Thursday, 20 November 2014

New Video: Takhleeq-e-Adam Aur Qudsiyoon Ka Aetaraz

His Holiness Younus AlGohar paints a full picture of the mankind's beginnings in this awe-inspiring speech. His Holiness discusses how God came to the decision to create Adam, 'The Eminent One', and what effects the creation of Adam had on pre-existing creation of God. 

A summary of this speech:

Angels that objected to creation of yet another type of man were not ordinary Angels; rather, they were the inhabitants of the empyrean of God and their objection was directly linked to their own survival. God had created them for the purpose of glorifying Him and that was the only purpose of their being. When they learnt that God was planning to create Adam and that Adam would take up their task that of glorifying God, they felt threatened; hence they uttered their objection.

Not everyone from the progeny of Adam, The Eminent One, is greater than Angels; but those that are capable of glorifying God in a more pleasing way than their counterparts [are]. And those of mankind that do not know the mysterious art of pleasing God through the divinely desired fashion of glorifying God are engaged in mischief and bloodshed as feared by the Angels.

Dhikr (making mention) of God's name is the most favourite act of a human being in the eyes of God, for this fills God's heart with utter ecstasy and pleasure. It makes God feel drunkard and jubilant. Dhikr is a form of praise. It is not just beautiful to praise God and hasten His bounty to fall in your lap, but all human beings also inherit this nature from God and all humans love to be praised - even if it is fake.

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