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Jesus Son of God - Explained by HH Younus AlGohar

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar speech (video above).

Christians believe Jesus is Son of God and Muslims believe that God doesn't have sons and daughters [and that] it is too blasphemous an idea to attribute daughters and sons to God. Christians believe that Jesus is Son of God; however, they do not know how he is Son of God. The fact that Mother Mary was not touched by a man and the birth of Jesus was an immaculate birth - does it lead to this supposition that God is the father? Is this how Jesus is Son of God? When you say that Mother Mary was not touched by a man and the birth of Jesus was immaculate, you are just talking about the body. Do Christians believe the body of Jesus is Son of God?

I will explain to you how Jesus is Son of God, but not the way that they understand. Before I explain to you how Jesus is Son of god, let me share with you His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's conversation with a Christian.

In Pakistan, a Christian came to see HDE. He said, 'We are a greater nation than all else.' HDE said, 'Okay, how?' And he said, 'Because Jesus didn't have a father.' Instantly, HDE said, 'In that case, Prophet Adam is greater than Jesus because he didn't have a mother also.' Then HDE said, 'This is not how Jesus is greater. Let me tell you what it is that makes Jesus greater than the rest.' 

You see, the body of Jesus is not Son of God. Before Jesus, there have been many incidents where we have immaculate birth. For example, Prophet Abraham's wife, Sarah, was barren so he didn't have any offspring. Then God said to him, 'Okay, find a woman. Don't marry her; she will serve you as a concubine and you may have offspring with her.' So his barren wife, Sarah, found an Egyptian woman who had a dark complexion. She delivered that baby named Ismail. After the baby was born, Abraham's attention, love and compassion shifted from Sarah to Hagar, for Sarah was barren and Hagar now had a baby. Sarah got jealous and started to beat up Hagar; she would give Abraham a terrible time. So God said to Abraham, 'Abraham, go take this woman and your son; leave them in the Arabian Peninsula.' So he went there and he left them. When he came back, he was really sad. And he was sitting very quietly and suddenly he realised that Gabriel was standing in front of him. Gabriel said, 'I see you don't have any progeny.' When [Gabriel] said, 'God asked me to work a miracle. Would you be interested enough to listen?' Abraham asked, 'How?' He said, 'I would simply place my palm on your wife's backbone and she would be okay then.' Then, he placed his palm on her back and she became pregnant. As a result of this pregnancy, the baby called Isaac was born. So Prophet Isaac was also father and motherless, but Jews don't know about this. 

So when a baby is born and this baby does not have a father, it doesn't mean the baby is a son of God. Why? Because God doesn't have a body like you do. God's structure is spiritual, like your soul. If God is going to have a baby, a son or a daughter, then that son and daughter will be on his own structure: spiritual. Simple, isn't it? So what can be a son or daughter of God is the soul, not the body.

When a baby is born without having a biological father, then this is not something we can attribute to God having a son or daughter. This is simply a miracle. How does this happen? He uses his power of Command 'Be'. He would imagine an ovary of a woman and he would say, 'Let there be a sperm!' and there would be a sperm. 'Let there be a baby!' and there would be a baby.

What is the origin of that soul? If you deeply look into the formation and synthesis of blood, there are colourless corpuscles and there are white and red blood corpuscles. There are three different types of corpuscles that synthesise the blood. These red blood corpuscles play an active role; they are live. When God's name has entered the heart and your heart has now started producing divine light; when that divine light mingles in your bloodstream and penetrates into red blood corpuscles, every corpuscle in your blood will start to whisper God's name. A point will come when [all the] blood in the body has been spiritualised; then your heart will say God's name one time and God's name will echo in your bloodstream 35 million times. Can you imagine the quantity of the production of divine light? 

When your heart has been initiated and remembrance of God has been implanted, and your heart is now in eternal commemoration of God's name, then the heart will not stop regardless of the fact that you are busy in some other activities. [For example, you could be] sleeping, at work, playing Fruit Ninja on your iPhone or reading a newspaper. Your heart is carefree of the activities of your body. The heart will whisper God's name 6000 times per hour. If you multiply 1 hour's remembrance of God by your heart by 35 million times, [210 billion] this is how much divine light is produced in your heart! You become ridiculously divine in no time! 

