Thursday, 30 November 2017

Dharkanon Mein Allah Ka Zikar Karna Kiyon Zaroori Hai?

#AskYounusAlGohar - Why is it important to bring God's name into the heart?

Younus AlGohar detailed lecture about the importance of Opening of the Spiritual Heart and how it is neither innovation in the religion nor it is Shirk.

Main Points:

- There are two things to understand. Firstly, the piece of flesh called the heart, which beats, has two functions: to purify the blood and to pump the pure blood throughout the body. The pulmonary valve push the purified blood back into the body, this pulsation that you feel is called a heartbeat. The more it beats, the better because it creates kinetic energy which makes the body agile.

- If Divine Light enters the beating system of the heart then it will also travel throughout the body. This is why it is important to synchronise the name of God with the heartbeats. However, you must do it in the divinely prescribed method, otherwise, the Divine Light is not generated. You must repeat the name of God at least 101 times without stopping in order for the Divine Light to start being generated.

- When the name of God enters the beating system of the heart and it enters the loops of the bloodstream because as long as the heart is beating the name of God will throb within. And it is scientifically proved that the heart beats for 90 seconds after death. This will not only wash away your sins, but it will secure your afterlife. As it is mentioned in the Koran that one who remembers God at the time of death will enter paradise.

- Prophet Mohammad said: O' son of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body; when it is correct, the entire body is corrected, when it is corrupted, the entire body is corrupted. Remember well, it is your heart!

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