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The Nature of Man and Knowledge of Eminence

The following is an except of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. 

Killing, killing, killing everywhere. Bloodshed, carnage, massacre and butchery; people have conceived different reasons for this. The thing is, people are now calling these murderers as animals, but they do not really know why these murderers are animals. If they want to answer you the reason why they call murderers as animals, they will tell you it is because they have no mercy for human beings; they are so hateful. But I will tell you: they are animals because what [would make them] a man is not present in them.

This is not the first time the world is witnessing hatred and bloodshed. This act of butchery is as old as human beings. I would like to give you the right conception of what is going on and what the solution is. Right now, it appears extremely unlikely to stop Radicalised Muslims from killing. But, according to the saying of the Prophet Mohammad, very soon in the future, the Awaited One will fill the entire world with peace, love and justice. The way the Awaited One is going to establish peace, love and justice is such that not just the people who live in this world, but also the creatures who live in the skies will be happy.

I want to tell you why exactly this killing is going on. I would like to start my argument with some verses from the Holy Quran, narrated by God. 

'Your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to appoint a Caliph on Earth."'
(Quran 2:30)

The angels said, 'Why do you want to appoint a man again who will surely and definitely shed blood and bring corruption? If you are creating this man so that somebody can praise and glorify you, then, we can do that thing for you. Don't create a man again because he will spread mischief and shed blood.' This was the initial assessment of a man from angels.

What we understand from this first and foremost is that this was not the first time God was about to create a man. He had created a man previously; that man must have done a lot of killing, bloodshed and spread a lot of mischief - and this is how angels developed a bad conjecture for man. As a result of this bad conjecture, the angels did not like this idea of God creating man yet again. So they objected to God. As long as glorifying and praising God was concerned, the angels wanted to tell God that they would happily glorify him and praise God enough.

They mentioned two things when God announced his plan of creating man again:

1 - He will shed blood.

2 - He will spread and get involved in mischief.

Some people fall in the category of those who spread mischief and some people fall in the category of those who get fascinated by the mischief and start killing people. Some people are confined to sprouting out mischief and invigorating hearts and minds of people with the heat of hatred; they compel them socially, economically, mentally and religiously to become terrorists.
The angels said, 'You are creating man again. Don't you know he will become involved in bloodshed and spread mischief?' These are not two acts; this is mention of two different groups of people.
What is mischief? For example, we are all sitting here in peace and love. If Mr A says, 'Look! Mr B is sitting here so innocent, but did you know that in the Shopping Centre, he was having sex with somebody?' Mr. A is lying; it never happened. But before people find out it was a lie, enough damage would have been done. What is it? Mischief.

So now, the angels objected to God, 'You are creating him again; he will spread mischief and shed blood. If you are creating man so that he can praise and glorify you, then we want to assure you that we can do it very well.' God said, 'I know what you don't.' It's like inventing the Concorde Plane. They said, 'You will be in New York from London in less than two hours.' The ticket from London to New York in a Concorde about 16-17 years ago was £11 000. So it was good, but for how many people? Did it really help the international frequent travellers? Even when Concorde was operating, not many people would fly by Concorde. Now see how God ignored the objections raised by the angels. He said, 'I know what you do not.' Then he said, 'I am going to give Adam the knowledge of my names.' God said he was going to give this man some sort of special knowledge with the help of which, this man would be eminent.

What we understand is that the objection raised by the angels was there; the possibility of man getting involved in bloodshed and spreading mischief was still there. It is just that God was going to give this Adam some special knowledge which would nullify the likelihood of man getting into bloodshed and mischief again. However, minus this knowledge, man is the same as [that which was] objected by the angels.

For example, if I say, 'I'm going to buy a house in Dubai,' all of you will say, 'You can't live in Dubai because it is very hot.' I will say, 'Oh no, you don't know what I know; I am going to install an air conditioner in every room.' I install air conditioning unit in every room you visit that house, you sit there in a cool atmosphere and you really praise it. You would say, 'We didn't really know it would be so cool.' Then again, someone else says, 'I'm going to buy a house in Dubai.' If he doesn't have enough money to install an air conditioner, then his house is not going to be like mine. So minus air conditioning, living in Dubai is a nightmare.

Installing an air conditioning unit in your house does not mean the entire Dubai will change; giving wonderful knowledge of eminence to one man does not mean the entire humanity will become sublime or the likelihood of entering into mischief and bloodshed has now gone down the drain.

This idea was not properly calculated by God. Did he ponder, 'What if people who did not obtain this knowledge? What would they do?' They would do the same as what they did in the past. Then the angels will have a laugh and say 'That is what we said [would happen].' He will say, 'It is not my fault because he did not acquire knowledge.' Whatever may be the reason for not acquiring the knowledge, the result is that man is doing what he has done in the past: spreading mischief and getting engaged in bloodshed, carnage, slaughter and butchery of humankind. God appointed man to be his second, his caliph, his vicegerent - but he became a terrorist.

In cricket, if an opportunity of a catch is created in every over and the wicket-keeper takes only one catch, then it is not satisfactory. There is far greater Knowledge of Eminence available today than the Knowledge of Eminence which God gave to Adam. How many people are willing to receive it?

I thought maybe when God created the nature of man, he created in the nature of man the desire of mischief and bloodshed, so this is the reason why men are prone to it. But having read this verse in the Quran, it appears to me as though the desire of mischief and the desire for bloodshed were not specifically injected in the nature. This is how it is.

This is something which is part of men, because the angels didn't say, 'You are designing this man to be a killer.' They had seen what men did in the past, so when they saw God having this plan in the pipeline that he would create men yet again, they said that he would do the same - because this is what men have been good at. Then what happened? Adam came and the first murder was done among his close progeny. One of his sons killed the other.

In cricket, I am a very good bowler and I can move the ball from off to leg and from leg to off, but does it mean my sons will automatically be able to do the same as I do? They will have to learn. God gave eminence to one man and rest of humanity was thrown into uncertainty and ambiguity. Now, nobody knows how to be a good man, nobody knows where the Knowledge of Eminence is and nobody even knows that there is a Knowledge of Eminence. If you live in a jungle and nobody has ever taken a shower in front of you, then you would never have this thought in your mind that you would want to have a shower - because you don't know. You are dirty and there is plenty of water but you don't know that if you take a shower, all the dirt will be removed from your body.

After God's statement that he knows something that we don't know and he is going to give this man some fabulous, fascinating, and sublime knowledge, the objection was thrown out the window by God straight away. 'What you are suspecting will never happen. You know why? Because I am giving him special knowledge.' This conversation between the angels and God suggests there will be no bloodshed and mischief this time because every single person from this progeny will be sublime, will be great. There will be no mischief; there will be peace and love, that's all. What a picture!

According to the Quran only those will become sublime that acquire the special knowledge. And the rest who don't acquire this special knowledge, whoever they may be, will shed blood and create mischief.

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