Friday, 20 October 2017

Deen, Mazhab Aur Rouhaniyat Mein Kiya Farq Hai?

Younus AlGohar sheds light on the key difference between 'Deen', 'Mazhab' and 'Rouhaniyat'

Main Points:

- A 'Mazhab' is a religion which teaches you the basic principles of worship and rituals of the religion. A 'Deen' is a religion which teaches you the principles of the religion as well as the principles of life. A 'Deen' teaches you mannerisms, your rights on others and their rights on you. A 'Deen' is a lifestyle.

- 'Rouhaniyat' is Spirituality. Adopting a religion makes your life here disciplined, however, Spirituality secures your life hereafter. Spirituality is to awaken and enlighten your souls so that they may reach their respective destinations; ultimately, to God.

- God attached Spirituality with each religion. When the Spiritual aspect of the religion was diminished, due to lack of knowledge, the practitioners of the religion forgot about Spirituality and its essentiality.

- The religion of Islam teaches its practitioners both the religious aspect and the spiritual aspect but people are unaware of the latter. The most important thing for human beings to regain the lost connection with God, that is not obtained through religion but through Spirituality.

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