Monday, 11 April 2016

Nisbat-e-Gohar Shahi

Younus AlGohar reveals exciting information about the bounty of Lord Ra Riaz, proving that Lord Ra Riaz's bounty is truly unprecedented.

Main points:
- To bless someone after their death is a miracle for most spiritual dignitaries. However, for Lord Ra Riaz, it is nothing.

- God gives his saints spiritual glamour and shifts the attention of common people to them. They help people with their mundane issues. Some elite saints, if they show a miracle, the least they do is revive the hearts that no one could awaken. If you receive benevolence from the Nafs of a spiritual dignitary, that will help you in this world only. Benevolence received from the soul is eternal.

- Lord Ra Riaz said that whoever has a small spark of divine light in them, Imam Mehdi, the 'Sphere of Divine Light', will attract them towards Him. The 'Sphere of Divine Light' refers to Imam Mehdi's Tifle Noori. Lord Ra Riaz will attract those towards Him who aren't already His followers.

- For His followers, Lord Ra Riaz's divine concession: those who are loyal to Him, their hearts are covered in a veil of divine light. Such people cannot be taken away from Lord Ra Riaz. When this happens, no knowledge in this universe can recognise the reality of such a person.

- We are living in Daur-e-Fitn. If we are guided, it is because of Lord Ra Riaz's bounty. Once you have spiritual connection with Lord Ra Riaz, you have obtained all you will ever need. Lord Ra Riaz's followers are without fear.

- When you practise a religion, the religion is meant to take you to God. God said he has a religion and that he himself is a Momin (believer). God has a religion - that means God too has a God.

- Many verses in the Quran that we see today have been abrogated by God. God never wanted the Quran to be in book form; those who collected the Quran did so without God's support. Through spiritual methodology, we are able to distinguish the live verses of the Quran from the abrogated or inauthentic ones.

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