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A Message for the Jewish Nation about the Awaited One and Jesus Christ

The following is the transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. The recording of this lecture will be available soon. 

We believe very strongly that His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Awaited One. Our belief is not based on our personal assumption, personal judgment or our own calculations; rather, it is strongly supported by the Divine Signs and the Doctrine of Divine Love that HDG Gohar Shahi has to offer to the entire humanity without discrimination, reservation and without prejudice to any particular group, faith or religion. The Doctrine of Divine Love, the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love, caters to the theosophical needs and spiritual needs of the entire humanity.

However, when we propagate HDG Gohar Shahi among Muslims and we tell them that HDG Gohar Shahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi, they always want to examine our claim in the light of the Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad (Hadith). Obviously, the Quran doesn't say much about the Awaited One. There are so many things which have been said in the Ahadith (Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad) regarding the designation of Imam Mehdi which have sort of appeared to be a tale from mythology. Practically speaking, what has been mentioned in Ahadith does not relate to the practical Imam Mehdi.

However, when we profess among Jews that HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the Promised Messiah, they have their reservations and their doubts; they have so many prerequisites, so to speak, before they think of conceding HDG as the Promised Messiah. Then when we advocate HDG Gohar Shahi's designation of Kalki Avatar among Hindus; they have their own understanding of Kalki Avatar. Sometimes the claims and signs mentioned in their religious books seem to appear peculiar and a tale from mythology again.

The Promised Messiah from the Line of David 
Judaism is a very old religion. The older the religion, the more chances of adulteration and alteration. (It doesn't mean I am being sceptical; I am just stating the obvious. A spiritual man cannot be sceptical - he doesn't believe in scepticism). I am just being blatantly honest. I want to call a spade a spade. I don't want to live in an imaginary world. I do not want to turn Imam Mehdi into a mythological character - one that we cannot touch or see, we only read Him about in books. HDG Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi, the Promised Messiah and Kalki Avatar but this Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is not confined to the Quran, the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud or any Prophetic Tradition. This Imam Mehdi is very practical; He walks on Earth on two legs, He talks to people and He knows the pain of humanity. He is here to help everybody out from the ditch of problems, delusions, wrong concepts and mythological aspects of their religion.

Muslims say that Imam Mehdi will from the line of Prophet Mohammad. I do not dispute. The Jews say that the Messiah will be from the line of David - again, I do not dispute. I frankly do not know what Hindus say, from the line of whom will come Kalki Avatar. But the question to every single person who is very dedicated to his religion - who is very dedicated to becoming loyal to his religion - is: if somebody says he is from the line of David, how are you going to determine that the claimant who said he was from the line of David is really from the line of David? One thing which can happen is that we must have Prophet David's gene (DNA) and then we can take a sample of Imam Mehdi's gene. In the ultra modern scientific world, it is possible to check whether somebody is from the line claimed - but the problem is, you can take the gene of HDE Gohar Shahi, but do you have the gene of David? If somebody says, 'I am from the family of Prophet Mohammad,' no problem but how are we going to determine that this person claiming to be from the household of Prophet Mohammad is actually from the line of Prophet Mohammad (because we do not have Prophet Mohammad's gene)? Unless you want to believe in that piece of paper that is known to be a family tree. It is very easy to make a family tree; anybody can make this or get it made for 10 pounds.

What is important is that the Messiah, Mehdi and Kalki Avatar has to come from God. Even if somebody is from the line of David, this doesn't prove anything. Somebody has to be from God, even if that somebody is not from the line of David, the line of Prophet Mohammad or from the line of Abraham. Because He is not coming from David, He is not coming from Prophet Mohammad. If I asked you if the significance of the Messiah lies in being from the line of David, tell me the significance of David is from the line of whom? Then his significance is from the line of whom, and then his significance is from the line of whom? They all came forward from Adam. They all came into this world from the line of Adam and Adam came form God.

So he has to come from God. You cannot restrict God and say, 'If you want to send a Messiah, send him from the line of David.' He can send him from any line or without a line. God cannot be restricted inside some boundaries or limitations. God is Absolute Power! How can you limit God and his power? For example, HDG Gohar Shahi gives the Jews the Promised Land and says, 'God promised you this land and I give it to you. Moses liberated your body from the shackles of Pharaoh and I liberate your souls from the claws of the Devil, but I am not from the line of David.'

