Tuesday, 15 November 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Humari Duaen Allah Tak Kiyon Nahen Pohanchti?

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a Muslim viewer, who wanted to know in light of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions whether God is accepting people’s prayers.

Main points:

- Before delving into whether or not God is accepting your prayers, you should first find out: are your prayers even reaching God? Muslims think that it doesn’t matter if they say the prayers out loud or not, God hears them because God knows what is in the hearts. On the other hand, Quran 3:38 says that God hears the prayers. If God knows what is inside the hearts, why does the Quran say that he listens to prayers and why did he appoint two angels to track a person’s good and bad deeds?

- If we say that someone whose eyes are sound can see, and whose ears are working can hear, then this is true. But to say that someone living the United Kingdom can hear and see whatever is going on everywhere in Canada, USA, Australia, etc without any technological aid, then it is a ridiculous claim. Someone living in the UK may be able to see what is happening in Canada by watching what is broadcasted to them by a camera - but they will only see whatever is shown in front of the lens.

- In a similar way, God will hear the prayers when they reach him. God has a different nature from us. His being is different - our bodies are made of clay whilst he is Noor (divine light). These earthly bodies we have do not have the ability to see ethereal beings. The voices do not reach the ethereal beings. For God to hear you, there is a system. God gave you the Latifa-e-Qalb (The Spiritual Heart). When it is awakened it’ll take your voice, make it ethereal and take it to the higher realms.

- When people’s prayers didn’t reach God in the past, they would visit Sufis and shrines of saints. They didn’t go because they thought these saints are God. The saints had reached God’s nearness and become ethereal. So people would take their prayers to these saints, who would take the prayers to God; and then God would listen and accept the prayers. However, Wahhabis propagated that people going to Sufis for this purpose actually considered them to be God; the Wahhabis claims that people worshipped the shrines. This is untrue. However as a result of these lies, people stopped going to shrines for help; therefore their prayers stopped reaching God.

- Fortunately, when Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi came, He offered to give common people the secretive knowledge through which they could reach God directly using His spiritual sciences. He taught people the knowledge which allowed them to bypasses the saints and fakirs. Once your voice reaches God, by law, he will have to say that he either accepts your prayers or he doesn’t.

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