value of the television has gone down because everybody can broadcast himself.

When everybody becomes Dalai Lama, who will be ‘His Holiness’? All you need to do is to enlighten the heart. Everybody can become enlightened.
It is not just a message. We have practical, academic knowledge with the help of which everybody can become holy.
This is true that God wants to love everybody. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew or don’t practise any religion, God wants to love you. God wants you to purify yourself and you become holy. Let’s pray that we heed towards this knowledge and become purified. Whether or not we become Hindu, Christian or Muslim, we should become loving human beings.

Quote of the Day: People Will Change the World...

‘People will change the world; miracles won’t change the world.’ - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Quote of the Day: People Who Are Meant...

‘People who are meant to adopt spirituality have a subtle understanding of life.’ - Younus AlGohar

Monday, 23 May 2016

Are We All Progeny of One Adam?

Younus AlGohar reveals important information about human history, elaborating on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in an unprecedented way.

Main points:

- Many religious people believe that all humanity is the progeny of one Adam, however Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi explained that there have been 14 000 Adams. In His book, The Religion of God (Divine Love), Lord Ra Riaz puts forth an irrefutable argument to support this, which is so obvious and evident that one does not need to verify it.

- People of China, Japan, South Korea bear a good amount of resemblance to one another while the same can be said about people from Middle Eastern countries as well as South Asian countries. If you stand a Pakistani, Arab and an African in a queue and ask whether they come from the same Adam, the answer would be a resounding no. People from different Adams all have different temperaments and may differ in body shape as well.

- When Lord Ra Riaz visited Arizona, a leader of a Native American Tribe came to meet Him. Lord Ra Riaz asked him, ‘Where do you think your Adam came from?’ He replied, ‘According to our religious books, he came from the Middle East.’ This was in reference to Adam the Eminent One, mentioned in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He then said, ‘According to our oral history and cultural books, our Adam came from the mountains of South Dakota.’ This is an anecdote supporting the fact that there have been more than one Adam who came to the world.

- Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution states that man evolved from apes. This is not entirely true because not all people have come from apes. When, in Moses’s era, some of his people disobeyed him, God punished them by turning them into apes. However, the women who were pregnant, though they were transformed into apes, they gave birth to human babies. As a lesson for humanity, the progeny of apes have some attributes of apes, such as their preference to drink more rather than eat. Such people can be found in Europe. Similarly, people in Africa who rejected the message of Prophet Seth were cursed by God and turned into donkeys. The pregnant women among them gave birth to human babies.

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The Sunday Island Interviews Younus AlGohar

Recently, Younus AlGohar sat down with Steve A. Morrell of the Sunday Island to discuss spirituality and Younus AlGohar's unique message for the people of Sri Lanka. Read the published piece here.

Quote of the Day: It Is Not for Everybody...

‘It is not for everybody to be brave enough to struggle against the inner devil.’ - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Quote of the Day: The Souls in Search...

'The souls in search for God do not mind the religion, and despite different religions, they seek guidance from whomsoever they believe is connected with God.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Friday, 20 May 2016

MFI Takes Its Mission to Azerbaijan

Messiah Foundation International is proud to announce that our message has reached Azerbaijan for the first time! A team from MFI visited the country to take the message of divine love and give glad-tidings of the arrival of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. They spent a majority of their times briefly explaining the message and handing out leaflets bearing the divine signs.

The majority of people who we approached were intrigued by our message and were immediately able to see the divine signs. Overall, it was a wonderful visit and we look forward to continuing our activities in Azerbaijan soon.

Quote of the Day: The More Love...

'The more love you have for God and humanity, the better you are.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Revolution of Love | Inqilab-e-Ishq

Younus AlGohar talks about human history in an unprecedented way. He talks the audience through the different revolutions that humanity has experienced and why they only occurred in the last 6000 years. He gives glad-tidings of the Revolution of Love that will occur with the bounty of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

Main points:
⁃ A revolution is when new teachings come that completely change the norms of society and norms of spirituality. Many revolutions have come but in the modern era, whatever spiritual and religious revolutions have come have been rendered moot. Humanity is now back at its prehistoric status, the stage it was at before the arrival of Adam the Eminent One.

⁃ God sent 14 000 Adams. 13 999 of these Adams were made with the clay of this world and they didn’t have knowledge of spirituality. Their worship was done with the body. In the era before Adam the Eminent One’s arrival, if somebody adopted a religion, the only difference was that they would start to worship. Their character would not be changed. Your character is directly linked to your Nafs (Self) and Qalb (spiritual heart); if your Nafs is getting purified and your Qalb is getting enlightened with God’s name, you’ll be inclined towards God.

⁃ Adam the Eminent One came 6000 years ago, but this world has existed for billions of years. Adam the Eminent One’s arrival was foretold by the previous Adams, who were told that in the final era, a special Adam would be sent. Adams before Adam Safi Allah would just worship, but they did not know if their worship was accepted by God. They would force themselves not to sin, but the desire to sin was not removed from inside them. Finally, when Adam the Eminent One was sent, angels were told to make his body in heaven. Angels objected to the creation of Adam the Eminent One, citing the war, bloodshed and mischief that all the previous 13 999 Adams had all been involved in. God replied that Adam the Eminent One would be given the knowledge of eminence. God gave Adam the Eminent One the knowledge of how to generate divine energy from God’s names.

⁃ God gave different names to his prophets and messengers. David got the name Ya Wadood while Moses got Ya Rehman, which are related to different attributes of God. Mohammad got the Personal Name of God, Allah, which took him straight to the Person of God. All of God’s names are good.

⁃ Through Adam the Eminent One, the first revolution was brought to humanity: people were able to get connected to God and purify their Nafs and Qalb. Now, man’s voice would reach God. The second revolution was when God spoke to Moses; now, man was able to hear God’s voice. The greatest revolution was when Mohammad introduced the knowledge of seeing God. Unfortunately, this revolution was suppressed because of mischief that took place in Islam. Mohammad’s knowledge of seeing God and his knowledge of spirituality were suppressed by scholars and even companions of the Prophet as well as his wife, Aisha. To become part of Mohammad’s greatest revolution, you have to start adopting the revolutionary knowledge of Adam and so on. This is why God made it obligatory upon all Muslims to believe in all the prophets and messengers.

⁃ Today, people have forgotten the knowledge of eminence. No matter what religion you follow or what race you belong to, if you do not have the knowledge of eminence, then you are no different from the Adams who predated Adam the Eminent One because you are all dark by the heart. Imam Mehdi Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has introduces spiritual knowledge today in a form that the world has never seen before. With this spiritual knowledge, you can know yourself. You can find out what you chose for yourself in the Primordial Times and what your ultimate destiny is.

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