Similarly, Muslims say, 'Imam Mehdi will be from the line of Prophet Mohammad.' What if Gohar Shahi says, 'I am not from the line of Mohammad but I have enough power to take you to see Mohammad'? They say, 'Imam Mehdi will be from the line of Prophet Mohammad,' but there is another Tradition of the Prophet which says that Imam Mehdi will look exactly like Prophet Mohammad inside out. When He himself is the presence of Mohammad, then what significance is there in being or not being from the line of Mohammad? It doesn't make any difference. The significance lies in being sent from God. Because David was sent from God and by God; David himself doesn't hold any significance until and unless he puts forward his connection with God. Coming from the line of Mohammad is very good. Mohammad was a holy Messenger, he was great. But greater than David is God, greater than Abraham is God, greater than Mohammad is God, what if He (the Awaited One) was from the line of God? We can prove this and we are ready to prove this. 

You all know there are genes and these genes carry all important and fundamental information of a human being: your blood group, the diseases that run in the family, everything. I tell you: Divine light (Noor) is a divine gene. Divine light is God's gene. The personal name of God carries his personal information.

HDG Gohar Shahi said, 'Bring a miser who doesn't want to spend his money. The moment God's name enters his heart, since God is generous, in a few days' time, the stingy person will become generous; because the divine light enters and it has all the properties of the divine.'

In other words, we can safely say that divine light is the divine gene which carries all the characteristics of God. HDG Gohar Shahi is distributing to the world genes of God. He is turning humanity into divinity. He is moving the hearts of humanity; He is turning human beings into divine beings. The moment divine light enters your heart, the evil traits will diminish from your person and they will be replaced by divine traits, characteristics.

People think that when the Awaited One will come, he will be acting like David Copperfield; no, He doesn't. It is not as if He will point towards the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Statue of Liberty will disappear, or He will point towards the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Eiffel Tower will disappear. No. This is the character of a magician, not a character of somebody divine. Just look at the life and works of these great Messengers and great prophets. If I asked you today, 'Did Prophet Abraham have any power?' You would say, 'Yes, a lot of power.' But he went through a lot of trouble, turmoil and he had to bear a lot of calamities. There has always been a villain that God put against every prophet. At the time of Abraham, there was this man called Nimrod and he was a really fierce opponent to Prophet Abraham. His enmity towards Abraham mounted to a point where Nimrod decided to throw Prophet Abraham into fire. He was thrown into fire, but the fire lost its effect and turned out to be a garden of flowers. While he was walking in a very relaxed mood on fire, people thought he would be burned to ashes, but nothing happened. This was a miracle, but this miracle didn't happen every day - just once in his lifetime.

Prophet Moses
Moses for the Jews is greater than Abraham; I do not agree, but I do not dispute. Moses has a lot of power, but then what about his struggle from day one? These people who today say, 'We are the favourite nation of God,' when Moses asked them to wait for him when he was going to speak with God and he was mounting the Mount of Sinai, they said to his brother, Aaron (Haroon), 'Moses is not coming back, he was lying.' Then they reverted to their previous religion. They made a calf of gold and started to worship it and when Moses came back, some of these people returned. Every time Moses would tell them the Commandments of God, they showed a lot of resilience and exhibited an enormous amount of doubt and reservations. They have always demanded from Moses to ask God to show some miracles. On one occasion, they said, 'We are very hungry. Moses, can you ask your God to send us some food?' They do not know what 'Mann' and 'Salwa' is. They think it was a tray with plates of food. Mann and Salwa were two birds.

On one occasion, they said, 'We don't really know if we should believe Moses because he just goes up there on the mountain and he stands there and talks. We don't know who he is talking to; maybe he was just talking to himself.' They said, 'We want to see God. If you want us to believe in God, we want to see God.' Not before this demand had Moses thought he should see God. Then what happened? Moses said to God, 'These people want to see you.' God said, 'Okay, bring a leader of every tribe from your nation.' There were seventy tribes in his nation, so seventy leaders from his nation came forward and Moses was also there. When God manifested his light, the light of God fell on the mountain, on the rock. The rock turned into ashes and all of those seventy leaders from the nation of Moses died instantly. Moses himself fell on the rock and he lost consciousness. Then Moses felt really sorry that he asked God to do something that he was not capable of absorbing.

