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Education Officer Comments on the Absence of Spiritual Knowledge

This past year, Messiah Foundation International began a campaign to raise awareness of the effects of the absence of spiritual knowledge and its link to extremism.

Mohamed Mukhtar, the Galguud Regional Education Officer at Somalia’s Ministry of Education, received our message through Twitter. Below are his comments in regards to it.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Friday, 27 November 2015

Quote of the Day: Spirituality is a Revival

'Spirituality is a revival.' - Younus AlGohar

New Video: How to Paralyse and Eliminate ISIS in Less Than 24 Hours - Younus AlGohar

For a while, we have been discussing the Paris Attacks, brutality, barbarism and the evil nature of ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram.

This is just one subject out of many hundred thousand subjects. We understand that both divinity and evil are operating and exploring their avenues. Both forces are now seeking to dispense what they are meant to dispense to those who deserve it.
I remember His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi saying, ‘There are many denominations in each religion. There are more than 73 sects in Islam only. However, a time in the future would come when the entire humanity will divide into two groups.’
Slowly but surely, humanity is heading towards that division.
I also remember HDE Gohar Shahi saying that people who would believe and support Lord Jesus Christ and the Awaited One would believe in these personalities not because of the religion they practise. All those individuals who love peace, who love humanity and who want to love God will flock around Lord Jesus Christ and the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi - and they may practise any religion.
All the hateful souls, hate preachers, war mongers and mischief mongers will be the supporters of the Antichrist. They say that the Antichrist is a very bad person. I ask you: is there anything worse than what ISIS is doing? Is there anything worse than what Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Taliban are doing? No; they’re doing every bad thing that you could find in a textbook.
Our current affairs of the world suggests that the world is hanging on a very fragile cliff. The third world war may begin any time.
It would be very interesting to know how many countries would finally come up in support of ISIS, Taliban and Boko Haram. Right now, they seem to have two faces: one which obviously is a face of terrorism - under the table, they’re financing terrorists. The other face, which they show to international leaders, is that they also are against terrorism.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia does not stop surprising me. One minute he says, ‘Terrorism is prohibited in Islam,’ and the other minute he issues a fatwa (religious verdict) pressurising the Saudi government to release all the female inmates and send them to engage in sex jihad. He says, ‘Free all the female prisoners and send them to sleep with ISIS fighters,’ because he thinks they are warriors of God. [Saudi Arabia] is not even [trying to be] diplomatic.
The beauty is, all these countries who are now suffering at the hands of these terrorists are well aware of the roots of terrorism. They are aware of the fact that terrorism is fueled by oil money, and that Saudi Arabia is the leader.
There are so many countries in the Middle East that are eagerly and actively financing the terrorists.

ISIS’s Use of Drugs

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Saudi princes was coming to Lebanon in his private jet. When the Lebanese customs authorities ran a check on the goods inside the plane, they found out that the entire plane was filled with narcotics.
The speculation which was heard over the grapevine was that these pills were to be transported to Syria.
When ISIS sends a suicide bomber, they give them a lecture after which they give these people a powerful dose of a drug. That drug makes them hallucinate. Whatever is in your mind 30 minutes prior to taking that drug will keep echoing in your mind.
So what happens is: when these individuals who wear explosive jackets come out in public and blow themselves up, they’re under the effect of drugs.
The Saudis are using their diplomatic powers to support the terrorists.
All the diplomats of any country are provided with immunity. When they bring in anything from their country to their diplomatic missions in a foreign country, their goods are not checked. They’re exempted from customs clearance.
I would like to point out this to the American, British and European governments: consider for the sake of national security to remove the facility of customs clearance from diplomatic immunity.
If they are bringing legitimate goods in, there is no harm if they show it to the authorities. They should still be allowed to bring in whatever amount of things they want to bring in. However, the benefit of removing this exemption of customs clearance from diplomatic immunity will help you determine whether or not they’re bringing in anything which threatens your national security.

I'll tell you again about the usage of this drugs among members of ISIS and other terrorist groups. In some videos put out by ISIS, ISIS members have their victims lined up in a row. In the videos, they are beheading people and the victims are not even moving. This is impossible.

We used to sacrifice animals in Pakistan on Eid Day. Sacrificing a small goat would require at least four or five people. Even then, when you put the knife to the throat of that goat, it would jump frantically. How can a human being just sit there?
100 to 200 people sit in a row and ISIS members behead them like they’re not human beings but rather dummies. I came to conclude that they are either given general anaesthetic, another high potency drug such as morphine or something even stronger than that.
They are under the effect of drugs due to which they’re just sitting there waiting for their turn to be beheaded. Their heads are getting smitten off their body and they don’t even move. Is there no pain or are they so obedient to ISIS that they’re not moving their heads or bodies?
We ask ourselves, ‘They’re killing children and women. Don’t they have hearts in their chests? Don’t they feel any remorse when they do such things? Is there not even a tiny bit of compassion left in their hearts?’ 
The answer is they are under the effect of drugs. Their emotions are numb, their body and brain are numb. It is like they have been mesmerised, hypnotised and the power of intellect has failed in their heads.
It is not just one or two officials from the Saudi Arabian government that support terrorism. The entire royal family has become a dedicated supporter of these terrorists.

