Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Official statement by Mehdi Foundation International about Sheikh Nazim of Cyprus

With all due respect we, MFI, in the light of Quran and Hadith understand that Sheikh Nazim does not qualify to be known as a Saint of God. This statement is not based on my personal grudge for anybody. I am not in the business of holding a grudge and keep the dirt in my heart, and I have no personal dealings with that man. The reason why I am saying this today is because this is my duty to tell the world if somebody claims to be a Saint of God and actually that person is not a qualified Saint of God. The qualification that makes you a saint of God should not be measured unto the length of your beard and intensity of your worship, rather it should be seen and observed in the light of the Quran and Hadith, and of course the Grand Sufis of all times, for example, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Sultan Haq Bahu and Imam Abu Hanifa.
We understand there are many types of Saints of God; however the major classification of Saints of God falls into two different categories. The minimum requirement for a person to be a Saint of God is that he should be able to communicate with God, be able to receive Ilham (Divine Inspiration) from God and be able to send his messages to God. This is possible only when you have gone through spiritual austerities and you have adopted the mystical principles of utter cleanliness of the Self, mortification of the Ego, and purification of the heart. All seven subtleties in the body have to be revived, enlightened, strengthened and must be able to perform spiritual journeys to their respective realms.
Spirituality is not based on talk; it’s not based on the study of different Sufi books. You can have a big mouth and you can swear at me but in the light of spirituality when you bark like a dog it shows who you are. When only a bad smell comes from your mouth and from your soul and heart then we come to know who you are, what is your origin and what kind of spirituality you have been conceiving in your mind. Spirituality is far beyond your conception and intellectual concoction that you might have concocted in your brain. You can call a dog god but it doesn’t make any difference. If somebody says Sheikh Nazim is Sultan al Auliyah (King of Saints) and when I examine this claim in the light of spiritual principality, and I come to know after my spiritual findings that this is just a bogus claim; it’s not reality. Then obviously I will come and say, ‘hey mate Sheikh Nazim is not a Saint of God let alone the King of Saints of God.’ Do you understand what Sultan means? You don’t know what Sultan means in the spiritual world and you are saying he is Sultan al Auliyah. Do you know how many types of Auliyah are there? There are many types of Auliyah and some Auliyah are those who don’t even qualify to be Momineen, but they are Auliyah because it’s just a ritualistic name.
I heard in the company of my Lord that some people say Subhaan Allah 500 times a day and little bit of Wilayah (Sainthood) is granted to them under the rule of Faqr-e-Bakaram. What kind of a Saint? Saints like – something you buy from Tesco, and same type of thing you buy from M&S, there is a huge difference in quality. I do personally say that Sheikh Nazim is not Sultan al Auliyah.
Now, His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi advised people in relation to the identity of Imam Mehdi. HDE said that, because HDE personally showed Sheikh Nazim some of the signs of God and these signs are still visible and prominent on all the celestial and terrestrial bodies. Because HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi had shown Sheikh Nazim the signs, therefore, HDE Gohar Shahi advised many people to seek Sheikh Nazim’s help in order to understand and in order to reveal the identity of the Awaited Imam Mehdi. However, Sheikh Nazim did not fulfill the requirements of the truth and he observed complete silence and became a Shaitan who doesn’t speak. And this has been going on for many years and on every year, Sheikh Nazim has to say something regarding Imam Mehdi and what he predicts about Imam Mehdi doesn’t ever come true.
HDE Gohar Shahi has shown a lot of signs to Sheikh Nazim in his dreams and on two occasions HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi personally sent me to take the message and I met Sheikh Nazim on two different occasions. HDE Gohar Shahi asked me to ask Sheikh Nazim to acknowledge if he has seen the signs and this was the main reason why I was sent to meet with Sheikh Nazim. 