Moses thought that the type of knowledge and the amount of knowledge God had given to him, he thought nobody else in the entire history of humanity would have gotten that much knowledge. So one day, he asked God, 'Is there anybody who has more knowledge than I have?' God told him about Khidr. Moses was surprised that somebody had more knowledge than he had - the whole story is in the Quran. He requested to God that he wanted to see and meet Khidr, so God told him how to meet with Khidr. He went there and they met each other. Moses said, 'I want to spend some time with you.' Khidr said, 'Okay.' So they started off with a voyage set on a boat. The boat was really new. Khidr made a hole in the boat. Moses said, 'Why are you doing this? The owner of this boat is a young boy and you are making this hole in his boat? This is not fair.' Khidr said, 'According to the terms that we set between us, anything I do, you have to keep your mouth shut; just watch.' Moses said, 'Okay.' They arrived on an island and entered a valley and they were really hungry. Khidr saw a house; the house was in really bad condition so he renovated the house. After he had renovated the house, he asked the owner of the house to give him food because he was hungry. They said, 'No, we cannot give you food.' Moses was really upset; he said, 'We spent so much time. We renovated their house and they can't give us food? That's terrible.' Then they were going to some place and they saw a young boy who was really handsome; Khidr killed him. Moses was really surprised. He showed his anger and said, 'Why did you do it?' Then again Khidr said, 'According to the terms we set between us, you are not supposed to ask me questions - but I am not going to be with you anymore. I want to tell you why I did these things. I made a hole in the boat because on the other side of that river, there was a tyrant king. I made a hole because when that tyrant king would see a defect in the boat, he would not seize it. If the boat was new, the tyrant king would seize his boat and the boy would be deprived of the boat. Then the house that we renovated - there is a well underneath the house, and in that well was the treasure of these 2-3 young boys. If I did not renovate the house, people would find out that there is a treasure and take it away. They would be deprived of that treasure. I killed that young boy because if I didn't kill him, he would grow into a very tyrant man and would have killed thousands of people. I recued humanity from the tyranny of that tyrant man. But now that is the end of our meeting and I am not going to meet you again.'

The Reality of Lord Jesus Christ
Moses, who is considered to be the greatest prophet in Judaism, had his time and whatever God gave him was not everything. God could have given him more to make Jews more proud of being from the nation of Moses. However, after Moses, came somebody greater - greater than Adam, greater than Abraham, greater than Moses. The time has come that now we clear the ears of Jews. They did not accept the eminence and greatness of Lord Jesus Christ. They have always maintained to believe that Moses was the greatest, however what happened when Jesus came? Jesus was walking and he saw a mob and they were stoning a woman. He said to everybody, 'Come on, what are you doing? Why are you pelting stones at this woman?' They said, 'She is an adulteress.' He said, 'Do not pelt stones at her. Just think about yourself. Is there anybody among you who has never committed any sin? The only one who I think is eligible to pelt stones at her is the one who has never committed any sin.' They said, 'We are pelting stones at her according to the laws of Moses, according to the laws of Abraham.' Jesus said, 'But I have come now. You are not worthy of Adam, you are not worthy of Moses, you are not worthy of Abraham. I give you something greater.' They said, 'Who are you?' He said, 'Do not ask me who I am. Ask the one who has sent me.'

When Jesus spoke, what he said was mind-boggling. Their spiritual intelligence was incapable of grasping the knowledge that Jesus was casting. The nature of the knowledge that Jesus was dispensing and the nature of the message of Jesus was beyond the reach of their imaginative intelligence. Jesus was talking about divine love, Jesus was talking about transporting them into the Unseen World; Jesus was asking them to leave humanity and adopt divinity. Jesus said, 'You have made a temple with your own hands and now you want to find God inside this temple? How silly and how folly of you.' They are not spiritually intelligent enough to grasp the meaning of Jesus' message because the teachings of Moses are very superficial; they are not very profound. The teachings of Moses are very [similar to] Islamic Sharia. Look what Muslims are doing today: they are cutting each other's throats and they declare it to be a service to God. Is this a service to God, cutting creatures created by God? The knowledge is incompetent to enlighten their mind, forget about the enlightenment of the heart and awakening of the soul. With this knowledge that they have, they cannot recognise themselves.

Don't think I am against anybody. I have seen what they did to Jesus with my two eyes. What I am saying is not in favour of anybody; I am simply stating the truth. What wrong did Jesus do? He only professed love. He said to them, 'I am the only way to God. You reach Father through me.' They did not accept Jesus; they became homeless. They have been wandering about the world like gypsies. Jesus healed them. Those who did not have sight, Jesus restored sight in them. Those who were not able to walk, with the blessings of Jesus, they started to walk. Those who were not able to speak, with the power of Jesus, with the blessings of Jesus, they were able to speak. Numerous miracles were worked by Jesus, but they failed to appreciate the truth and naked display of divinity, the naked display of the manifestation of God.

