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Unification and Divine Love

The following is Younus AlGohar’s speech addressing a gathering in Mexico City, Mexico.

In the beginning, when God was alone, he wanted to be known. He wanted to create some creation. This creation was especially designed as souls which would love God. All souls that he created were loving souls.
He then put them in three categories: one category was love, the second category was proximity and the third category was manifestation. 

They loved God and God loved them. This was the first religion: love.

Later on, he decided to create more souls; he created an unlimited number of them. All the souls were in front of him. He showed them luxuries of paradise and luxuries of the world. He then asked them, ‘Those who want to take luxuries of the world can go ahead and take it.’ He also asked those who wanted to take luxuries of the paradise to go and take it.

There was no condition on the souls who wanted to choose the luxuries of the world. However, for those who wanted to take the luxuries of the paradise, he created religions. He sent prophets and messengers like Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. By the practice of these religions, the souls who chose the luxuries of paradise would obtain them.

When this world was created, the souls started to come down and there was a mixture of them. Some souls who had already decided that they wanted to enjoy the luxuries of this world came down; other souls who chose to enjoy the luxuries of paradise also came down on Earth.

Those who wanted to take the luxuries of the world developed passion and love for businesses and jobs. Some of them worked really hard and became millionaires.

Some people struggled all their life for a good job and business, but they failed. These people worked really hard to find a good job, but they never did. Every time they wanted to flourish their business, they failed. This could be because, before God, they did not choose the luxuries of the world. So they went into temples, gurdwaras, churches and mosques to find their way.
However, today, even in these worship places, they could not find what they wanted because the religious and spiritual leaders also became businessmen.
When the religions were corrupted, people became bad. They started to hate each other. They forgot that all these religions were created by the same God. Whether you are a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, or Jew, you are the creation of the same God. God never wanted you to fight and kill each other.

Religions became corrupted when the knowledge of spirituality was missing from these religions. There are two types of knowledge:

1 - Knowledge which will clean your body. It teaches you how to worship and dress in a religious way.

The knowledge of spirituality will connect you to God. When you are connected to God, you will not want to know whether someone is a Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Hindu.
One who loves God cannot hate anybody.
In these religions, the first type of knowledge has been practised - but the second type of knowledge, spirituality, disappeared. Since this knowledge disappeared from these religions, people do go to mosques, temples and churches, but they are not connected to God.

Some special souls also came on Earth: the souls which loved God. They came down but they didn't teach people a religion and how to go into paradise. They taught people how to love God so that a universal brotherhood could be created.
Unity of humankind will occur when all human beings love God. A universal brotherhood can only be established when all hearts have the same direction and love for God.
All the prophets and messengers who came to this world mostly taught people how to enter into paradise. Sometimes, they also taught people how to love God. However, right now, people have forgotten to love God. Either people want to become good businessmen or extremists in their religion.
The time has come. God no more cares what religion you follow; he wants to love you.
According to God, when all the people of different religions quit their religions, God was supposed to send his own nation on Earth. The souls of God’s nation may be among you. There were nations of Moses, Mohammad, Jesus and Mohammad; but in the end, God was supposed to send his own nation without a religion. The only thing they would do is to love God and love humanity.

There are souls and spirits in your body. God created your souls, not your body. Your bodies were created in the wombs of your mothers by angels.
Before you came to this world, you did not have a body. After you leave this world, you will not have a body. Your reality is your soul. 
With this soul, you will recognise and love God. You enlighten your soul with the knowledge of spirituality. 
A heart is already symbolic to love. Everybody knows about it, but people only use it as an example. A heart is a piece of flesh and the purpose of the heart is to pump blood.
It is the spiritual heart which will make you love God and everybody else.
There is a soul which controls the heart. When it is enlightened, your heart will be enlightened. When your heart is enlightened, you will be connected with God.