Isolating ISIS Through Sanctions and a Media Boycott

When a country doesn’t abide by the Charter of the United Nations, the UN puts sanctions on them. Export and import are stopped; a country becomes isolated and almost singled out from the international community. Their progress stops then and there.
For example, Iran has been under severe sanctions from the United Nations, as a result of which their economy went down; people are so poor in that country. Why can't the international community practically isolate ISIS?
They say, ‘ISIS have a lot of oil.’ Who is buying oil from them and why? If a country is buying oil from ISIS, are they not supporting terrorists? 
If ISIS is segregated, secluded and isolated from the international community - if import, export and all other forms of support are stopped - they won’t survive for too long.
If they are beheading people in Syria and Iraq, the media should boycott it.
When 24 hours a day you broadcast ISIS, beheading and killing, you are actually broadcasting terror. Your spreading the news of terror means you are actually part of the problem. Although you may think you are part of the solution, what you are doing is practically proving the fact that you are part of the problem.
The terror was limited to Syria and Iraq. With the help of worldwide broadcasting, the terror is reaching all corners of the globe.
There are a lot of things that NASA is aware of. They are aware of the length of time before the end of the world. They know everything but they do not release this information because they think people will be under great fear. They don’t want to disturb their mental peace. In a similar way, if ISIS is doing something in Syria and Iraq, the media should boycott it.

In the last twelve months, the security forces in the United Kingdom have successfully managed to thwart at least a dozen attempts from terrorists. The French police are so lazy. After the attack, they released information about the attackers. When you knew all this, why did you let it happen? Some of the individuals responsible for the Paris Attacks were on the hit list by the police. They were on the radar for at least ten years; still they were able to do what shouldn’t have happened.

Actions to Be Taken by World Leaders

There are many things that one should do. I do not want any world leader to tell me that this is impossible, because it is not: what if you cut off internet service from the satellite? There will be no video uploaded from ISIS. Why can’t you do it?

If world leaders say, ‘There are civilians who use it,’ I will reply, ‘What is more important: civilians being able to use the internet or managing to save their lives?’
If the international community and world leaders are serious about liberating humanity from the shackles and tyranny of ISIS, they should cut off their internet service; the entirety of Syria and Iraq. All's fair in love and war.
If this notion never crossed your mind, then I don’t think you deserve to sit in the seat that you’re sitting in. If you want to tame them and teach them a lesson, there are so many things you can do in 24 hours!
If powers are given, without violence, without killing a single soul, you can liberate humanity from the shackles of Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
Why can’t the world leaders cut off their internet service from the satellite? There should be no satellite or mobile service in these two countries. No contact.
Mosques used to be terrorist factories, but now they are radicalising people over the internet. Terminate their internet service and let’s see how they go about their mission then.

Curbing Domestic Influence of ISIS

A considerable amount of people who were radicalised were radicalised in prisons. There are cameras everywhere in the prison. They can hear them, they can watch over them. How did it happen? Why did they let it happen?
Now the preaching of any religion should be banned in prisons.
I heard from His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi that the third world war would be initiated from Iraq or if it starts from somewhere else, then Iraq would be the main issue. I personally want to put a stop to this fast track of destruction so that we can take our mission here and there, because travel is disrupted.

Sharia Law in the United Kingdom

Historically speaking, Muslims in the United States of America are more peaceful than anywhere else. In the United Kingdom and Europe, they’re like gangsters.

A few years ago, we printed a leaflet about the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. We sent some members of Messiah Foundation International to distribute it in front of the Croydon Mosque.

Some policemen came and said, ‘Don’t do it here.’

We said, ‘It’s about Jesus. Are you not Christian?’

One of the policemen said, ‘Yes, I’m Christian and [your message] is very good. But don’t preach here; we want peace. We don’t want any disruption.’

They don’t want to create an opportunity for Muslims to retaliate and do some damage. In other words, they have developed a strong voice, somehow or other.

Some Muslims want to impose Sharia Law in the United Kingdom. Some come from Egypt and Pakistan; there is no Sharia Law there but they want to impose it in England and in the United States of America.

It would make sense if there was a Muslim majority in these countries, but that is not the case. Four million Muslims want to impose Sharia Law on 200 million non-Muslims - that is ridiculous and foolish. It is like a comedy.
Let there be no religious law imposed in any country. Let it be a secular system so that humanity may at least benefit.

Quote of the Day: When the Spiritual System...

'When the spiritual system is destroyed in a religion, it is a sign from God: do not use this religion.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

Somebody asked me a question via Twitter: ‘Is Islam a religion of peace?’

This is the thought that is going through minds of many intellectuals today. In order to answer this question, one has to go through the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad and also the entire book of the Quran. Possibly even then, it would not be easy to come up with a straight answer.

When I think about the divine message that His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought us and the teachings of love of God, it clearly answers the question.

Whether or not Islam is a religion a peace, Islam is not compatible with the contemporary times.

Had it been compatible with the contemporary times, HDE Gohar Shahi would not have given us a new message, a new book: Divine Love – The Religion of God.

This message of HDE Gohar Shahi is not [completely] new. Every religion was given a flavour of this message of love. If this message of love was not the core of that religion, that religion would have destroyed.