6000 times in one hour, and in 24 hours a day, the number of times your heart is going to whisper God's name will exceed 144 000 times - a day! Now you need to multiply 144 000 times by 35 million = 504 billion times. Have you seen [those who are] holding a rosary in their hands and teasing girls on their street? How many times do they whisper God's names on those rosaries? Maybe 1000-2000 times a day. And look at this man, he is doing nothing! He is just sleeping and his internal system, after initiation of the heart, whispers God's name 504 billion times! And that's just one soul, only the heart. Just one soul! And you have seven. HDE said that the intensity of the soul is 70 000 more than the heart. HDE said, 'A time comes when the angels cannot count the number of times that you remember God's name and the scale is removed from your chest.' You are never short of divine energy. 

This is when our people blow upon [others], they get healed quickly. 504 billion multiplied by 70 000 = 352 trillion. This is just [with] two souls [engaged]. This is what your blood can do. This is what the germs in your blood can do. They can whisper God's name, but that's it. They cannot do [anything] further. No other activity can be performed by these red germs in your blood.

But the Lord said, 'God also has similar germs in his body. They are not red and it's not blood. It is just milky liquid. It runs through his body and this liquid has germs. Whenever God wants, one of these germs from inside his body pop out from inside his body and take the shape of the soul.'
These germs are not like your filthy germs. God's germs are obviously, notoriously pure. Whenever a germ from his body pop outs, it takes shape of a soul. If that soul enters into your body when you are born, you are a Son of God. That is what Jesus has. A germ from the Father's body came out and turned into soul and that soul turned into flesh again when he was born. 

One thing still hasn't been explained: how Jesus was able to speak when he was still a baby. According to spiritual sciences, it is not possible. According to divine law, it is not possible for a baby [to speak] while he is still an infant. Babies begin to say words when they are at least 18 months old. But maybe Jesus was [around] a few hours old and people asked Mother Mary, 'Who is this? Where did it come from?' She said, 'Ask the baby. I don't know anything.' And the baby Jesus said who he is. I mean, how did it happen? Of course we can simply say, 'Oh! It's a divine miracle' but how does it work? 

In the Primordial Times, when God created all the souls, all the souls assembled before him and he asked them, 'Am I not your Lord?' And all the souls replied in positive; they said, 'Yes.' Now, before you came into this world, your souls were able to speak. Then how come, when a baby is born, it doesn't speak for at least one and a half years? Then how come no other prophet was able to speak in infancy? Only Jesus was able to speak. Obviously, when a baby is born they don't know anybody - but the mother stays with the baby 24 hours a day, so the baby develops this understanding that this woman is closely related. The baby doesn't know this woman who is taking care of it is the mother and the man who disappears for 12 hours and comes back after 12 hours is the father. Then, uncles and aunties and others play with the baby and the baby starts to show emotions. Like when somebody who spends a lot of the time with the baby comes, [the baby] gets happy. You can see the glee on their face. It means they do have emotions while they are still babies. Why do they have emotions? You have emotions because of the souls in your breast; now, because you have emotions, it means the souls are working. But for 18 months, at least, the baby doesn't speak. They cry and they make sounds, but they don't speak. However, Jesus was able to speak. 

Now, there is one thing very important that I would like to remind you of. It was not simply the fact that Jesus was able to speak - but being a baby, just speaking words is not enough for a person in capacity of Lord Jesus Christ. For the sake of saying something, the baby could have said, 'I am a baby. This is my mother.' But if Jesus had said this, I wouldn't take it as a miracle because these are just utterances of words.

It was not simply the fact that Jesus was able to speak in infancy; at the same time, Jesus was aware of who he is. Jesus had this Gnostic Knowledge in him while he was still a baby and he knew who he is. It means it was Jesus' soul who was speaking.

He spoke about his origin; Jesus spoke about who he is. It definitely determines the fact that it was not the soul in the centre of the chest (which normally enables a man to speak); rather, it was Jesus' own soul that came from the Unseen World. If it was just [about] the baby speaking, the baby could have said anything normal but this would be ridiculous; it wouldn't signify the highly esteemed personality who was transporting himself and manifesting upon the face of the world, all the way [from] the Unseen World. It was not a normal speech. The speech did not come from where it always comes in human beings, the speech was coming not from the faculty of speech, but rather it was coming from the soul of Jesus.

The miracle is not that the baby spoke in the cradle, the miracle is that the baby knew who he is while he was in the cradle. Mother Mary didn't know who he was, but the baby did. This point is very important.

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