When you go to temples, churches and mosques, the priest and pastors tell you that you are talking to God. But in fact, only you are whispering; you don’t hear God’s voice. When you are in trouble, you make prayers to God. Most of the time, your prayers are not heard by God.

When your heart is enlightened and connected to God, your heart will work like a microphone.
There is nothing wrong with God’s hearing, but you are so far away from God. He gave you an organ of communication; only through your heart can you be in contact with God.
When your heart is connected to God, then from that moment on, God will hear your voice. God wants to love and help you, but he wants to know whether you are in trouble. He doesn’t know you. The moment you are connected with him, he will start helping and loving you.

We propagate this knowledge which can enlighten your heart. We are trying to tell you how to be in contact with God so you can enjoy the benefits of love.

Questions and Answers

I am Christian. I really enjoyed what you said. The Bible says that we are waiting for the final times. Completion of the religions is a sign of the final times. Personally, I don’t believe that. My question is what is the truth about that? Are we in the final times?

People have been saying for the past 50-60 years that the last day is coming on such-and-such date, such as 2012. Then, on 2012, nothing happened. Then they said the last day would come after two years, but nothing happened. Only God knows.
We must understand that before this entire world comes to an end, everyone has an end, individually, when he dies. When he dies, for him, the world is finished.
We should be fully spiritualised and connected to God before our death strikes.
Lord Jesus said, ‘Love your Lord, love your God with all your heart, with all your soul.’
We don’t know how to love God with all our heart, with all our soul because most of us don’t know spirituality. This is exactly our mission and message: to love God with the heart and soul.

Do we have the ability to receive the knowledge of spirituality?

Every human being has the ability to become divine and become connected to God.
I want to clarify to you one thing which is very important.

When we say, ‘Jesus is the only way,’ it is for Christians only, not for Sikhs or Hindus. God sent many masters. I believe that Jesus is a great universal master and he is the Son of God, but he is not the only one. Many masters came before him and many masters came after him.

Secondly, religions do not accept bad people, but God accepts everybody. When you do something bad, your body is bad. The soul does not commit any sin. The soul is always innocent. All you need is to do to enlighten it.

For example, you are hungry, so you want to eat. But if you don’t know how to prepare food, you won’t be able to eat it. In a similar way, some people say, ‘We don’t need a spiritual master because God loves all.’ God wants to love you all, but you need to find the way to love God.

Being a very rich man is not a sign of God’s love; even bad people have plenty of money. Some people think, ‘Because I am poor, God doesn’t love me.’ Does it mean God loves rich people only? No.

God wants to love all.
To love God, you need spirituality; not religions. Religions are now making divisions. Love will turn the entire world into a universal brotherhood.

In order to connect with God, we have to be more spiritual. How do we become more spiritual, precisely?

The word spirituality has been derived from ‘spirit’. The knowledge and methodology which enlightens your soul - your spirit - is spirituality. You become a spiritual person through divine energy, which has to enter your soul.

Your heart is like a pumping machine. It pumps the blood with throbs.
In the olden times, people used to rub stones together to create a spark. When God’s name rubs together inside the heart, it creates divine energy. 24 hours a day, your heart will be repeating God’s name and this will produce divine energy.

When you go into temples, you say God’s name: Raam, Allah, Bhagwan, Dios, God, etc. - and it creates divine energy. But this divine energy does not go inside our soul because we are saying it with our mouth. With this kind of worship, your face will become beautiful. But when the same name of God is repeated inside the heart, it creates divine energy which will increase spirituality in you.

You have seven souls in you: five in the human breast, one in the head and one at the naval point.

This is the same knowledge that Baba Guru Nanak Devi Ji adopted. This is also the way of Hari Laal, Sai Baba, Jesus, Abraham, Mohammad, Moses, etc. This is how you become divine.

When your soul is revived, you will become a friend of God. When you become a friend of God, God will not want you to be in poverty. When you become good and God gives you wealth, you will help others; you won't do bad things.

