Sunday, 20 November 2016

Aalam-ul-Asbab, Maujza Aur Karamat Ki Tashreeh

Younus AlGohar explains the nature of the phenomenal world and how miracles are performed.

Main points:

- The phenomenal world we are living in the World of Reasons. There has to be a reason for everything. For example, your body won’t stay healthy on its own - you need to eat healthy, exercise etc.

- In the Higher Realms, if God says, ‘Be,’ then whatever he is thinking of at that moment in time comes into existence. But if God says, ‘Be,’ in this world, nothing will happen because this is the World of Reasons.

- God has a title, Mushabib-e-Asbab (The One Who Makes Reasons). God has created many ways for man to survive in the world: the warmth of the sun, the wind, fruits and vegetables that grow from the earth, and animals whose meat man can eat. To prepare the food there are stoves and spices to add flavour.

- Similarly in this World of Reasons, to reach God, you need to search for a divinely appointed spiritual guide. The Quran 5:35 says, ‘O’ believers, fear God and to reach him, 
search for a medium.’

- In this World of Reasons, even acts performed by saints and prophets that appear to be miracles have a reason behind it. For everything, there is a reason. A miracle is when God hides the reason behind that action.

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