They lied to the Romans about Jesus. They said to the Roman king, 'This man is from Nazareth and he says that he is the Son of God; this man from Nazareth says he is the Messiah.' Jesus never said, 'I am Messiah,' and when the Romans asked him, 'Did you say you were Messiah?' Jesus didn't say anything. He just said one sentence, 'Ask the one who sent me.' The time has now come to clear their throats - to clear, not cut - to clear their ears. The Messiah is the one who restores life, who liberates the souls from the occupation of evil. You are talking about occupied Palestine and you are talking about occupied Kashmir; why don't you see into yourself and see the occupation of evil in you? You are possessed by the Devil; you are occupied by the Devil. Only the Messiah is the liberator and the Messiah will liberate your soul from shackles of all limitations, from shackles of all evil power.

Both Muslims and Jews are very rigid in their belief system; this is why both are fighting in that region [of Israel] and nobody wants to give in. Some people say, 'Jesus is the Messiah.' You see, Lord Jesus Christ already has a significant title and designation, that of being the Messenger of God and Son of God. The title of Messiah in comparison to a Messenger is of lower degree - in the light of what the Bible, the Quran and Talmud say. If you ask a Jew, 'Do you think the Messiah is greater than Moses?' They will say, 'No.' The Messiah is not a title greater than a Messenger or a prophet. In a similar way, Imam Mehdi, according to Islam, is not greater than Prophet Mohammad. I do not know why some people persist on maintaining to say that Jesus is the Promised Messiah. Jesus is not the Messiah; Jesus is the Son of God and Jesus is the Messenger of God, which academically speaking is a greater title than Messiah. Now we know His Divine Grace Gohar Shahi; when we say, 'HDG Gohar Shahi is greater than Prophet Mohammad and greater than Moses,' we do not say it because HDG Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi and that is why he is greater than Mohammad. Rather, we say this because we believe and we know that Gohar Shahi is not a human being. HDG Gohar Shahi is from the Unseen World. Those who believe in Imam Mehdi, they do not believe Imam Mehdi is greater than Prophet Mohammad; in a similar way, Jews do not believe the Messiah is greater than Moses. But we say, 'HDG Gohar Shahi is greater than Moses, Prophet Mohammad and then Adam.' We say it not because HDG Gohar Shahi is Messiah; being Messiah and being Imam Mehdi is a different ball game. The reason why we understand HDG is greater than all prophets is because He comes from the Unseen World; He is not a human being. The greatness, the eminence of HDG Gohar Shahi lies in Him being Him. So the Messiah is not great, it is Gohar Shahi who is great!

When we say, 'Imam Mehdi is greater than all,' even the liberal Muslims have problems – 'You said, "HDG Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi," then why are you saying, "La Ilaha Illa Riaz"?' According to their belief system, Imam Mehdi is a designation approved by Prophet Mohammad, approved by the basic principles of Islam. However, Islam does not say Imam Mehdi is greater than Prophet Mohammad. All these Muslims who believe in the title of Imam Mehdi do not believe that Imam Mehdi is greater than Prophet Mohammad.

According to the Quran, God does not discriminate among prophets and he does not see a difference among the prophets. All the prophets are the same in the eyes of God; however, we believe Jesus is greater than all Messengers, than all prophets. Jesus is greater than all, not because he himself is a Messenger, but because he comes from the Unseen World. He is not a human being. The reason why we keep Jesus in higher esteem than the rest is not because he is a Messenger of God or because Jesus is the Son of God, rather, because Jesus is from the Unseen World; Jesus is no lesser in eminence or in power than God. He himself has an exclusive kingdom to his own credit about which he was foretelling people, 'If you believe in me, then I will transport you to a world which your hearts could have never have imagined of, no ears could have heard of.' He was not talking about paradise. Before Jesus, there had been many prophets; those who would have believed in those prophets would have entered paradise and they would have seen it. But Jesus is not talking about paradise. He is not promising his followers that he would take them into paradise. Rather, he was telling them that he himself possesses a kingdom of his own and he would take them into his own kingdom. The reason why we keep Jesus higher than the rest of the Messengers and prophets is because Jesus is from the Unseen World and he is a God-like figure. Jesus is not a human being. Jesus is immortal. He is not son of man; he is divine.

