Sunday, 22 October 2017

Zikar-e-Qalb Jari Karnay Ka Tareeqa

Younus AlGohar's step-by-step method of obtaining Opening of the Spiritual Heart.

Main Points:

- Human beings do not have the power to obtain Opening of the Spiritual Heart by themselves, it is granted with the permission of God. God's name will enter your Spiritual Heart only when God wishes it to happen.

- In order to find out if you have God's permission, you must go to a Perfect Spiritual Guide who will take your appearance to God and ask him to befriend you. If God does not want to befriend you, you will be rejected and there is nothing the Spiritual Guide can do to convince God otherwise.

- If God wishes to befriend you but he is hesitant in case you falter and run away, then the Spiritual Guide steps up as your Guarantor. The Spiritual Guide must assess your character; whether or not you are persistent during hard times.

- The Spiritual Guide attaches a couple of Divine Creatures to your Spiritual Heart which make sure you do not turn away and they do not leave until God's name is settled within.

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