A majority of the Muslims are only superficially aware of the rituals of the religion. However, most pragmatic and Sufi scholars oftentimes give their statements declaring that Islam is a religion of peace.

Even if we say it, it will not make any difference because Islam has historically seen bloodshed. Whether the Muslims agree or not, it will not change the truth.

The History of Bloodshed in Islam

The first four caliphs of Islam are known to be ‘The Rightly Guided Caliphs (Khulfa-e-Rashideen).’ ‘Rashideen’ means ‘Guided ones,’ and it comes from the root word ‘Rushd.’ The word ‘Murshid (guide)’ also comes from the same root family.

Abu Bakr Sadiq was elected as the first caliph. The second was Omar bin Khattab, the third was Usman-e-Ghani and the fourth was Ali. No caliph in Islam is seen to be equal of them.

When Prophet Mohammad started giving his message to people and they began to come into the fold of Islam, enmity and animosity against Prophet Mohammad grew stronger every day. There was a time when Prophet Mohammad decided to migrate from Mecca to Medina. For a while, Prophet Mohammad stayed in Medina. When the Muslims of that time increased in number and had a sizeable army, they went back to Mecca. Many wars were fought defending the new religion of Islam.

It is very interesting to note that Amir Hamza (Prophet Mohammad’s uncle) and some other Companions of the Prophet would ask him to allow them to wage a war against the enemies of Islam. Prophet Mohammad would not allow them; he would ask them to stay quiet and wait until God himself asked them to do so.

Historically speaking, the decision of whether or not Muslims were allowed to wage a war against the enemies of Islam was not even taken by Prophet Mohammad himself. He waited for God’s approval.

However, today [ISIS] are not in connection with God. They’re not even practising Muslims. They’re not even aware of the teachings of the Quran or Islam. They’re holding weapons and slaughtering people without a reason. Whoever is strongest becomes Amir ul Momineen (their leader). This is total insanity. You cannot call it jihad. This is not jihad; this is evil massacre.

All the wars which were fought before the conquest of Mecca were fought in order to defend the newly established religion of Islam. However, after the conquest of Mecca, Political Islam had been established. A new Muslim empire emerged. Imposition of the sacred law took place. The Muslim state was a sovereign country, the head of which was the Prophet of God. That head of the Islamic State, the Prophet of God, was introduced and declared by God in the Quran to be merciful for the entire humanity. 

The Quran said, ‘Prophet Mohammad is mercy for the entire humanity. Not just for this world, but for the entire universe.’ [21:107]

He is not just mercy for Planet Earth but also for human beings who lived on the Moon, for human beings who live on Mars, on the Sun. Seven planets were introduced by God where human beings inhabited. Prophet Mohammad was declared to be mercy for all those planets where God sent human beings.

Today are the war-mongers who carry black flags imprinted with the motto of Islam whilst butchering innocent people actually portraying the true image of Quran? Do [their actions] indicate that they are establishing peace or mercy? No.

Any war fought between Muslims and their enemies before the conquest of Mecca was carried out in order to defend their religion. However, after the departure of Prophet Mohammad, what we have come to know from history is that only the first caliph of Islam died a natural death. Omar bin Khattab (the second caliph), Usman-e-Ghani (the third caliph) and Ali ibn Abi Talib (the fourth caliph) were all murdered by Muslims.

That was not the end of butchery. Some time later, when the son of Muayiwa, Yazid, came into power, he butchered all the male children and all adults in the household of Prophet Mohammad. He was a Muslim. The grandson and the great grandsons of Prophet Mohammad were butchered.

This was not the end. Massacre and bloodshed continued. Islam has seen more butchery, more massacre, more carnage and more bloodshed than any other religion in the world.

Is it only today that we see Muslims slaughtering human beings?

It is only Sufi Islam that has established some peace. Individuals like Data Ali Hajweri, Mevlana Rumi, Khawaja Gharib Nawaz were those who manifested love to people of all religions because they were connected with God. Their hearts were filled with God’s love.
It is naturally impossible for one who truly loves God to hate God’s creation.

Islam Today

We don’t see unity among Muslims. In whichever Arab country oil has been discovered, the profit from that oil goes into personal pockets of their royal family. It is not even shared by their countrymen; forget about other Muslims. Whether it is the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia – do you see unity?

I am not saying Islam is a bad religion. Islam was not a bad religion. A religion is like a an outfit and every individual has a different size. You will only wear a suit that fits you. Similarly, this religion of Islam was tailor-made by God to suit Arabs.

It does not suit Pakistanis, Indians or any other nation. No matter how good a Muslim you are, if you steal a loaf of bread and the Amir ul Momineen orders your hands to be chopped off, the next day you will say, ‘I am not a Muslim anymore! What kind of a religion is this?’

But [in general] Arabs do not understand the language of love. The only language they will understand is the language of the stick.

Sometimes we say things we don’t mean in order to make peace, wipe out hatred and calm down people who are aggressive. But to be honest with you, it appears to me now in this moment in time that Islam was not a religion of peace. Maybe it is so in the book, but not in practice.

