Friday, 1 January 2016

New Video: Jews & Christians Are Not Infidels - Proved by Quran! - Younus AlGohar

Proof from Younus AlGohar in the light of the Koran that Christians and Jews are not infidels.
Main points:
  • Koran (109: 1-6) says, 'Say, "O' Kafireen: I do not worship the one you worship and you do not worship the one I worship. Your religion is with you and mine is with me."'
  • Wahhabis say Christians and Jews are infidels. But Christians and Jews worship the same God as Muslims do, so in light of this verse of the Koran, Christians and Jews are not infidels.
  • Muslims are bound by the fundamental principles of the religion to believe in all four books sent by God: the Torah, Talmud, Bible and the Koran.
  • The verse of the Koran does not show intolerance towards infidels nor does it call for them to be killed.
  • Wahhabis have created mischief in the religion by calling Christians and Jews infidels, and by calling for murder of infidels. They must be wiped out in order to restore peace.
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