Saturday, 27 February 2016

New Video: Dor-e-Mehdi Aur Habal Allah || by Younus AlGohar

This video is in Urdu, but an English translation will be available soon.

Main points:
- Adulteration has taken place in celestial books, Muslims think the Quran cannot be modified because God promised to guard it. The Quran that God promised to guard was revealed unto Prophet Mohammad's heart.

- The most important thing in the Quran: ‘Hold fast to the Divine Rope and don’t be divided into sects.’

- If people knew what the Divine Rope is, they would not fall into different sects.

- That Divine Rope was Prophet Mohammad. Those who held it fast thrived and that didn't lost God's connection.

- From God, there comes a rope of Noor (divine light). It gets connected to a man’s heart. Whoever is connected to it becomes connected to God. It was first connected to Adam, then Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Prophet Mohammad. After Mohammad, Prophethood ended - but not the Divine Rope.

- The main thing is the Divine Rope. When prophethood ended, the Divine Rope was connected to saints. From Prophet Mohammad, the Divine Rope went to Ali. Then it started to be connected to the Imams of Ahle Bait. It was connected to 11 Imams in Ahle Bait. The 12th Imam was from the Muslim nation; after that, the Divine Rope started to be connected to different people in the nation.

- When Imam Mehdi came into this world, the Divine Rope went back. That is what it means for the Quran to be lifted. First, there was just one Divine Rope coming down. Now, from the chest of Imam Mehdi, there are 7 Divine Ropes going up.

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