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Sultan al Fuqra and Imam Mehdi

The truth of who in history was granted the rank of Sultan al Fuqra is revealed by His Holiness Younus AlGohar. His Holiness also explains which of the Divine Sub-spirits is present in the body of Imam Mehdi AS. This is a must-see video for all!

The following is the translation of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above).

One day, God thought to see himself, how beautiful he is. Then a reflection (Aks) appeared before God and God fell in love with that reflection. The Muslim Saint Sultan Haq Bahu wrote that upon seeing his reflection, God danced seven times out of love and every time he danced, a sub-spirit of God came into existence. Thus, seven spirits came into existence. In total there were nine souls present there: one was God himself, one was the initial reflection he fell in love with and then the seven sub-spirits of God.

What is the relation between the seven sub-spirits of God and the initial reflection? The seven sub-spirits are a result of the ecstasy God felt when he saw the initial reflection.

The question is: if Imam Mehdi is one from among the seven Sultan al Fuqra, then what is his specialty? Sultan Haq Bahu declared the seven sub-spirits of God to be Tifle Noorie and in Persian and Arabic, 'tifl,' means 'child' and 'Tifle Noorie,' means a 'Divine Child'. When the Tifle Noorie is given a status, then the Tifle Noorie is called, 'Noorie Hazoorie' (always present before God) and this is why Sultan Haq Bahu said he can see God whenever he wishes.

The order of the Sultan al Fuqra given by Sultan Haq Bahu differs from the order in the Esoteric Realm (Batin). According to Sultan Haq Bahu, the first Sultan al Fuqra of the Ummah is Bibi Fatima, the second is Hassan Basri, third is Abdul Qadir Jillani, fourth is Peer Abdur Razzaq, fifth is Sultan Haq Bahu and this is all the world knows. No one knows who the 6th and 7th Sultan is, not the people of Anjuman Sarfaroshan-e-Islam (ASI) or anybody else in this world. The people of ASI spent 20 years in the company of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, yet they lack knowledge.

Sometime back, we heard that people began calling HDE's brother, Parvez of Gojar Khan the 6th Sultan. But it is impossible that one sleeps at night and wakes up a Sultan the next day. Before Ghaibah (Occultation of HDE Gohar Shahi) there was no such thing - and after Ghaibah, he suddenly became a Sultan? Those who say so do not believe HDE Gohar Shahi to be Imam Mehdi, because after the advent of Imam Mehdi, sainthood is terminated and Sultan al Fuqra is a saint (Friend of God). Just as prophet-hood was terminated after Prophet Mohammad and no prophet can come now, similarly, sainthood has been terminated upon the arrival of Imam Mehdi and therefore saints can no longer be sent into this world.

People ask about the divine secrets but if the secret is revealed and you do not believe it, then you will lose your faith.
In reply to the question about who the 6th Sultan al Fuqra is, the answer is, Shaani Baba - and we prostrate to him because he is the son of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. People do not know the true order of the Sultan al Fuqra and we are revealing the order and number of Sultan al Fuqra that we have seen with our eyes. Now, whether or not you believe it is up to you.

According to the order in the Esoteric Realm, the order of the Sultan al Fuqra is:  

1) Prophet Mohammad
2) Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani
3) Bibi Fatima
4) Hassan Basri
5) Sultan Haq Bahu
6) Peer Abdur Razzaq
7) Shaani Baba

