Monday, 8 January 2018

Ism Allah Ka Zikar Aur Hazrat-e-Insan Ki Azmat

Younus AlGohar explains the importance of engaging in God’s remembrance with the heart and the eminence of human beings.

Main points:

- The angels had objected to the creation of Adam Safi Allah as they had witnessed the carnage the previous human beings had ensued. God told them on this occasion, man will be granted the knowledge of eminence which is the knowledge of God’s names.

- Unfortunately, Islam has been subjected to a severe amount of adulteration and fabrication. The knowledge of God’s names is mentioned in the Koran but the scholars and clerics have translated it to mean ‘the name of different things’.

- The knowledge of God’s names allows one to obtain spiritual benevolence through the different names of God in order to enlighten and awaken your souls.

- Each prophet was granted a different name of God; they were the names of God’s attributes, however, Prophet Mohammad was the only prophet/messenger who was granted the Personal Name of God which allows man to reach God.

- When God’s Personal Name - Allah Hu - enters the heart of a human being, the divine light generated from God’s name enters the other subtleties within the body and awakens and enlightens them. The sub-spirit of the Spiritual Heart then leaves the body and travels to the Realm of Angels and makes mention of God’s name (Dhikr) there.

- When all your souls are empowered with the name of God, they will go to their respective realms and do Dhikr there and then God proudly tells the angels that this is the man upon whose creation you objected; he is here amongst you, saying my name.

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