Thursday, 3 March 2016

New Video: Muhammad Rasool Allah ko Shafi-ul-Muznabeen Na Man’nay Wala Zandeeq Aur Kafir Hai

Younus AlGohar refutes Wahhabi propaganda, which purports that Prophet Mohammad cannot provide salvation to anyone. This video is in Urdu, however an English translation will be available soon.

Main points:

⁃God said that no one can provide salvation without God’s permission. This did not refer to Prophet Mohammad; God sent revelation on Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad is the Beloved of God. God said that Prophet Mohammad is blessings for all humankind. When this is all true, how is it possible that God sent a prophet without giving him permission to grant salvation to people?

⁃It was not just Prophet Mohammad who could provide salvation. The saints in a particular religion also are given a quota from God through which they provide salvation. This was the case with Uwais Qarni, who Prophet Mohammad requested to pray for the salvation of the Muslim Nation.

⁃Quran 39:34: ‘Say that only God will grant salvation.’ It is also God that gives and takes life, who makes the wind blow. It is God who gives guidance. However, no one has seen God do these things. God has it done; he does not do it himself. Angels are allocated different tasks, while God has delegated prophets, messengers and saints to guide humanity.

⁃When God said that only those can provide salvation who are given permission, he was referring to the idols that the Arab Pagans worshipped. They believed that those idols that they created with their own hands would provide to them salvation. God was very specific in his wording, because among the Arabs were also those who revered the Holy Black Stone, which was from God and could indeed provide salvation.

⁃When one of Adam Safi Allah’s sons killed the other, the killer and his followers were cut off from spiritual benevolence and the Holy Black Stone. The killer and his followers started to make idols, trying to recreate the image in the Holy Black Stone. Both groups - those who had had access to the Holy Black Stone and those who didn’t - were present in the Arab region. Abraham came, built the Kaaba and left; after that, for 5000 years, no prophet came to the Arab region. There had not been a culture of prophethood in that land, prior to the arrival of Prophet Mohammad.

⁃God then made it possible for both groups in the Arab region to access the Holy Black Stone. Before this, God was more lenient towards people who worshipped idols, because they could not reach the Holy Black Stone. However, those who continued to worship false idols after the Holy Black Stone was within reach were declared by God to be Mushrik (those who create partners with God).

⁃The Holy Black Stone is able to grant salvation to anyone (regardless of their religion) who kisses it with respect and love, whereas those who want to obtain salvation from any prophet must first enter their religion.

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