What is the difference between soul and spirit?

There is one main soul in the human body. Others are auxiliary souls, we call them spirits.
The five senses have connection with five spirits in the breast. One spirit has the responsibility of enabling your tongue to speak. Another spirit will make your eyes see. Another spirit will make your ears hear. 

Does the soul have the capacity to choose their body and the era they will be born in?

It is up to God. God decides.

If God decides what body we take, why did God decide to give some souls disabled bodies?

There are two types of souls. One group of souls comes from the heavens; another group of souls stays here in this world. The souls from this world are known as terrestrial souls. There are three souls which are used to make the body.

The stones have a soul that keeps the contents of stone bound to each other. We have the same soul as the stones in our bones. Then we have another soul, which is called the botanical soul; this soul is found in trees and plants. We keep watering them and the plants grow. Similarly, we keep feeding a baby and it grows into a woman or man. Then, we have another soul which is responsible for making our shape and faces.
So, we have three souls in our body: the soul which is found in stones, the soul which is found in trees and the soul which is found in animals. These souls have nothing to do with God.
God sends souls from the higher realms. They are special souls. We need to enlighten them. When they are enlightened, we can see God and talk to God.
When the souls of the body (terrestrial souls) are not properly taken care of in the womb, disabled children are born.
Spirituality is for the souls that came from God. The soul which is responsible for making you divine is different. Even if you are disabled, you can still love God and see God.

Once the soul is in the body and grows up, what is the moment when it decides to go into the spirit world?

As I explained, there are two types of souls. One group of souls makes your body.
When, at nine months, the baby is about to be delivered, then another group of souls comes from God and they stay in the body. When you turn 15, then they are fully grown up. Now, you should enlighten your soul.
Your soul used to live in the higher realms before, but you don’t remember anything because your soul is not enlightened. Once your soul is enlightened, then you will remember everything: how you loved God, how many friends you had. Then you will look for those friends that you had there, on Earth.

Where is Jesus, Son of God, in relation to all the messengers that have come to Earth?

Jesus has two different identities. The first identity is as a religious leader who established the religion, Christianity, and Son of God. Then, he has another identity: Jesus himself is as powerful as God. When he returns towards the end times, he will be as strong as God.

We all are God’s sons. Why is Jesus called the Son of God?

Well, the Bible said that Jesus is the Son of God - but who said that we are all sons of God? The Bible does not say that we are all sons of God. The Bible only said that Jesus is the Son of God. We are not sons of God; we are children of God metaphorically.

Jesus is the Son of God because no man touched Mother Mary. However, I know my father’s name; how can I say that I am the Son of God?

How can we unify people of different religions?

Unification comes when everybody has the same thing. 
When everybody loves God in the heart, automatically, they will be unified and that will be the Universal Brotherhood. They will be unified in the heart.
If we say that we are unified but we do not have uniformity in us, that will not work. When all the religions have one thing in common, God’s love, they will be unified.
But one thing is important: we should respect all religious leaders. We should respect Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Mohammad equally. They were all great teachers.

Imam Mehdi Ke Mu’awineen Ka Raaz

Younus AlGohar explains how religions have been limited by a quota set by God. He also reveals information about Imam Mehdi and the assistants of Imam Mehdi appointed by God.

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:
⁃Those who are hell-bound, their souls carry Satanic traits with them. Predestined loving souls do not have such traits in the nature; if such traits are present in them, it is due to an impure Nafs (Self). Once the Nafs has been purified, satanic traits will not be found in predestined loving souls. God did not make the souls with his Noor (Divine Light), but rather through his command.

⁃You can tell if someone's Dhikr (Invocation) has been accepted by God because they will develop love and respect for the one who granted them Dhikr. They can never speak rudely in front of their spiritual guide. Blasphemy of your spiritual guide is not a sin; rather it is proof of your infidelity and your soul being eternally hell-bound.

