Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Kiya Allah ki Koyi Soorat Hai?

Younus AlGohar answers viewer-submitted questions about God’s physical form. He goes into detail about the roles of Satans and the Devil.

Main points:
- Man was made in God’s image. It is written in Prophetic Traditions that God created Adam in his own image. This means that God must have a physical form, a face and a body - that’s why man also has a physical form. God talks and walks. The fact that is it also mentioned in the Bible is verification of this Prophetic Tradition’s authenticity as well. The Quran says that God does not sleep; if God was just light without a body, there would be no need for this explanation in the Quran. This is confirmation from God that he has a body, but his appearance does not mean he needs to sleep like human beings do. When Prophet Mohammad ascended to see God, what did he go to see? The Quran 5:15 mentions that God sent his light and his book on Earth already; if God was just light, then there would be no need for Prophet Mohammad to ascend to see him. God has said that he is beautiful and he loves beautiful things; if he was just light, it would not make sense for him to say this.

- The Islamic scholars have misguided Muslims about God’s form. The Islamic scholars declare the verses of the Quran in which God talks about his body to be metaphorical. God even said that on the Day of Judgement, he would show his leg - how could this be a metaphor? When Prophet Mohammad went to see God on the Night of Ascension, he said that God put his right arm on his shoulders and he felt a cool sensation, after which he was shown the future up until the 14th century (according to the Islamic calendar). Another Prophetic Tradition states, ‘Everything will come to an end; what will be left will be the face of your Lord.’ When Islamic scholars interpret God’s word and give their own meaning, they are claiming to know what God intended to say. How can they know God’s intentions? This is where they were misguided.

- Satans also have faces and a form, but you do not need to see a satan to be misguided. It is important to note that Iblis (the Devil) and Satans are different. Satans are a group from the nation of Jinns. There is not just one satan. Just as, to help your soul, there are subtleties in your body, similarly to help the Devil, there are Satans. The faces of common Jinns are black; the faces of Satans are also black, but there is fire visible through their black faces. The Devil’s presence strikes fear in people because his being exudes Naar (negative energy) which makes people uneasy. His presence is depressing; the rays of depression that exude from his being are related to depression of the soul. The souls begin to feel that they will never reach God. This ray of depression from the Devil is so powerful that if a common seeker of spirituality falls prey to it, all their spirituality is destroyed. The Devil said to God, ‘I swear on your honour, I will misguide all those who are not Mukhlaseen (those who have seen God),’ which means that the depression the Devil exudes will not affect their souls. This is because a common seeker’s subtitles are enlightened with the energy of God’s name, whereas the ones who have seen God have the energy of God’s being in them.

- People who have seen God, an image of God enters their hearts; then God says, ‘Go back down. Now, whoever sees you has seen me.’ The image of God in their heart can’t be maintained by the energy of God’s name. To maintain God’s image on the heart, God sends theophanies on the image of himself on the heart. One theophany of God has more divine energy in it than the energy generated from a lifetime of invocation of God’s name. When theophanies fall upon him, man becomes fearless. In the energy of God’s name, only some attributes of God are enclosed. But enclosed in God’s personal energy is also God’s personality. As long as you have divine energy of God’s name, you’ll be humble and compassionate; as soon as God’s personal energy enters you, you’ll become like him.

- People enlightened with the divine energy from God’s name are affected by Satans. The negative energy of the Satans manages to keep them from producing divine energy with invocation of God’s name. If your subtleties are enlightened with divine energy of God’s name, the Devil is not permitted by God to come before you, because your spirituality would be destroyed in his presence. When someone reaches the Stage of Perfection (having seen God), then the Devil tries to test them. The Devil is on duty from God; God has appointed him. The Devil is a lover of God; he is obsessed with God. Prophets, messengers and the Devil are all from God. The Devil is God’s anger manifested, whereas Prophet Mohammad’s is God’s love manifested; both are from God.

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