If a Wahhabi Muslim is killing a Sunni Muslim, don’t be surprised! Today you say, ‘Muslims are bad,’ but what about the Muslims at the time of Prophet Mohammad? Omar bin Khattab, the second caliph of Islam, did not have any respect for the Prophet himself. Who said Muslims have any ethics? They do not have moral values.

There is no verse in the Bible which says, ‘O’ Christians, speak to Jesus with respect.’

This is because they already spoke with respect, therefore God did not need to command them to.

In contrast, the Quran says, ‘O Momineen (true believers), do not raise your voice over the Prophet Mohammad’s.’ [49:2]

Muslim scholars do not tire of praising people like Omar bin Khattab and other Companions of the Prophet, but this verse from the Quran is referred to Momineen [at the time of Prophet Mohammad]. These people must have raised their voices over the Prophet’s, which is why God had to tell them not to.

You won’t find a verse in the Bible telling Christians not to use certain words. However, in the Quran, God tells the Arabs:

‘Don’t use this word, Ra’ina, for Prophet Mohammad. Ask him instead for Merciful Glances upon you.’ [2:104]

Editor’s note: Ra’ina is an insulting word used to get someone’s attention.

This was the standard of literacy in the Arab world.

The Compatibility of Islam

The religion of Islam is a tailor-made religion for one nation: those who lived in the desert and grazed animals.

If you are living in New York, Melbourne, London, Washington D.C or Paris, even if you try hard to practise Islam, you cannot do it because you cannot go to a mosque five times a day.

In some countries like Norway, Sweden and Scotland the timing of day and night is so different [from the Middle East]. Even if you want to offer prayers five times a day, you cannot.

The word, ‘Ramadan,’ means ‘hot weather.’ How will you observe Ramadan in cold weather? There is no heat in countries like the United Kingdom; it is only in Mecca.

In the hottest month, you were supposed to fast. You put yourself into the hardship of hunger and thirst. When you’re living in a place which is very hot, you tend to sweat. When you sweat you lose minerals from your body due to which you feel weak. You can’t drink water because you are fasting; this teaches you how to discipline your hunger and thirst. This is how you submit to the will of God. If you are in -5°C weather, you don’t feel hunger or thirst [as much].

Practically, Islam is not compatible with many regions of the world. 
Prayers are offered five times a day: Fajr (dawn), Zuhr (midday), Asr (late afternoon), Maghrib (sunset) and Isha (between sunset and midnight). In the United Kingdom, the sun sets at 4 PM and rises at 7 AM. Fajr time should be around 6:15-6:30 PM. When should Zuhr be? Let’s assume you have offered your prayers for Zuhr at 12:00 PM. You will have three hours until sunset; in those three hours, you will have to offer your Asr and Maghrib prayers as well.

When it is summer in the United Kingdom, especially in Scotland, the sun sets at 11-11:30 PM. Around 2 AM, the sun rises again. In this case, you will either have to offer your Isha (between sunset and midnight) prayers or your Fajr (sunrise) prayers. Is there any scholar in this world who can safely say that Islam is compatible in all regions of the world?
Islam is for Arabs only.
In Pakistan, I started to travel in the late 80’s. Whenever I would want to go out of the country, I would keep US dollars. The only time I would see a US dollar is when I was travelling abroad. We would talk about dollars when shopping in duty free, but once we were back in Pakistan, we would never talk about dollars. We would only talk about Pakistani rupees then.

The Arabs were war mongers; historically, they have been warriors. God could not afford the luxury of offering them love so he spoke to them in the same language [that they spoke in].

God said to them, ‘If you steal, I’ll chop your hands off.’ Because everybody would carry a sword.

This is why Sharia decrees: ‘An eye for an eye.’ This terminology is all about killing and wars. This was due to the society at the time.

Had the Companions of the Prophet taken advice from him, maybe Islam would have been seen as a religion of peace. Since Prophet Mohammad has been separated from Islam, Islam cannot serve humanity.

Further Comments from Younus AlGohar

It is strange that Islam is a religion of peace but three out of four first caliphs of Islam were murdered by the Muslims. And then Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammad, was tortured and killed by Omar Bin Khattab (the second caliph in Islam). Fatima’s house was set on fire. Later on, it was the Muslims who butchered the Holy Family of the Prophet Mohammad in Karbala. Bloodshed has been a regular occurrence in the Muslim world for the past 1400 years.

Quote of the Day: There is a Hidden Treasure...

'There is a hidden treasure in you but you are not aware of it.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Quote of the Day: The Soul of a Religion...

'The soul of a religion is spirituality.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Happy Jashan-e-Riaz 2015!

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi was not born, rather He manifested on 25th November 1941 on the Planet Earth. It is now officially Jashan-e-Riaz (the Manifestation Day of Lord Ra Riaz). Happy Jashan-e-Riaz to all Goharians!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Is God More Important than Family in Islam?

I recently had a radio interview. The host was about to ask me, ‘Tell me about this. To a religious person, what is more important: God or his family?’

Journalists have asked terrorists, ‘You go out and blow yourself up. Don't you have feelings about what will happen to your family?

Their reply is, ‘God is more important to me than my family.’
If [the host of the radio show] had asked me this question, I would have told him: to take care of my family is the commandment of God. This question is irrelevant.