⁃The Latifa-e-Qalb (Spiritual Hearts) of people belonging to the nations of different prophets were all made with their own respective types of Noor. Such hearts can only accept the Noor they were made with. For example, Prophet Moses's nation's hearts were made with the Noor of ‘Ya Rehman’. They cannot invoke upon any other name of God.

⁃However, the nations of every prophet have reached their quota; today people follow the religions of their own accord - but God has no record of them being followers of those religions.This is why Mehdi Foundation International is giving the invocation of God's Personal Name to people of all religions.

⁃There was also a set number of people who were meant to be Momineen (true believers) in Islam. Once that quota had been reached, no one else could be initiated into spirituality in the religion of Islam. This is why no Sultan ul Fuqra was active on duty to engage the hearts of seekers with Invocation of God's name for except Abdul Qadir Jilani.

⁃Abdul Qadir Jilani has great importance in Islam. If a Muslim does not respect Abdul Qadir Jilani, he cannot be a true believer. However, Abdul Qadir Jilani was accomplished in Faqr (Spiritual Poverty). He did not have Ishq (Rapturous Love) as Lal Shahbaz Qalandar did. Lal Shahbaz Qalandar's soul is ancient; it existed and witnessed God's beauty even before the manifestation of God's Tifle Nooris (divine sub-spirits).

⁃Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has brought down Ishq with him. Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and Lord Jesus Christ have been appointed by God to be assistants of Imam Mehdi.

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Quote of the Day: When You Are Not...

'When you are not satisfied with your own self, you are angry with everybody else.' - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 29 April 2016

Quote of the Day: God Love All His Creation...

'God loves all his creation but those who are not connected to God fail to understand this truth; they perceive they are the best ones and nobody is equal of them.' - Younus AlGohar 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Quran Se Hidayat Kaun Pa Sakta Hai?

Younus AlGohar explains how guidance is granted according to God and gives irrefutable proof that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Lord of Lords (Rab ul Arbab).

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:
- One thing is clear: not all knowledge is in the Quran. The Quran directs seekers to Ahle Dhikr for the knowledge that they do not know.

- For example, the Quran tells you that you become a Momin (true believer) when faith enters the heart, but it does not tell you how. Those who say God guides you directly live in fool's paradise. Death is given by God but to carry out the deed is the Angel of Death. Similarly, for guidance, you have to go to a spiritual guide delegated by God.

- Reading the Quran and understanding the Quran are two different things. Spiritual understanding, power of comprehension is granted to spiritual hearts. They're able to suss out what God wants in Quran.

- Mujaddid Alif Sani said that beginners in spirituality should not read the Quran. First you must purify your Nafs (Self). The Quran says it guides pure ones only.

- God's statement: those whose hearts have been opened for Islam with God's name are guided. Those whose hearts are too hard to absorb God's name are misguided.

- We are giving the true interpretation of the Quran now, but Islam has already ceased to exist. The Quran did not explain spiritual knowledge, therefore people made their own interpretations of the Quran and presented it as the truth.

- We believe that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is not just our spiritual guide, but also the Lord of Lords who has come from the Unseen World. The knowledge we present cannot be proved by the Quran, but it also cannot be rejected through the Quran. The proof in its truthfulness is the benevolence rendered from Lord Ra Riaz's name.

- Ra Riaz is not the name of God, but it enters hearts and enlightens them anyway. If Ra Riaz and the Kalima, La Ilaha Illa Riaz, is magic, read Surah Wannas and see what happens. If someone’s heart says God's name, send someone to stop that heart with the power of the name Ra Riaz. Their heart will start saying Ra Riaz. If someone’s heart says Ra Riaz and you send someone to stop it with the power of God's name, then they won’t be able to stop it! This itself is proof that Lord Ra Riaz is the Lord of Lords.

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Quote of the Day: You Cannot Comprehend...

'You cannot comprehend any religion, its applications and its true practice without spiritual knowledge.' - Younus AlGohar

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Our Message Reaches Cambodia and Laos!

