Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kiya Roz-e-Azal Se Pehlay Bhi Allah Ne Rouhen Banayi Thien?

#AskYounusAlGohar - When God created the souls in the Primordial Times, he showed the modelled luxuries of the world and paradise. Why did he not show hellfire?

Younus AlGohar explains what actually transpired in the Primordial Times and why human beings are mere puppets in the hands of God.

Main Points:

- In the Primordial Times, when the souls were created they were shown the modelled luxuries of the world and paradise. A large quantity leapt towards each and some were left indecisive whose fate was then suspended. Hell was neither mentioned nor shown to the souls.

- God also neither mentioned nor showed the luxuries of his Person (Dhaat) and love, however, we have heard of numerous personalities that would colour the world with God's love. So, where did the notion of God's love come from?

- When the souls were created in the Primordial Times, there was no concept of evil; there was no influence of Satan because Satan did not exist. Therefore, the souls were just souls. However, a majority of the souls leapt towards the world because that is exactly what God had planned.

- Koran: "I have created a vast majority of human beings and Jinns for hellfire.' This simply means that human beings are nothing in their own capacity, they have no athority to make any decisions on their own. Everything that happens, everything that has come to pass and everything that will happen is in accordance to God's plan and agenda.

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