Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Video: Insaan Aur Rab ke Darmiyan Waseela

This video is in Urdu, but an English translation will be available soon. 

Younus AlGohar answers various questions from a viewer about Islam. 

Main points:

- Is it correct to visit the graves of saints and ask them for help? The notion that it is wrong or that it is Shirk is propaganda spread by Wahhabis.

- You take mediumship from a saint of God when you have become spiritually connected to them. They take your voice to God through that saint. The job of saints is to connect people with God. The benevolence of Prophet Mohammad has also been dispensed through saints.

- If somebody has an objection to people going to the graves and saints for help, they should first see: are they obtaining anything from their supplications? What could be obtained from such a practice? If they go there to obtain God and his love, there is nothing wrong with it.

- If it is wrong to bow one's head before a grave of saint or the Prophet Mohammad's grave, then it is also wrong to bow one's head before the Holy Kaaba, because God is not there either.

- In the graves of saints, not only are their bodies buried, but also their purified Latifa-e-Nafs, which remains engaged in worship of God in the grave. Mundane benevolence can be rendered from the graves.

- There are three types of saints. The first is Kamil Dhaat, who can give the same bounty to aspirants after death as they can in life. To receive bounty from the grave of a Kamil Dhaat, a Dawat is read to request the presence of the soul of that saint. A Kamil Momaat is a saint who doesn’t give bounty in their lifetime, but their grave renders benevolence. For them, too, a Dawat is recited. A Kamil Hayat’s bounty is only rendered in their lifetime, not after their death.

- There are more than one type of Sajda: Sajda-e-Tazeemi (to accept the eminence of someone over you) and Sajda-e-Ubudiyat. God told the angles to prostrate before Adam Safi Allah, which was Sajda-e-Tazeemi - if this was Shirk, then God would not have had them do it. In itself, Sajda-e-Tazeemi is not bad.

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