God will never put you in a position where you have to choose one out of the two. Family is one thing and God is another thing. Why would God want me to trouble my family? The same God says, ‘If you take care of your family, I will reward you.’
The answer which is coming from terrorists - that God is more important to them than their family - proves the fact that this mindset is not carved by the teachings of the Quran and Bible. This is a manmade doctrine and these are manmade teachings.

The True Teachings and Character of Prophet Mohammad

A Jewish woman would throw trash on Prophet Mohammad as he would pass by her house every day; but Prophet Mohammad did not stop going through that street. He would walk through the street every day and she would throw trash every day; he would simply smile and leave. One day, when he passed her street, he didn't see her. So he asked people, ‘Where has she gone?’ He found out that she is ill. He went to her house and asked, ‘How are you doing? May God give you health. I didn’t see you so I got worried. She cried and said, ‘You are a prophet.’
These are the teachings and this is the character of Prophet Mohammad. And on the other hand, [ISIS] is killing Christians and Jews. They don’t represent Islam. They represent evil.
In that society 1450 years ago, Christians, Jews and atheists all had the same culture. The language as the same and their temperament was the same.
On one occasion, in order to give the message of Islam, Prophet Mohammad invited a group of Jews for dinner. They came and one of them was a mischievous person. He said, ‘Mohammad is inviting us for dinner. I will eat all the food and the rest of the guests will be left without food, Prophet Mohammad would feel humiliated.’

He ate a lot but the food never finished. He ate so much that after eating, he was not able to move from him place. Everybody else left and he was still there. He fell asleep in a small room; at night,he wanted to go to the toilet. His stomach was so full that he couldn’t move. Therefore he relieved himself on the bed and he slept in his own faeces for the rest of the night.

Before the sun rose, the Prophet Mohammad came to him and said to him, ‘Let me help you go to the toilet.’ He helped him relieve himself, removed his clothes covered in faeces and gave him new clothes. He said, ‘Don’t worry. You can go home now.’
Then Prophet Mohammad cleaned the room and the faeces himself. By the morning, everything was pristine. Prophet Mohammad didn’t want anybody to laugh at that man so he did not tell [anybody else there]. This was the character of Prophet Mohammad.
All these messengers like Abraham, Moses, Mohammad and Jesus were all of sublime character. They would never teach their followers to take anybody’s life in the name of God because this is not God’s character.
‘God is love.’ This is what the Bible says. The Quran doesn't say this, but Prophet Mohammad said it.

Quote of the Day: You Cannot Reach...

‘You cannot reach the sunrise without going through the tunnel of darkness.’ - Younus AlGohar

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Quote of the Day: Only Those Love...

‘Only those love peace whose hearts are enlightened.’ - HH Younus AlGohar

What does Islam have to do with ISIS?

Since 9/11, the world has changed. An unprecedented hatred has emerged; this is due to what happened on 9/1, the 7/7 London bombing and then many different places that have been targeted by terrorists. If terrorism strikes in Pakistan or if terrorism causes thousands of people to lose their lives in Africa and Southeast Asia, it doesn't really leave any significant impact on people.
If a terrorist activity strikes in Europe, then a wave of hatred goes across all different types of Muslims - whether or not they approve of terrorism.
Sufi Muslims have been known to be very compassionate, kind and tolerant. In relation to dealing with members of other religions they have shown themselves to be adaptive, accommodating and harmonious. However, whenever an Islamist carries out an act of terrorism, then even the Sufi Muslims have to suffer the aftermath and the backlashes. This is a tragedy.

These terrorists who kill innocent people cannot be considered as human beings.
But as a retaliation, if somebody in Canada, the United States of America, France, England or anywhere else in the world targets an innocent Sufi Muslim, causing them to die, then this act of killing an innocent is equal to an act being carried out by ISIS.
You have gone down to their level of brutality because that particular Muslim you pushed onto the railway track was innocent. They didn't do anything nor did they believe in terrorism. If you do something like this, you are telling people that you are just like ISIS. Although you may not part of ISIS, you are doing the same thing that they are.

A debate is going on in the United States of America: does ISIS really have nothing to do with Islam?

Every time an atrocity takes place by Islamists, peaceful Muslims, Sufi Muslims, and law abiding Muslims of different countries condemn the terrorist activities. Their statement has to include one sentence, ‘ISIS is not a Muslim organisation and they are not Muslims.’
If you are not a Muslim and you see what ISIS is doing, you will say to yourself, ‘They are holding the Quran. They are growing beards. They talk about Sharia. They are called the  “Islamic State.” How come they are not Muslims?’

This is a big question. There is an article in the Washington Post titled, ‘Does ISIS really have nothing to do with Islam? Islamic apologetics carry serious risks.’

