Sunday, 25 February 2018

Nangi Filmein Aur Aghlam Baazi Ka Batni Ilaaj

Younus AlGohar's spiritual remedy for the addiction to watching adult films and sodomy in answer to a viewer's question:

'Enlightened believers refrain from indecent deeds, however, the Carnal Self incites one to engage in bad deeds from time to time. Please explain how one can become a Contended Self?'

Main points:

- A Prophetic Tradition narrates: Do not to look at a woman who is not in related to you. This is because your Carnal Self becomes lustful. Prophet Mohammad declared that a non-related man and woman are never alone, the Devil is definitely present with them.

- Pornography takes away the modesty of a person’s eyes. Watching pornographic films becomes a disease; not only are there esoteric (spiritual) diseases attached with it but also physically and scientifically it is being proven that those who become addicted to porn develop erectile dysfunction which leads to impotency.

- The diseases which are caused by a virus are because of bacteria which enter the bloodstream and the cure for them is antibiotics. Similarly, sins also bring esoteric diseases. Alcohol has esoteric insects which enter the bloodstream, when the blood completes its cycle you begin to crave alcohol and this is where addiction starts.

- In a similar way, people become addicted to homosexuality which also has esoteric insects attached with it. If someone becomes addicted to homosexuality, the esoteric insects compels them to do it and they are unable to stop. The only cure to this is in Spirituality, it cannot be cured physically. The saints and spiritual dignitaries have the cure.

- Adultery has been classified in many different forms. Whether it is touching, listening, speaking or watching, if it is done with lustful intentions, you are committing adultery. So, if you watch pornography, you are committing the adultery of the eyes. If you do it often then an abundance of esoteric insects enter your bloodstream. There is only one antidote for this: Divine Light.

- The Divine Light of God's name must enter your heart; into the bloodstream and into your eyes. Even if you are compelled to watch pornography, visualise the name of God and one day your eyes will become pure and the Divine Light will push out the esoteric sins out of your bloodstream.

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