Thursday, 5 May 2016

Gustaakh e Rasool Kon? Aur Momin Banne Ka Ilm

In response to persecution of and comments against the Ahmadi sect in Pakistan, Younus AlGohar discusses the rise of sectarianism in Pakistan.

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:
⁃In 1973, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto amended Pakistan’s constitution to declare that Ahmadis were non-Muslims. The problem in Pakistan is that no one understands the religion of Islam and the scholars sitting in mosques promote sectarianism. In regards to calling Ahmadis blasphemers: to accuse someone of blasphemy is a sensitive issue. If we are to look into blasphemy, Wahhabis and Deobandis in Pakistan are hugely blasphemous towards Prophet Mohammad and Islam.

⁃In Islam, purification of the Nafs (Self) is required to make the way leading towards God clear. To help Momineen (true believers) in this, God has made certain practices obligatory upon them. For example, fasting and offering Salat (a form of prayer) help to purify the Nafs.

⁃Momineen are those whose hearts are awakened and engaged in remembrance of God. For them, when they fast, their Nafs gets weak; instead of getting Naar (negative energy) from food as it normally would, it gets Noor (divine energy) from all the worship carried out by the individual. Similarly, Salat is suitable for Momineen only.

⁃The Quran says that Salat stops one from carrying out bad deeds. There are so many worshippers who regularly visit the mosques in Pakistan; despite this, people are corrupt in every aspect of life and in every sector. From the man who sells fake milk to the politicians looting the country, everyone is corrupt. How could this be when Salat was supposed to stop worshippers from committing bad deeds? The answer is that the Salat performed by people today is adulterated.

⁃According to the Prophet Mohammad, he doesn’t accept the Salat which is performed without presence of the heart. Salat is meant to be the point of culmination for Momineen. However, people in Pakistan are not Momineen because their hearts are not engaged in remembrance of God. Without presence of the heart, your Salat will not reach God. Salat will stop Momineen from committing bad deeds because when a Momin offers Salat, Noor enters his bloodstream from his heart and will go towards the Nafs. The more purified the Nafs gets, the less you want to commit sins.

⁃Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Don’t call a Kafir (infidel) a Kafir.’ It is important to note that the Quran advises Muslims not to follow those whose hearts are heedless of God’s remembrance. It further said that the criteria to recognise if somebody is openly misguided is if his heart is too hard to accept the name of God. It is not necessarily true that all those who come to mosques come with the right intentions. Fatwas are issued against innocent people and sectarianism is promoted in the mosques today; so how can guidance be obtained from such places? Muslims and Muslim scholars today do not know how to become Momin; for that, you need a Perfect Spiritual Guide who can revive your heart with God’s name.

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