On 24 March 2016, members of Messiah Foundation International took the message of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi to Siem Reap in Cambodia. The first mission activity was carried out there; leaflets were distributed in the most important archaeological site, the Angkor Wat Park and Temple. 

We covered many areas in Cambodia such as Wat Polanka, Wat Bo Road, Wat Damnak, Phsar Chas (the Old Market), Tonle Sap Lake and many more. 

We are very encouraged by the responses shown by recipients of our message in Cambodia!

Then, on 29 March 2016, we drove from Cambodia to Pakse City in Laos. We started by distributing leaflets in Khon Kaen. We also handed out leaflets at Outhoum Mai, which is very close to famous Mekong River. 

In the Champasak Province, we covered many areas. 

In Pakse, one of the young men showed deep interest in understanding our mission and asked quite a few questions about the meaning of The Religion of God. We referred him to our website for further details and he expressed desire to learn more and benefit from our mission.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience and we look forward to spreading the message of divine love to more countries in Southeast Asia!

Quote of the Day: The Best Moments...

'The best moments in life are those in which you convince a human being to love God and humanity.' - Younus AlGohar

Monday, 25 April 2016

Forbidden Love: Love of Gohar Shahi - PART 3

Younus AlGohar presents another interpretation of the poetry famously recited by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, ‘Likh Diya Apnay Dar Pe Kisi Ne’. Certain stanzas were divine inspiration that was revealed to a poet three days before the advent of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in this world. This interpretation is for the elite.

Main points:

⁃ In God’s system, you obtain God’s love through your personal efforts. When you are first given Dhikr-e-Qalb (Invocation of the Heart), your heart is cleaned and you begin to love God. Dhikr-e-Qalb will save you from hell only. To obtain permission to love God is granted to you. To get God to love you will rest on you

⁃ In order for God to reciprocate your love, you will have to sacrifice what you love most. When God loves you, this is the station of Bir. Because you don’t see God, you sacrifice what you love most for your spiritual guide. Only those are successful in this test whose love of their spiritual guide exceeds their love for anything else.

⁃ In Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s system, you cannot love Lord Ra Riaz with your personal efforts. If you love Lord Ra Riaz, it is because this has been granted to you. In Lord Ra Riaz’s system, you love Lord Ra Riaz and Lord Ra Riaz loves you. The proof that your invocation of ‘Ra Riaz’ has been accepted is that you love Lord Ra Riaz.

⁃ Get your souls coloured withe Lord Ra Riaz’s colour, through His representative, Younus AlGohar. Then your souls will pray to Lord Ra Riaz, ‘I want you only.’ When your souls say this and Lord Ra Riaz wants to give His love, He will purify your Nafs (Self) through His divine merciful sight. Then Lord Ra Riaz will put something inside you due to which your souls will forget everything besides Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

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Quote of the Day: God is Greater...

'God is greater than any reward and God's love is greater than any reward.' - Younus AlGohar

Quote of the Day: Love, With Separation...

'Love, with separation, is only suffering. Love, with union, is enjoyable.' - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Quote of the Day: Worship is But a Means...

‘Worship is but a means to cleanse the heart. You are remotely far off God should you fail to cleanse the heart through worship.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God (Divine Love)

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Mentality of Wahhabis

The following is Younus AlGohar’s response to Wahhabis on social media who defend the Wahhabi Cult of Hatred and Death.

It is a widespread human tragedy that any individual who is born in a particular denomination of Islam remains to be a dedicated practitioner of that denomination. He or she does not study the religion of Islam with a view to know the truth - and also to come to know if the school of thought that his or her ancestors have been practising is aligned with the doctrine of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions.