In the article, the author said what he could think of as a common man who does not have spiritual knowledge or profound insight into the religion; one who is not well aware of the history of Islam or what happened 1400 years ago. He may have a very limited approach towards understanding this topic.
However, to say, ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam,’ is a sentence that needs a lot of explanation.
Although I have used this sentence myself and I have also said that ISIS in reality has nothing to do with Islam, what I said is very profound and technical.
For example, all Muslims go to the mosque and offer prayers. If a Muslim goes to a mosque five times a day to offer prayers and I say, ‘He doesn’t offer prayers,’ people will say, ‘We have seen him offering prayers at the mosque.’ In order to justify my statement, I say, ‘I know he goes to the mosque and offers prayers five times a day. But I also know what Prophet Mohammad said about Salat (prayers).’
‘There is no Salat if the heart is absent from the Salat.’ - Prophet Mohammad
If a person does not have the presence of the heart in Salat, God doesn’t accept it; in the eyes of God, he never offered Salat. His Salat is not qualified to be known as Salat; therefore, technically we can say that he is a non-Musali (one who offers Salat).
‘Destruction is for those who offer Salat and are not aware of the reality of Salat. When they go to the mosque and stand in Salat they are only making a scene; they show off.’
Quran, (107:4-6)
Individuals who offer Salat yet are not aware of reality of Salat are doomed; their religion is destroyed.

I mentioned in the beginning that I have also made a statement such as, ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.’ There are people who say, ‘How come? They are holding the Quran in their hands, they are growing beards. They want to impose Islamic Sharia; they have already occupied a greater part of Syria and Iraq. They have already established an Islamic State. They are doing everything according to the Quran but you say they are not Muslim.’
Without explanation, it remains to be pretty dubious. Oftentimes common people do not seek profound explanation; they simply say, ‘Their inspiration is coming from the Quran and they are doing everything for establishment of Sharia Law.’

The reason I say, ‘They are not Muslim,’ is very technical. They may be Muslims in your eyes; but they are not Muslims in the eyes of Islam or God.
You can safely say ISIS has everything to do with Islam - this is how you understand it. But if you ask the Quran, if you ask God, then you will understand that these individuals do not follow the Quran.
Mischief of ISIS
They talk about Islamic Sharia but they do not follow Islamic Sharia.
Most of these ‘warriors of God are those who do not even know one verse from the Quran.
A Christian family were fleeing Syria. They were born and bred there; they recited the Bible in Arabic. They were travelling in their car and were stopped by ISIS thugs. The ISIS members asked them, ‘What is your religion?’ The father replied, ‘I am Muslim.’ They asked him to recite the Quran; he recited the Bible and they let him go!
If you apply these technical points that I am talking about on each and every Muslim, whether that Muslim is a terrorist or peace-loving citizen, that person will be screened as non-Muslim. Now it’s easy to say, ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam because Islam doesn’t exist.’
This was the technical side.  On the other hand, there is a Prophetic Tradition (Hadith) according to which you will have to admit that ISIS is a Muslim organisation. It is a long Hadith but I’ll give you a few sentences.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘A time will come on my Nation (Ummah) when nothing will be left in Islam for except its name. Nothing will be left in Quran for except the practice of reciting it.’ Prophet Mohammad talks about the mosques of this time. ‘Their mosques will be beautiful but they will be void of guidance. They will recite Quran but the Quran will not go beyond their throats.’
Then, Prophet Mohammad talks about ISIS. He said, ‘Mischief (fitna) will emerge from within Islam.’ This proves that they are Muslim. ISIS is mischief.
Prophet Mohammad said, ‘This mischief will emerge from within Islam and within Islam, this mischief will come to an end.’ This is interesting.
It means that this mischief of ISIS has emerged from Islam and somebody from within Islam will stand up and he will terminate this mischief of ISIS. It is referred to Imam Mehdi (as).
This Prophetic Tradition in particular tells us that ISIS recite the Kalima (Declaration of Faith) and the Quran, though it does not go beyond their throats. Although they are severely misguided, Prophet Mohammad has already mentioned that these are the people who, as mischief, will emerge from within his Ummah. They will be the worst creatures under the sky (Khwarijeen).

This is written on the wall. What is happening now is exactly what the Prophet foretold 1400 years ago.
One of the signs of the end of the world was the fire which would rise from Syria. You can see that fire today.
Prophet Mohammad spoke about the state of Muslims towards the end of the world, saying ‘Nothing will be left in the Quran for except the ritualistic recitation and nothing will be left in Islam for except its name.’

As I mentioned earlier, Islam does not exist. We only have Islam’s name. Everybody is creating stories and declaring the source as Quran. This mischief of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Daesh (ISIS) is the mischief that Prophet Mohammad had already foretold. The good news is Prophet Mohammad said this mischief would rise from within Islam and it will come to an end within Islam. We are going through this horrific phase of time.

I think we should raise awareness of what was foretold in regards to the events leading to the end of the world. These facts should be known by almost everybody who lives in this world: by Christians, by Jews, by Hindus, etc. so they should have a clear understanding of what’s going on.  

Quote of the Day: In Order to Be an Extraordinary...

‘In order to be an extraordinary human being, one needs to have big heart.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Homegrown Terrorism - The Solution

The following is a transcript of Younus AlGohar's speech.

When the governments want to find a solution to the issue of how to stop these terrorists from harming people, they don't seem to hit them where it hurts. They do everything very superficially. What they are doing is akin to giving someone a fever medicine if they are coughing.

