Thursday, 25 January 2018

Islam Mein Pathar Pehnna Jaiz Hai?

Younus AlGohar answers a viewer’s question about the authenticity of obtaining blessings from wearing stones.

Main Points:

- Wearing a stone is allowed; many spiritual dignitaries as well as Prophet Mohammad wore rings which had precious stones in them but there has been no Sufi who has been able to explain the reason behind it.

- Personally I do not like the concept because human beings are the greatest of all creation, they should not be dependent on stones to grant them blessings.

- Koran states: There are some special human being and some special stones which make mention (Dhikr) of God’s name. For the human beings it is referred to the 7 subtleties; if they are all awakened and engaged in Dhikr it would be greatly beneficial to you.

- The reason why some spiritual dignitaries wore precious stones was because the required number of times your Spiritual Heart must make mention of God’s name is 72,000 times. If it is lower than this number than you may wear the stones which also engage in Dhikr to increase the count.

- Those who wear stones are the ones who are unable to awaken the thing which makes them the greatest of all creation. And it’s a slap on your face if a saint makes you wear a precious stone but cannot engage your Spiritual Heart in Dhikr of God’s name. God has put souls in you for a reason, you must learn to enlighten them.

- When God’s name enters your heart, you yourself become a blessing of God on earth. 

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