If an individual is born in a Shia family, mentally, psychologically, he is a Shia by birth. However there is no such in reality as being born a Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi or a Christian. When you are born, you are born on nature; when you are born, you are nobody.
So individuals who are now trying to defend Wahhabism are doing so in order to save their own skin; in order to tell themselves that they have not been wrong. The problem is: most Wahhabis do not know what Wahhabism is.
Most Sunnis do not know what Sunni Islam is. They do not go into details. To understand and study any school of thought within Islam, you need to do a very scrutinised, academic, detailed and lengthy probe.
Wahhabis say that those who disrespect Islam should be killed; but there is no such thing in Islam.
There is a Prophetic Tradition that is a piece of advice for the Companions of the Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad advised his early followers not to say bad things about deities of other religions, for example the idols. They are not God, but Prophet Mohammad told them, ‘If you blaspheme their false God, they will blaspheme your true God. So in order for them not to blaspheme your true God, you should not blaspheme their false God.’
Prophet Mohammad did not say, ‘Kill them because they are blaspheming your true God.’ Rather, he said, ‘You should not blaspheme their false God; and in return, they will not blaspheme your true God.’
If someone talks bad about God or blasphemes God, there is no such thing from Prophet Mohammad which suggests that you should kill such people. On contrary to killing those who blaspheme God, Prophet Mohammad advised the Companions something else, ‘Stop blaspheming their false God and in return, they will stop blaspheming your true God.’ This is beautiful.

Umar bin Khattab: The Founder of Wahhabism

Abdul Wahhab Najdi is the man who Wahhabism is named after. However, the doctrine he is inspired by does not come from himself. It is the continuation of the doctrine of Ibn Taymiyyah. Then, Ibn Taymiyyah must have been inspired by Umar bin Khattab.
The books of Prophetic Traditions have lengthy details of what happened in history. The Quran tells us what should be the level of respect given to Prophet Mohammad. I haven’t been to Medina, but I have seen pictures of the mosque of the Prophet, especially the picture which shows the external area of Prophet Mohammad’s grave.

One verse from the Quran, Quran 49:2, is very prominent on the grave of Prophet Mohammad, which talks about respect that you must give to Prophet Mohammad.
The Quran 49:2 says, ‘Do not raise your voice over the voice of Prophet Mohammad.’
This verse does not apply to us because Prophet Mohammad is not here. This verse was for Prophet Mohammad’s time.
Saudi and UAE nations appear to have difficulty understanding Arabic: according to their belief, Prophet Mohammad is not speaking and he will never speak. How can someone be louder than Prophet Mohammad when Prophet Mohammad is not speaking? On one hand, they believe that Prophet Mohammad doesn’t speak; they say, ‘Prophet Mohammad is dead’ (God forbid). Then, they have put this verse on the grave of Prophet Mohammad also, which says, ‘Do not raise your voice over the voice of Prophet Mohammad.’ This verse was for the [era of Prophet Mohammad].

Prophet Mohammad, just before his calling, wasn’t feeling well; he was suffering from fever and he anticipated that sooner or later his calling would be served and he would leave the world. He wanted to solve the issue which will arise after his departure: the issue as to who should be the first caliph. It was Umar bin Khattab who had the guts to refuse Prophet Mohammad and say that the Quran was enough for their guidance and they did not need Prophet Mohammad’s advice.

Umar bin Khattab said, allegedly, that Prophet Mohammad was in such a state of illness whereby anything he would say would not mean anything. He would just be saying things without understanding of what he is saying. He was supposedly under the effects of illness, therefore it was in the best of the interests of the Muslim Nation not to take advice from Prophet Mohammad.
Umar bin Khattab was actually and factually the founder of Wahhabism.
There is nobody in this world who talks about Umar bin Khattab like I do. I do it because I know this is the truth. Don’t think I am a Shia. Shias have no knowledge. Like Wahhabis have deviated from the true teachings of Islam, in a similar way, the Shias and Sunnis have deviated themselves from the true path of Islam.

Prophet Mohammad: Mercy for All Mankind

Islam was a beautiful religion.

