Sunday, 31 December 2017

Namaz-e-Haqeeqat Kiya Hai?

Atif Ali from Karachi asked: Is it permissible in Islam to offer Salat alone at home when the clerics say it is necessary to offer Salat behind them, in a group?

Younus AlGohar’s reply:

One thing is to offer Salat and then there is offering Salat in a group.  Offering Salat in a group is greater but only when you know that your Salat is being accepted by God. The first and foremost concern should be whether your Salat is being accepted.

Koran: Salat refrains one from committing bad deeds.

If you believe your Salat is being accepted then why have you not stop committing bad deeds? There are over 500,000 mosques, can you imagine the number of people who worship every day? But when you look at their characters and the ever-increasing corruption shows the blatant reality: their worship is not being accepted.

The biggest thing lacking from the worship is the presence of the Spiritual Heart.

Koran: Salat is made obligatory upon the Momineen (Enlightened Believers).

This does not mean that everyone should stop offering Salat. It simply means that you need to search for the True Salat. The Salat you are engaged in is not incorrect but it is not the True Salat. The thing lacking from your Salat which will make it the True Salat is the principle rule of Islam: Declaration of the tongue and affirmation of the Spiritual Heart.

Even Prophet Mohammad said: There is no Salat without the presence of the Spiritual Heart.

When your Salat becomes True Salat then it does not matter whether you are offering Salat alone in your house or in a group in the mosque. It is written in the narrations that there is reward in offering Salat in a group, however, that is only when everyone has the presence of the Spiritual Heart included in their Salat.

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