Jesus said, 'You are not worthy of Adam, you are not worthy of Abraham and Moses. Through me, you reach the Father.' What kind of medium were Adam, Abraham and Moses for the other people who believed in them? These holy designated people like Adam, Abraham, Isaac, David, John, Moses and Zachariah, they came from God; they were human beings appointed and anointed as a Prophet or Messenger. However, on their own, they have no credentials. They do not own anything for except what God has granted to them, but Jesus does not need anything from God. He himself owns a kingdom and he himself is the owner of that kingdom. If he wants to bless somebody, he does not need God's permission. Prophet Mohammad needs God's permission, Adam needs God's permission - Abraham, Moses, David and Isaac all need God's permission before they could think of forgiving anybody. But Jesus doesn't need that, because he is the king of his own kingdom. If God said to Jesus, 'I cannot accommodate anybody that you forgive,' then Jesus could have said to him, 'I have my own kingdom; I could take them there.' But Adam, Abraham and Moses were not in the position.

This philosophy is coming from the Quran. God said in the Quran: 

مَنْ ذَا الَّذِي يَشْفَعُ عِنْدَهُ إِلاَّ بِإِذْنِهِ


'Is there anybody who can forgive people on his own, without consulting with me, without my permission?'

But Jesus is exempted. Why does he need permission from God? If you have a friend and you want to take your friend to someone else's house, you need that person's permission. If you are taking your friend to your own house, you don't need anybody's permission, do you? This is the problem; it is very important for people to understand this today. If they do not understand this, they can never ever calculate the eminence of Lord Jesus Christ. They need to know the Spiritual Person of Jesus Christ. If you would always maintain to say that Jesus is the Son of Mary, then you will never understand Jesus. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is God. Some people become champions of spirituality by saying, 'We believe Jesus to be the Son of God.' Are you doing any favour to God? Son of God is a little title; it is to do with Jesus' body. What about the soul? The soul doesn't have a father. The soul of Jesus is God.

These Jews have knowledge which is incompetent to understand the designation of Jesus Christ and the level of their comprehension is very shallow - and on occasions shabby. They see everything with a bird's-eye view. Go to the bottom and dig the truth out! In the lines of prophets and in the lines of spiritually designated people, somebody coming towards the end is going to be greatest of all, because he is going to take care of the entire humanity. Look at human beings today: they do not look like human beings and they do not behave like human beings. Not many humans are human-friendly anymore.

What we need to do is to raise the awareness of the Spiritual Person of Jesus Christ among the religions of the world and Jesus is coming back. No prophet is believed to be coming back - why Jesus is coming back?

If Moses is greater, why is he not coming back? Just study the way he was buried. He was reluctant to die. He didn't appreciate God's decision. God said, 'It's time for you to come.' The Angel of Death came and he said to Moses, 'God has said, "The game is over my friend, come up now."' Moses said, 'No. I've got a little son and a daughter; I need to take care of them.' The Angel of Death said, 'God has commanded me to seize your soul and bring it to him.' Moses slapped him and he injured his ear. It was a powerful blow on his face. The Angel of Death went to God crying and God said, 'I will tell you what to do.' Sometimes when you cannot do things straight then you have to do it the crooked way - and this understanding comes from God. God said, 'If he doesn't want to die, let him enjoy. That's his right. You go dig a grave and wait for Moses. When he is passing by, ask him, "Somebody of your size died. Can you just lie in this grave so I can understand this is the perfect size for the guy?' When Moses was passing by, he did the same and then buried him. This is how Moses came to an end. He was so stubborn, forget about Jews. Maybe today you cannot understand what I am saying, but after this world people will understand. Honest to God, none of the prophets are equal to the shoes that Jesus Christ wore, in eminence, in spirituality, in might and power.

His Divine Grace Gohar Shahi is very merciful on Jews. For some unknown reasons, He wants to bless them and He wants to give them the Promised Land.

HDG Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi appears to be more lenient and merciful towards this nation of the Jews. This is why we want to extend our message. But they will have to understand the greatness and eminence of Lord Jesus Christ as well.

When HDG Gohar Shahi returns, HDG will be accompanied by Jesus at all times. If HDG Gohar Shahi visits Jerusalem, Jesus will accompany Him. The day is not far; the time is not far when you will be physically walking with the Lords. A stroll with God, a divine walk! HDG Gohar Shahi has all the ingredients that you need to convince people.

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