Islam gave respect to women and elderly people. Prophet Mohammad taught his Companions not to hurt and harm even plants and animals. How can we call a filthy doctrine of Wahhabism as Islam which promotes violence and killing of innocent people?

In mosques, there are steps called ‘mumbir’. Prophet Mohammad used to sit there and deliver lectures; whilst he would deliver sermons, he would hold a stick. One day, one of his Companions brought a better stick. So Prophet Mohammad left the other one and got hold of the newer stick. A few minutes later, Prophet Mohammad was staring at the old stick. People were wondering what was going on and asked the Prophet, ‘What are you looking at?’ He said, ‘The old stick is crying, “I used to enjoy when Prophet Mohammad used to hold me.”’ Prophet Mohammad returned the new stick and said, ‘No, I will still hold you.’ This is how compassionate and kind Prophet Mohammad is. The Quran said, about the character of Prophet Mohammad, ‘You have the best of characters.’
The Quran 68:4 also said ‘Have we not sent you as blessings for the entire universe?’ Is the universe filled with Muslims only and there are no non-Muslims? Prophet Mohammad’s mercy and blessings are not confined, restricted or limited to Muslims onlyIt is for the entire universe.
Wahhabism is a cult of hatred and death. They only let Wahhabis live in peace. If you are a non-Wahhabi, then you are gone. According to them, their blessings do not apply to non-Wahhabis.

However, according to the Quran, blessings of Prophet Mohammad - who has been appointed as mercy for the entire universe by God - his blessings apply to all human beings, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Whether they follow any religion or they are atheists. This is Islam.

Imam Mehdi’s Advent and the Future of the Arab World

Just because the [Arabs] have oil money, they think they are the best. On Thursdays in Pakistan, beggers hold a pot outside the mosque and collect coins. [The Arabs] are soon entering into the time zone when they will be holding these pots.

We are not Shias or Sunnis, that we will be scared of Wahhabis. We are followers of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is returning soon.
According to Prophetic Traditions, Imam Mehdi will snatch away the Saudi Kingdom. This is why they don’t like Imam Mehdi.
Imam Mehdi will give them the taste of their own medicine.
The time has come; overnight Imam Mehdi will become known to every single human being on Earth. During that night, [the Saudis] will become beggars. These are the facts.
The time is not far when rubble which has become concrete cement now will become rubble again. You will see the fall of Saudi Arabia very soon. It is written.

Forbidden Love: Love of Gohar Shahi - PART 2

Younus AlGohar explains how Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is the only hope left for humanity and why love of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is what humanity needs today.

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:
⁃God looks at certain saints and prophets a number of times in a day. Sometimes, a thought crosses God’s mind to look at common people too. When he does look, he looks at the hearts, not the bodies. At that time, any enlightened heart will come under his sight.

⁃The thought crosses God’s mind to look at common people when he knows there is a Kamil Dhaat in this world who can enlighten the hearts. It has been 400 years since God sent such a saint; therefore, he has become fed up with the world. He has turned his face away from this world.

⁃If God has turned his face from the world, then why is spirituality being practised now? Spirituality is being practised now and hearts are being enlightened because Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi will look at the hearts.

⁃If love of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has entered your heart, it is because He granted it to you. His love is granted based on His desire. The permission for someone to do Dhikr of ‘Ya Gohar’ or ‘Ra Riaz’ is granted in the form of love of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

⁃God became fed up with the world. Then, a special soul was sent to give a special divine name (Ra Riaz). Now, the one whose name is granted to people will look at their hearts. A common person’s heart enlightened with God’s name would be looked at just once by God. However, the heart of a common follower of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is looked upon at least once a day. The elite of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s followers are not looked at once a day; rather, Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi will pass through their chests once a day at least. If someone’s heart is looked upon by Imam Mehdi every day, no dirt of sins will accumulate and one day they will not feel like sinning.

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Quote of the Day: Sharing Love...