The decision for the 7th Sultan al Fuqra was reserved and the decision was made 5 years after Ghaibah. Because Prophet Mohammad's daughter, Bibi Fatima, was a Sultan al Fuqra, Imam Mehdi also desired for his daughter to be Sultan al Fuqra. But after inquiring, we discovered that this was not the desire of Imam Mehdi but rather the Divine Law. Prophet Mohammad was the Last Messenger and Prophet; therefore, his sons were not permitted to enter spirituality so that people do not worship them as a prophet. Even the grandsons of Prophet Mohammad were chosen to be martyrs so they may please God and the rest of the Sultan could come and take over the spiritual systems. Just as the sons of Prophet Mohammad were not given any rank, the sons of Imam Mehdi were not given any rank either. Then it was decided that the daughter of Imam Mehdi would be granted the rank of Sultan al Fuqra. Abdul Qadir Jillani did not have a daughter; therefore he made his son Peer Abdur Razzaq a Sultan al Fuqra. There was no problem in doing so because he was not the last prophet or saint. If Imam Mehdi had given His sons any rank in spirituality, it would have been a problem; so Imam Mehdi waited for His daughter to reach a certain age in which she could enter the spiritual path. But when His daughter reached that age, her mother had already ruined her faith. It was then decided that Shaani Baba, who had already passed away, would be the last Sultan al Fuqra because there was no danger of him making any claims. Therefore, Shaani Baba was given the rank of the seventh Sultan, completing the seven Sultan al Fuqra.

On the right side of God is Prophet Mohammad and on the left side of God is
Imam Mehdi. All the Sultan al Fuqra are connected to Prophet Mohammad. If someone desires to reach God, they must use these intermediaries to reach God. On the other hand, Imam Mehdi stands alone to the left of God. If there was another Sultan after Imam Mehdi, then that Sultan would be the intermediary between Imam Mehdi and the aspirant. How then can one compare Imam Mehdi to the Sultans? This is not something we have heard over the grapevine or in books. We are stating what His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has revealed and showed us. This is the truth and one who does not have faith in it shall become a Kafir (infidel).  

Who is Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi?
Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi does not have any sub-spirit of a Sultan. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has the Aks, the initial reflection that God saw and upon seeing, danced out of love.

As a result, the seven sub-spirits of the Sultan al Fuqra came into existence. For the initial reflection, God said, 'I am the lover and the beloved.' Previously, the reflection was with God. God would look at it and it would look at God. This love was confined to God alone. Because of the presence of the initial reflection in the being of Imam Mehdi, the Religion of God (Deen-e-Ilahi) came down on Earth in the guise of Imam Mehdi. Now those who have seen this reflection have entered the Religion of God (Divine Love). Initially, only God would look at this reflection. But those who obtained Deedar-e-Ilahi and were able to see God were included in the Religion of God.

The Hindus believe the initial reflection is within Lord Krishna and the Christians believe this initial reflection is Rouh-e-Quds (Spirit of God) and is within Lord Jesus Christ. In the Esoteric Realm, many Muslims Saints believe this initial reflection is within Prophet Mohammad. If this was the case, then the Deen-e-Ilahi should have come down on Earth in the era of Prophet Mohammad or Abdul Qadir Jillani. 

However, the initial reflection, Aks, is neither within Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus Christ nor Prophet Mohammad. This reflection was for Imam Mehdi and when it came down on Earth, rapturous divine love (Ishq-e-Ilahi) came down on Earth. 

The Shiite should mend their tenet. They relate the eminence of Imam Mehdi with Hazrat Ali. On the other hand, Hazrat Ali said, 'If I came in the era of Imam Mehdi, I would dedicate my entire life in servitude to Imam Mehdi.' This means the eminence of Imam Mehdi lies in something else. Prophet Mohammad saw God and no one is greater than God. Why then did Prophet Mohammad cry in remembrance of Imam Mehdi after the Seeing of God (Deedar-e-Ilahi)? When this secret was revealed upon us, we decided to reveal it to you. When God saw himself, all his beauty was reflected before him. The God that Prophet Mohammad saw was not with his entire beauty. In other words, Prophet Mohammad saw God without all his 'make-up'. This is why Prophet Mohammad said, 'رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً' even after the Seeing of God. This is why Prophet Mohammad shed tears in the remembrance of Imam Mehdi. Otherwise, after the Seeing of God, he would not have longed for anything else. When Prophet Mohammad asked God to see God's entire beauty, God said, 'Wait for Imam Mehdi.' When Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi arrived, that is when Prophet Mohammad was given the real Deedar-e-Ilahi (Seeing of God). 

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