Thursday, 16 February 2017

Chaar Aima Karaam Ki Shariat Alag Alag Kiyon?

Younus AlGohar explains why there were four Aima Karaam (Jurists of Sharia) in Islam.

To understand this video better, first watch this video: Main points: - The four Aima Karaam of Sharia were each given benevolence from one of Prophet Mohammad’s four Jussas (sub-spirits) of the Nafs (Self). Imam Abu Hanifa obtained benevolence of Nafs-e-Mutma’ina (The Divinely Contented Self), therefore he is the leader of Imams. - All four Imams of Sharia have their own Sharia, because Prophet Mohammad has four Jussas of the Nafs. The piety of each Jussa affected the piety and strictness of their Sharia. - Imam Abu Hanifa’s followers are mostly in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India because his Sharia was for elite people. Saints mostly came in this region therefore people living there also became Hanafi. Imam Abu Hanifa’s Sharia is the strictest form of Sharia. - All four Imams were correct and their respective Sharias are correct, but you need to understand the benefits and benevolence each one offers. Which one you adopt depends on which level of purification you want your Nafs to reach. Watch the live recordings of these lectures every day at 22:00 GMT at Can't access this video? Watch it on Daily Motion: Listen to this speech on the go with SoundCloud:

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