I asked Sheikh Nazim, 'have you seen the signs in your dream? What HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has sent to you?' and he said, 'this is between me and Gohar Shahi.' I said, 'no, Gohar Shahi has sent me to ask you to acknowledge it. Tell me if you have seen it,' and then he said, 'yes I have seen it and I can say He is the Awaited Imam Mehdi.'
Now individuals like Kamran Hassan have no knowledge of Spirituality or religion, for except what is found in books and in order to read those books you don’t have to be a Muslim. What value is the study of such books which everybody can read and understand? You do not become a Sufi by reading books. You become a Sufi by purifying your heart. You become a Sufi when you are connected with God, when you come under the Merciful Sight of God, when the Divine Theophanies start to fall upon your heart. And in lieu of these Theophanies falling upon your heart, those individual who keep your company begin to shine and begin to come away from the performance of sins and begin to become purified and closer to God, as a result of coming under the Merciful Sight of God.
In Spirituality, the only form of worship is not through your physical body. There are 7 souls in your body and there are 9 deputies of your souls which come out of you. You teach them, not just to mention the name of God, not just to glorify the name of God, not just to present the grandeur and splendour of God, but also to make spiritual journeys to their respective realms. It’s not about Naqshbandi or Qadri Silsila (Sufi Order), it is about entering the divine perimeter where you can feel the intensity of God's presence. It’s not about being clung to somebody who may claim to be Sultan al Auliyah yet he has no knowledge of how to connect people with God.
Let me very humbly tell you HDE Gohar Shahi has bestowed upon his humble servants the power and authority and principality of Spirituality, that if you come to them and seek God’s connection they are now able to connect your heart with God. I feel no fear because I don’t fear anyone. Why? Because those who are saints of God, God said about them in Quran, ‘those who have become God's friends they have no fear of anybody.’ I am not saying I am a friend of God, but I am saying I am a servant of Gohar Shahi and Gohar Shahi's love and guardianship on my head tells me you do not need to fear anybody. To say the truth is the greatest of all Jihads and the truth is that the old man you think is Sultan al Auliyah is nothing but an Amil. Read the books, read Quran and then go to Sultan al Auliyah Sheikh Nazim and tell him, revive my heart take me to God; and if he doesn’t don’t throw him away in the river (as Sultan Haq Bahu said). Leave him alone out of respect and come here and if we don’t do it then you can kill us, forget about the river.
The time is the greatest master. Time reveals all. The belly of this Earth cannot keep a secret for too long. We are in the last episode of this world and it’s the decree of God ‘there is no point keeping what has been kept hidden for too long’. I am not in the business of making a secret of small tiny things when it comes to realisation, when it comes to opening of the heart, when it comes to making the pseudo-claimants exposed; then I do not fear anybody. HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi and I am doing a favour when I am saying this to you - before you destroy any potential chance of securing your Emaan - bow down to the feet of HDE Gohar Shahi. If you don’t, you will be the one who will be regretful.
How can we call an ignorant man, Sultan al Auliyah? This is the problem; people say let them say whatever they want. But we say, speak the truth so that people do not become misguided!
Prophet Mohammad said, ‘If you see something wrong try and stop it. If you cannot stop it, then say it is wrong and if you cannot say it, then in your heart think it is wrong.’ 
However, this is the weakest Emaan (faith). Now, if a person says I am Momin, we would not bother because a Momin is for himself not others. But, if a person says he is a Perfect Spiritual Guide (Murshid-e-Kamil) then we have to be attentive because this man is jumping into the business of either destroying the hearts or purifying the hearts. We have to be very attentive and extra careful because if you are not a Spiritual Guide you will be destroying the potential chances of Emaan of a lot of people and that has actually happened. You claimed to be Sultan al Auliyah and you do not know what Wilayah is. Wilayah has nothing to do with physical performance because when you die it is not your body that will go up there, it is your soul. That is what we need to understand.
I represent His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and this spiritual organisation, spiritual institution of Mehdi Foundation International has all the ingredients and recipe of divinity and whenever a pseudo-claimant will rise we will put him down!

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