They talk about radicalisation, the doctrine of hatred and hate preaching, but they don't do anything to stop hate preaching.
There is a proverb in Urdu, ‘Do not go after the thief. Get a hold of his mother.’
All over the world, it's an irony that the Islam imported into western countries is the Wahhabi brand of Islam. Sufi Islam, which is the original Islam, was not exported from its origin. For example, the biggest mosque in London, England is the Regent Park Mosque which was funded and built by Saudi Arabia. Then we have another notorious mosque, the Finsbury Park Mosque. Even before the rise of global terrorism, we have had problems in that area. They offer Friday prayers on the streets. Some of the areas in North London are no-go area for white people. Extremists have been taking out processions on London's streets that they would want to impose Sharia Law in London.

Radicals like Anjem Choudary live in England and walk freely. What is the government waiting for? Will they wait for him to do something and take action only after 100-200 lives are lost? Before Choudhry, there was a man called Omar Baqri. There was another called Abu Hamza, who had one hand and one eye. These hate preachers have been openly [preaching].

Seven out of the eight terrorists who are responsible for the Paris Attacks were born and bred in France. They are French Muslims.
The point I want to make to world leaders is very clear: Go after ISIS and Daesh; that's very important. But it is more important to root out the homegrown terrorist factories.
Wahhabi brand
Via the internet, [ISIS] controls them from [Syria and Iraq]. Those who execute their plans live in your country! You’re sitting at the immigration counter thinking that if a terrorist comes, you will not allow him inside your country. You think that the borders and airports are secure. [ISIS] don’t want to send anybody in from outside the country.

After any ill-fated incident, when enquiries will be made, you will come to know, ‘This person used to go to the local pub, drink alcohol, have a white girlfriend and play football. He was a nice guy. What happened to him all of the sudden?’

Monitoring Mosques

I remember very vividly that I discussed this issue eight years ago with Scotland Yard. I said to them, ‘Dewsbury in Yorkshire is the main religious seminary which is hammering into the brains of the youth the doctrine of hatred and death. This is the biggest centre where they are ideologically trained and their doctrine is placed into their hearts and minds. The schooling of terrorism is run in Dewsbury.’

I said to them, ‘Why don't you fix cameras in the mosques?’
I'm not asking the government to shut down any mosque because I understand that it is a violation of human rights and everyone should be allowed to practise their faiths. But what we must do for the purpose of the security of our country is to install video cameras. The security agencies should monitor the movement and anything that is talked about in the mosques.
Had they done it they would have been able to help a lot of young people. They would have stopped them, literally, from becoming terrorists.

By installing cameras, you are not imposing on their privacy. It is not a house; it is a public gathering. When a thousand people are sitting listening to the priest's lecture, it shouldn’t be a problem if the police want to see what is going on. If you are taking about God you and religion, you shouldn't have a problem is CCTV cameras are installed. If the government is able to do this, then they will know exactly what knowledge is being dispensed to the young people of Great Britain.
There are cameras on the streets. You monitor the movements of cars and people on the road; why can't you do it in the mosques? This is a dilemma for the government: they know the main culprit behind the teachings of hatred is Wahhabism. The want to shut down all the Wahhabi mosques, however the law doesn't allow them to do it. Here is the solution!
This solution was given to you eight years ago and still, there is no progress. When something really nasty goes on, who are you going to blame?
The cousin of Prophet Mohammad, Ali, said, ‘Save me from my friends; I will take care of my enemy myself.’ People asked, ‘Why did you say that?’ He said, ‘Among my friends are people who I think are my friends, but they are my enemies. I will never know how they will attack, hurt and harm me because I trust them.’
When you trust someone, they know everything about you including your weaknesses. A majority of people in France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America think somebody from Syria or Iraq will come to carry out atrocities. However, people in western countries are radicalised on the Internet in the mosques. You will never know. You may think somebody from Syria will come and start shooting - but perhaps your neighbour will be the one to do it.
The governments of western countries should put this on the priority list: the homegrown terrorists should be taken care of in earnest. Instructions will come from [ISIS] but execution will come from these people.
One of the men involved in 7/7 London bombings was a school teacher. In the United States of America, if someone grows a beard, has a turban on their head and wears an Asian outfit, Americans will suspect them of being a terrorist. However, these people were wearing jeans, were clean shaven and listening to Michael Jackson. They had backpacks on their backs and they blew up!
Don't judge a book by its cover. [ISIS] have changed their strategy. They are utilising young, modern people. One of the people who carried out the atrocities in Paris was 15 years of age!
If you are a spiritual man and want to help them, politicians do not think you have the credibility or qualification to say it. They will listen to somebody who is from [secret services] or someone they think is an experienced police officer. This is always a problem in all the countries; they don't want to pay attention to a simple man’s advice.
I must tell you: if homegrown terrorism is not rooted out, even if you fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the problem will remain the same.
Even if you do carpet bombing in Syria and Iraq but leave these homegrown terrorists at large, you have achieved nothing!
Being vigilant is a painful process; your freedom is lost and it is full of stress. You can't live your life being vigilant and alert.
Let's take the challenge and root them out. Go after them.
Some people want to preserve their good image in the international community. They want to give the impression that they do not trouble anybody, particularly minorities. In order to maintain that good image, they can bring their national integrity and security to a great loss!
For the sake of your national interest, root out the Wahhabi brand of Islam from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States of America. If you do not do it today, tomorrow it will be too late for you to find any practical solution.