'Sharing love is to revive other hearts also with love.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Forbidden Love: Love of Gohar Shahi - PART 1

Younus AlGohar reveals the truth behind poetry, famously recited by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, ‘Likh Diya Apnay Dar Pe Kisi Ne’. Certain stanzas were divine inspiration that was revealed to a poet three days before the advent of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in this world.

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:
⁃Stanzas from this divinely inspired poetry are in reference to the forbidden love of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

⁃It is forbidden for people to fall in love with Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. And if they do happen to fall in love, they are not allowed to express it. You could love any spiritual dignitary in the world and no one will have a problem; the moment you fall in love with Gohar Shahi, God and his creation will turn against you.

⁃Those who fall in love with Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, their destination becomes something other than God. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi told His followers that He was not preparing them for God or heaven, but rather for Imam Mehdi. This is because Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is from the Unseen World - in fact, He is the Lord of Lords. Those who love Him will be transported to His personal realm, Riaz al Jannah.

⁃For those who want to obtain God’s love and nearness, they can obtain blessings from Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, but they are not allowed to love Him, because that love will take them to a destination other than God.

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Quote of the Day: In This Path...

‘In this path of love, losing is winning.’ - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Quote of the Day: There is No Harm...

‘There is no harm in being a quiet person, but when you are required to speak, then you must speak.’ - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Imam Mehdi Kay La Fani Jism Ka Raaz Aur Laqa, Fana Aur Baqa Billah Ki Haqiqat

Younus AlGohar reveals the secret behind why Imam Mehdi’s body is immortal in light of spiritual knowledge and explains what the stations of Fana and Baqa Billah are.

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:

- The true message of Islam was not understood. People didn’t know that there are two types of Sharia: Batini (esoteric) and Zahiri (exoteric). Zahiri Sharia has to do with keeping the body pure; Batini Sharia is about purifying one’s Nafs (the Self) and preparing one to obtain faith. To be a Momin (true believer), faith must enter one’s heart. Faith is when Ism-e-Allah (God’s name) enters the heart. To obtain faith, you need spirituality. In Islam, many of the rituals such as fasting and Salat are only for Momins.

- The disciples of Khwaja Baqi Billah asked him what Baqa Billah is. He told them that when he would die, a veiled man riding a horse would come to recite prayers. He told them to ask that man this question. When they asked that man this question, he lifted his veil and revealed himself to be Khwaja Baqi Billah. He said, 'The [dead body] is Fana. And what you see here is Baqa.'

- Laqa Billah, Fana Fillah, Baqa Billah are all ranks in spirituality. Laqa Billah has to do with sainthood, whereas Fana Fillah and Baqa Billah have to do with the Station of Wasl (Union). Wasl means advent. Wasl Billah means God has come inside you. One who sees God is known as Wali Allah (a friend of God). One who has obtained Wasl is known as God.
- When God wanted to see how beautiful he was, a reflection of his beauty appeared before him. He fell in love with that reflection. Then, he moved 7 times and a ray of his light emitted from him every time, which all formed 7 Tifle Nooris. That reflection of God’s beauty is in the body of Imam Mehdi. And whoever was given one of the 7 Tifle Nooris was known as Sultan ul Fuqra.

- Tifle Noori has to do with Faqr. Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi has to do with Ishq (Rapturous Love). In Faqr, there is knowledge. In Ishq, there is craziness. There are two types of Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi: a common one and a special one. The special one is also known as Batini Shahbaz. Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was named as such because he had a special Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi. One who has the special Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi can fly anywhere with their body.
- Imam Mehdi has a special, one-of-a-kind Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi. The special Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi has become part of the blood in Imam Mehdi’s body. Normally, Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi stays in the breast of people. Due to Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi in Imam Mehdi’s body, divine scripture and God’s name form on multiple areas of the body - on the hands, nails, back, knees, etc. With such a Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Ilahi in Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s body, Imam Mehdi’s body is immortal.

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