Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Haqeeqi Falah Ka Rasta

HH Younus AlGohar explains the true meaning behind spiritual upbringing and how to obtain success on the Day of Judgement. 

Main Points: 

- People are under the wrong impression that spiritual upbringing has to do with their ancestral history and traditions. Ancestry does not have any significance. Significance is given to the presence of God in your heart regardless of your ancestral background. 

- Ancestry has to do with the body which will remain in this world; the soul was created by God and it does not have a family. It will not matter on the Day of Judgement who your mother or father was, what matters is who you are. 

- Islam was a beautiful religion and Prophet Mohammad never favoured religious differences. However, sadly, what we see today is that Islam has completely expired. All that remains is mischief. 

- True spiritual upbringing is comprised of two things: 'Nahi-ul Munkir' and 'Amar bil Maroof'; purification of the Carnal Self and enlightenment of the Spiritual Heart. These two combined ensure that the desire to do bad deeds is uprooted from within you and you are inclined towards goodness, hence your heart pulls you towards God. 

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