Food for Thought – Crushing Daesh and Saudi Arabia

HH Younus AlGohar's food for thought after the Mali attacks:

The Western countries have the ability to crush Daesh and all their worldwide offshoots.

Waging a war against Daesh and shaking hands with their father (Saudi Arabia) is mind-boggling hypocrisy. Saddam Hussain's regime was successfully toppled up and so was Gaddafi's regime.
When will they take action against Saudi Arabia, is a big question!
It is so sad and thought-provoking that there was yet another terrorist attack, this time in Mali.

Quote of the Day: You Should Know...

‘You should know who you are. People can’t change your reality.’ - Younus AlGohar 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Does Islam Have A Hierarchy?

The world is becoming a very intolerant place to live. No matter how civilised or educated you are, a time comes when your rationality and sanity is overpowered by your emotions. Everybody knows ISIS/Daesh is an illegitimate Islamic organisation. It claims to be an Islamic movement; however, they do not follow the Quran or Sharia. They have been renounced, rejected and condemned by different denominations of Islam. Still, every time a terrorist act takes place, the peaceful, modern and liberal Muslims have to pay the price for it. They encounter a severe backlash.

A few days ago, an arson attack was carried out on a mosque and it was set on fire in Toronto. In England, things are getting worse. If you are wearing a Hijab, you are most likely to be targeted.

We are living in a civilised world. Why should somebody who hasn't committed the crime suffer? Why does every single peaceful Muslim have to be seen as suspicious? This is wrong and it is not fair. I'm really dismayed by the reaction of civilised nations.
You may be surprised to know that Muslims have been the most affected nation; ISIS has killed more Muslims than people of any other religion. 
This is a dilemma: ISIS is killing Muslims and others suspect Muslims also.
What should we do as a whole of humanity? What should be our stance and what is the solution? People suggest the idea that Muslim leaders and scholars should come forward and condemn these atrocities.
Many Muslim scholars have condemned this including Al-Azhar University. The reason why it is not helping is because in Islam there is no hierarchy. There used to be one, but it does not exist anymore.
Hierarchy is a system in which different individuals are ranked according to their position; there is a central command and decision is made by the central command, everybody has to accept it and follow it. For example, in Catholicism the head of the hierarchy is the Pope. If the Pope says something, all Catholics will accept it. Similarly, in the Army, the Commander in Chief is the central command; if he releases some instructions, everyone has to follow them.

Now the question is: did Islam at any point in history have a hierarchy? If Islam did have some kind of hierarchy when did it cease to exist and what was it?

After Prophet Mohammad’s time, the four Caliphs (Khulfa-e-Rashideen) were considered as the Islamic hierarchy. The Caliph of the Muslims would give directives, instructions or commands and the entire Muslim Community would accept it and embrace it.
Because Islam is a multi-dimensional religion, there are more than one aspects of the religion: the political, ritualistic aspect and the spiritual aspect of Islam. When these four Caliphs were in power, they served as the hierarchy of Islam.
Is there any instruction in the Quran or in the Traditions of the Prophet (Ahadith) as to how the Muslim community will choose their leader or would he be selected by God? If there was anything like this, they wouldn't be fighting at the departure of Prophet Mohammad. The First Caliph, Abu Bakr came into power by a public consensus.

The Islamic hierarchy only lasted for four Caliphs and after this there was no hierarchy. Then there was the Abbasid Caliphate, Ottoman Empire and Mughal Empire, but they cannot be declared as hierarchy in Islam. They were Muslims, but the [directives of the] Abbasid Caliphate would only cover their empire. What they had to say did not necessarily have to be accepted by the Mughal or Ottoman Empires.
The Western world for some reason understands that Saudi Arabia is the hierarchy for Islam. But Islam has been divided into more than 73 different sects and denominations.
As a whole, there is no concept of a Grand Muslim Nation (Ummah). The Muslim Nation has been divided into Muslim communities of different sects.
Islam itself does not have a hierarchy. However there are many different denominations within Islam, some of which have their own respective hierarchies.
For example, Wahhabis and Shiites: if a command comes from the Wahhabi hierarchy, no Shiite will obey it. Only Wahhabis will obey and follow it. Similarly, if Shiite have a hierarchy within themselves and any directive comes from the head of their sect, only the Shiites will follow and obey the directives.
Even if different Muslim clerics and scholars have condemned the Paris Attacks or any other terrorist activity, people who do not belong to their sect will not listen to this.

People who are being radicalised by ISIS, Daesh, Wahhabis, etc., and followers of the Wahhabi sect feel obliged to morally support any organisation which has Wahhabi roots.
Wahhabis will never condemn any Wahhabi organisation; they will never condemn ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban or Saudi religious people.
For example, if you ask a Sunni scholar to condemn these terrorist activities and he condemns publicly, it is not going to influence followers of a different sect. because as a whole, Islam does not have a hierarchy. Every sect will listen to their respective leaders only.
Even if people from different mosques and different schools of thoughts condemn this act, this condemnation will not change the mind of those who are being radicalised by Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS. Therefore, if the media wants somebody to condemn these attacks from among Muslims, they should find a Wahhabi leader and make him condemn it.