Friday, 7 March 2014

MFI’s Official Statement on Imposition of Sharia Law in Pakistan

The Sharia of the Taliban and the Sharia of Islam are two opposite things.
To kill thousands of innocent people for the imposition of Sharia Law in any country is against Sharia itself and a disgusting act. To punish sinners and criminals in accordance with Sharia Law is the job of the judge and the courts. If every Muslim takes Sharia into his own hands and begins to stone people to death, chop their hands and behead them, it will only add to existing mischief and trouble. Concurrently, this is what is happening in Pakistan.

Is the Imposition of Sharia Law in Pakistan Feasible?
Prophet Mohammad did not impose Sharia Law in one day. At the time Islam was introduced, the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula lacked social, civil and moral values. All types of vices could be found within them. First of all, Prophet Mohammad purified their hearts and mortified their Nafs (Ego) because of which admirable moral values began to reflect in their characters and they began to detest sins. After that, to be on the safe side, Prophet Mohammad gradually imposed Sharia. Today, the Pakistani society more or less is similar to the Arabs pre-Islam, and sectarianism has paralysed their hearts and intellect. They are unable to distinguish between Halal (permitted) and Haraam (prohibited) or between the truth and falsehood. Did Prophet Mohammad impose Islam and Sharia Law by force of his sword? Firstly, the Pakistani nation needs reformation and guidance; the hearts and Nafoos need to be purified. When they become Momineen, they will involuntarily implement Sharia on themselves. Greater than the orders of the Taliban is the decree of God. Despite God’s decree, this nation has not followed the Sharia Law so what will Taliban achieve by implementing Sharia forcefully? In such a country where the nation lacks Emaan (faith) and the principles of Islam, implementing Sharia Law is futile.

There are four recognised creeds of Sharia: Hanafi, Shaafai, Maliki, Humbli
Other than these four creeds, any other form and interpretation of Sharia Law would be unacceptable. It is extremely ridiculous that the Taliban, who do not accept and imitate the interpretation of Sharia Law, given by any one of the four Imams (Leader of Sharia), are speaking about the imposition of Sharia! People who belong to various sectarian groups currently reside in Pakistan and the interpretation of the Sharia Law differs within every sect. When the Pakistani Muslim is unaware of the Sharia Law imposed by Prophet Mohammad, then which Sharia Law will be imposed in Pakistan? Will the Taliban’s version of Sharia be imposed? The Taliban who are inhumane? The Taliban who are enemies of the Prophet Mohammad and reject love and respect offered to Prophet Mohammad, who accuse the Sufis of being innovators, who destroy the Tombs of the Saints, who are involved in illegal drug trades and who engage in homosexuality? Prophetic Tradition (Hadith-e-Nabvi) states that the acquisition of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman. However, the Taliban is against the education of women and they are destroying schools and educational institutions.   

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